Using Jello to make ice cream? – Yes!

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  1. Sofie Kakurosu says:

    The most magical part of this is how that fabulous white shirt gained not a single stain throughout the entire ordeal. And I will have you know, sir, that because of your videos we now can’t say eggs, milk, baking powder or cinnamon properly in this household anymore, and ‘No! no! no!!’ has become a sentence uttered practically daily! Thank you, it makes everyday life much more fun.

  2. Jordan Loux says:

    I really love how hassle-free these old recipes are. I mean, you’re living through the great depression, why should snacks or dinner be another thing to stress about?

  3. Mel Albert says:

    with my sister being the resident baker I have grown to call her baking soda and so on floofers, thanks for that 😉 the first time we made cookies “so… we have all the dry ingredients, do I add the floofers?” just to get a pause and a look of shock “add the WHAT?!” Me: “the… floofers? to make it rise?” Her: “great… yes… add the floofers” – face palms with a hand covered in flower then burst out laughing –

  4. Starlight Moone says:

    “I’m going to assume we have the same size package. Though the last time I make that assumption I ended up stunned and quite self-conscious.”
    Well then

  5. Teenage Gamer says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen another persons eyes do what Dylan’s did just then.

  6. Lumi Nariel says:

    There are so many more flavors of Jello now, imagine all the flavors you could make!

  7. Joe The Turtle says:

    Depression and ice cream are a match made in Heaven he says. And he’s not wrong

  8. narshtaph says:

    You, Sir, are GENIUS!!! Every time I see your videos I end up laughing and occasionally crying because I laughed too hard. No matter how often I watch them. Thank you ever so much for all the amazing content you put out and thank you even more for repeatedly brightening up our days in these dire times!!!!

  9. TheJannaR says:

    I have my Grandmother’s old cookbook with many of those recipes. And so…I was subjected to MANY of these disasters, where if you didn’t eat it ..you went hungry. The spam & peas in pineapple jello was aabbasoolluuttee worst!
    But I gotta say… Dylan brings back those gag inducing memories with style and laughter. Love the opening jokes!💗

  10. Sour Lemøns says:

    Once again he blesses us with his sense of fashion and humor 💅

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