Eagles players mock Vikings in blowout

Eagles players mock Vikings in blowout

Eagles players do the “SKOL” chant during their blowout of the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship on Sunday, January 21, 2018 (1/21/18), at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pa. (Video by Eliot Shorr-Parks | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com)

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48 Responses

  1. edward chamberlain says:

    Lol where them cokes fans at or the one and done people this is a amazing game and team

    • Jesus Christ says:

      Look at that pu$$y Steve Johnson’s comment. He is a butt hurt Vikings fan that talked smack all week about how his team was going to obliterate the Eagles and now he can’t accept the fact that the Eagles won. I hope Eagles win so Steve Johnson cries the rest of his pathetic life.

  2. Steve Johnson says:

    Classless. The Vikings screwed up big time from a 7-0 lead. Vikings are known to help opposing teams back on their feet when ahead. Patting teams behind saying “good game and you still can make points). This team (Eagles) do not deserve a Superbowl. Classless, egotistical, and no manners. The good guys lost today and I will be rooting for the Patriots.

    • Bruce Lee says:

      Dylan Sherrod they weren’t behaving like that, even though the Saints gave them every reason to do so. Bounty Gate and The Saints coaching staff taunting the crowd with the “Skol” chant after making what they thought was the game winning field goal. Did Vikings fans pelt Saints fans with beer cans and spit in their face? Nope! They donated over $100,000 to the injured Saints kicker for his charity.

    • methylphosphatePOET says:

      Whoa, Steve. What do you call this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au5hwGS4KRE

    • Xavier Runbia says:

      Bruce Lee who cares what the Vikings did? They fell short and the eagles dominated their entire conference all year. Lmao people been doubting the eagles since wentz been hurt and they shut all yus up!!

    • liams923 says:

      Chris Long is one of the best characters in the league. He’s playing for the love of the game and gave away his entire salary to charity.

    • Bruce Lee says:

      Bryan Glica lol sounds like a classless statement made by a douche bag. What’s wrong with being happy and fulfilled by your teams dominance and telling the other team and its fans “Ouch… the wheels kinda fell off there lol oh well better luck next year!” Might be cooler to have them be on your side and cheer you on, rather display the depths of human ugliness and pettiness. It’s pathetic and unbecoming… what are you a child?

  3. jakegetscake says:

    Lol they said we couldn’t do it

    The Vikings qb is ass he got lucky last week

    • Bruce Lee says:

      It’s sad the Eagles won that game… classless fans throwing trash at visiting fans, taunting after a blow out victory? It’s a shame that this kind of behavior is being rewarded. You know what the Vikings and it’s fan base did when they beat the Saints(who also taunted fans)? They donated money to the opposing teams injured kicker and helped him raise over $100,000 in a week for his charity. Now that’s class. Being a douche bag is nothing to be proud of

    • Beaststaff 84 says:

      Bruce Lee true that’s actually really sad dude that is pathetic after seeing this it really makes me want them to get destroyed at the super bowl.

    • Bored Guy says:

      Bruce Lee While
      Long comment:

      While I was rooting for the Eagles due to my heavy East Coast pride (I’m a Giants fan anyway), I have to agree with you. Eagle’s fans are not only comprised of Philadelphians, but also South Jersey scum, which in all honesty are a very nasty group of individuals who were raised in small towns, they don’t know any better. Philadelphians on the otherhand are genuinely rowdy people.

    • Xavier Runbia says:

      Bruce Lee sit down salty ass time to step back n get ready to watch em lift the trophy. Haters got shut down like the Vikings offense

  4. bessarion123 says:

    I was going to say “and now the haters will explain to us why Eagles were the worse team,” but based on the replies below, I’m late.

  5. Larseus says:

    That’s so wrong to do.. No respect

  6. Mr.Lucky Man says:

    What goes around comes around

  7. Kate Brady says:

    i think the eagles forgot they still have to go through Tom Brady.
    Eagles will lose.
    Tom Brady never lose. lol.
    Either lose now or later, same thing.hahaha
    Eagles will fly back home in 2 week empty handed. lol

  8. Basement Baseball League BBL says:

    Terrible sportsmanship

  9. ONE WAY Rory says:

    E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES 🦅

  10. David King says:

    crowd was chanting foles with the skol chant

  11. Supplemental Sense says:

    Philly is a horrible city, horrible organization, and horrible fan base. What else do you expect from a bunch of perennial losers?

  12. Smokin Gun says:

    Saints fan here, thanks Eagles…

  13. TheQuagmireful1 says:

    Ah yes classless eagles at it’s finest.

  14. shy Lee says:

    I’m a Vikings fan…live in MN all my life. Sad truth is, MN sucks when it really counts. Always playing too conservative. “Oh we’re up by 3 so let’s calm it down and play it safe…even though it’s only the 3rd quarter. Perfect example of a loser team…loser mentality. Any true Vikings fans that disagrees with this is…has cried EVERY year. Vikings have very low expectations. An 8-8 record is considered “very good”. A 4-12 record is super good If they beat GB once. Losers!!

  15. Brannon Ecker says:

    How is this trending with 600 views


    Trending wtf??

  17. Its Remmy says:

    How tf is this on trending

  18. Sam W says:

    Why are there so many salty Vikings fans in the comments?

  19. Glory Hoggers Entertainment says:

    Its sports. You don’t want the opponent to taunt, don’t give them a reason. Simple fix

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