it’s just a prank


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20 Responses

  1. Pizzoots says:

    All your videos are considered classics to me. This one is by far one of my
    favorites. Keep this shit up dude, your hilarious

  2. Vicious Ryu says:

    Wow this video was a fucking! Good I like much. Sorry if englsh is bad I
    smoeke wede.

  3. Samuel Hull says:

    Mannnnn!! You are a genius. I wanna watch this while I’m high. I would
    probably have a mindfuck.

  4. Pizza says:

    I’m high.

  5. Eddie Mejia says:

    this is so stupid

  6. Lilya Scarlet says:

    can i just throw it in there that I like your hair
    as a girl i’m jealous at how smooth and soft it looks

  7. Abner Cestari says:

    Give this guy an OSCAR

  8. Unemployed Philosopher says:

    You are too good for this world please be Hollywood.

  9. Kenne5antione says:

    you know what i saw this video in my suggestions and iam like, youtube not
    again, iam a black southern guy who likes hip hop and and anime, and game
    SUGGESTIONS*, and I gave this video a chance, and now Iam a proud
    subscriber, I havent laughed this hard since finding grade A under A, I
    fucking love it. ” Your moves are weak”…. swear to god it needs to be a

  10. Nothingman76 says:

    Damn, this girl is really talented.
    She should be on TV or standing around the sidelines of a football game
    waiting for a black guy to her pregnant so she can collect child support.

  11. eulB staeB says:

    confirmed Evan is a boy

  12. sarcasmo57 says:

    Not trying to take anything away from the actors but the book was so much

  13. alphaandliarize says:

    Added to my favorite vids. 🙂

    Very funny i ded

  14. Deathshuck says:

    It even says “y0l0” at the end of the youtube link. This got deep real
    fast, man.

  15. Pedro Collin says:

    Why is this shit recommended to me…

  16. Julius Fawcett says:

    brilliant :)

  17. Saturn Ascension says:

    Very emotional and complex. It’s open to interpretation everytime I watch
    it. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 203%. Excellent read. The end.

  18. Payton S says:

    I was off the shrooms and the music was tripping me the FUCK out like when
    it would randomly stop and just like nothing made sense anymore idk man

  19. MastodonManiac says:

    All babies come from swing set parks with tape on it.

  20. Bert Mon says:

    Am i adopted? Mom?