E296: I want their closets! | What’s Poppin

E296: I want their closets! | What’s Poppin

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42 Responses

  1. Fat Tony says:

    I love how Neon green Jordan’s are $200 like they are a pair of shoes that I can get in a blue colorway for like <$100

    • Judie says:

      @penetrasean EXACTLY

    • kyu says:

      @jboww2121 you’re also probably a little boy so simmer down jbow 😂😭

    • kyu says:

      @jboww2121 girl you’re so delusional 😭 fyi saying “ you’re mad “ doesn’t mean they’re mad it’s literally exaggeration and for you to start calling me a kid and tell me he wouldn’t care about my opinion and you seem to care as much as the person i was talking too 😂 you’re acting like i would care about what you say mama gtfo 😂

    • callmejose? says:

      @Billie fan If they’re that rare and limited then 200 isn’t that bad honestly

    • jboww2121 says:

      @kyu y’all children just come on here and tell ppl they’re mad or pressed over literally everything. I’m sure that he couldn’t care less about it. Typing a 2 word comment does not mean he actually cares lol

  2. it’s Cherrie says:

    my usual outfit:
    -thrifted blazer £5
    -stolen brothers shirt (free)
    -kilo sale levi’s £10
    -child’s air forces £60

    basically reduce reuse recycle, thrift where you can but never when it comes to shoes because if you get a great pair it’ll be a daily for a long time

  3. Just me lol says:

    *Meanwhile I won’t buy a candle if it’s over 3.00.*

  4. ❄Akaza❄ says:

    Shirt- usual around $15
    Shoes: $40-$70
    Pants: $20
    Jacket: was a gift I would guess at least $70-over $100 since it’s leather

  5. A. Neufeld says:

    The only clothes I spend a lot of money on are shoes, but they last me years (and I live in Canada so I need a few pairs of decent shoes for different weather). Every couple years I’ll also buy a winter jacket which is usually over 100$ too. Aside from that my clothing is either gifted, thrifted, or I see a good deal on something high quality that I know I’ll get a lot of use out of.

    • The Treacherous Leech says:

      Exactly. Shoes I think make sense that they’re expensive because they last and they can really affect your health later on if they’re not properly fitted and comfortable.

    • Ruthie Harrison says:

      Same, I can’t believe it’s normal for people to spend that much on clothes… my most expensive stuff is my boots but I work at a ranch and HAVE to have good shoes everything else is cheep 😂

  6. Crystal Owens says:

    Current outfit:
    Limited edition Coca-Cola shirt that was like $75 but I thrifted it – $15
    Super soft Terra and Sky houndstooth split skirt – $25
    Walmart boots from eight years ago – $20
    Handmade Amethyst earrings from my hometown winterfest – $25
    Shein space b/w space scrunchie – $3.50 for a two pack
    Silver and pearl bracelet from my husband – a gift but like $100+ (also has an insurance policy but I don’t ask for gift prices, that’s rude)
    Total: $188.50+

    If I count my e-ring and band full total is $1,250ish.

    The me who grew up in poverty is dying rn but I have to remind myself how long all my pieces have lasted, how much wear I get out of them and that its okay to invest in myself. Love the shit out of my Walmart boots though, they know how to shoe!

  7. Deckardd Wizardd says:

    If I were to be interviewed like this, I’d never know the true prices of my clothes because most of them are thrifted, even my shoes.

    • Tiny Dancer says:

      Free! Bc I do volunteer work to get clothes for real.

    • Hrithika Sarvodayan says:

      Be prouddddd of it.
      Lets all say it together.
      No, honestly though. Thrifting is sooo good for the env and also our wallets. You get a variety of styles to choose from. It takes a bit of time and energy to sort through clothes and find hidden gems, but its absolutely worth it.
      Own it , bestie. BE PROUD OF IT.😤

    • •Carame Litchi • says:

      Thrift stores are so cool

  8. •Dusk&Dawn• says:

    For each item I get asked about, I would probably reply with:

    “No idea”

  9. Xiomara Guerra says:

    I love how she says maybe cause you don’t tell the price of a gift

  10. Agent 11 says:

    Shirt- $15
    Jacket- $150
    Pants- $30
    Shoes- $70

    As a guy I don’t have a lot of outfits but the ones I do have are around $200-$300. In total I probably only have 3 outfits that are about that price but the rest of my closet is just sweatpants and shorts. I don’t know why so many people are complaining about others spending money on clothing? Like it’s not bad to have your own style and it’s their money so they get to decide what they want to do with it. Like seriously if you want to use all of your hard earned money to go towards foster kids then go ahead. No ones stopping you but don’t bash on others for using their money how they want.

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