e.l.f. x Chipotle Collection + Mukbang with Kim Chi!

e.l.f. x Chipotle Collection + Mukbang with Kim Chi!

So excited to officially partner with Chipotle and e.l.f. Cosmetics! It’s all that, and a bag of chips (and guac). Watch Trixie and Kim Chi try out the #elfxchipotle collection and their custom Eyes. Chips. Face. Bowls! Just like going through the line at Chipotle, the Chipotle Eyeshadow Palette is fresh and full of endless possibilities to customize. Turn up the spice with the Make It Hot lip gloss, or take it all to-go with the Eyes. Chips. Face. Makeup Bag. Shop it while it’s HOT these are gonna go fast! Plus order the Eyes. Chips. Face. Bowl (it’s vegan too!) in the “Featured” section of the Chipotle app or at chipotle.com. #Ad

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76 Responses

  1. wiwsySONE says:

    We love a redemption arc for miss Kim with Chipotle

  2. Buzzy Martin says:

    Ms. Chi should seriously consider changing her name to Kim Chipotle

  3. Lucy Wilson says:

    kim is being extremely positive about chipotle for the mental trauma she’s faced due to them

  4. Michelle Lee says:

    fun fact miss Kim: it’s not a hint of lime in the salt, once they fry the chips, they squeeze limes over them and then toss in salt!

  5. Malek Mouzon says:

    I’m not gonna lie. I ordered Chipotle after watching this.

  6. Diane Schmidt says:

    Why do I own a shitload of elf products and have never seen or heard “eyes lips face” until today? 😐

  7. Skye Andreas says:

    Trixie just moaning and exponentially loving herself is everything I want in life

  8. Tatiana G says:

    “if you’re an ELDERYLY homosexual”
    love that

  9. Pengles says:

    Taxfree motel and fermented vegetable do makeup and eat their stress away

  10. Kelly Barnard says:

    “It’s sort of like we are preparing the food for you.” Girl, no, we’ve all watched the Easy Bake Oven videos. We’re good. Haha

  11. Lindsay Reiss says:

    So is Kim finally on Chipotle’s PR list? I’m very invested in this story line.

  12. BloodylocksBathory says:

    Kim Chi’s wig is gorgeous and serving Hedda Lettuce realness.

  13. Rodrigo says:

    This video should be titled, “Trixie talking to herself and Kim going ‘uh huh yeah’ for 18 minutes straight”

  14. R Martinez says:

    Kim really should be sponsored by every pallet, she really shows off the make up.

  15. Lauren Finney says:

    You can always pinpoint the EXACT moment where trixie starts to feel herself.

  16. dingoesatemymotivation says:

    The green on Kim Chi’s eyes actually does look a bit like guacamole.

  17. Reggie Shaffer says:

    im not mad that they’re doing a promotional video, but like i can just TELL that kim does not like this makeup

  18. Morgan Doby says:

    I love how Kim has mastered laughing without moving her face….

  19. TimeBucks says:

    Every brand should partner with these beauties.

  20. jenna roark says:

    When Kim Chi said “Somehow it all comes together, but if it doesn’t, blush fixes everything” it really did touch my soul.

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