Eagles vs. Bears Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

Eagles vs. Bears Wild Card Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Chicago Bears during Wild Card Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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92 Responses

  1. Drug Peclo says:

    What’s hilarious to me is the Bears are literally stacked everywhere! Defensive 11 beast. Rb beast. Wr can catch the balls but they lost because of inexperienced qb and plays that didnt work out for the bears. Goes to show you football is the ultimate team sport. If you have even 1 weak link the chain will break.

  2. Jnthnl says:

    So Bears fans just gonna ignore that the ball was tipped, Parkey scored more than half their points, their offense couldn’t produce more than 1 TD all game, and their “elite” defense couldn’t stop a team with a back-up quarterback?

  3. Daan Wagon says:

    I’m a chiefs fan and I’m officially a Nick Foles fan

  4. 303Smilezzz says:

    They said the magic would wear off today, they said the eagles wouldn’t be able to block Mack, they said the best defense in the game resides in chi town. I say this is why you play the games. Bears WILL be a force and Mitchel will be a great QB, but today those young bears learned a lesson about how to finish off a champion. Eagles probably dont win next week but this game was about showing the kids how a champion endures. Bears will have their day, but today was about the dogs in philly, and the resolve. Its clear Doug Pederson is a great coach. Eagles went on the road with a banged up back end on defense, and proved their worth. This is a good team no matter what happens in the big easy next sunday.

    • Jay Cruz says:

      +Who’s John Galt just like nfc championship 2011 everybody forgot about how both defenses. Giants and 49ers dominated all because kyle williams fumbled

    • Jay Cruz says:

      +Who’s John Galt i doubt saints have a blowout i honestly think eagles D shuts drew down but itz coming down to wire whoever makes the most mistakes in 4th quarter

    • Who's John Galt says:

      +Jay Cruz
      Exactly. It’s how it goes. Does anyone talk about the Falcons in the 98 NFC Championship? No. Anytime there’s ever been a recap of that game, and there’s been dozens, it’s about Gary Anderson missing a field goal.

    • Jay Cruz says:

      +Who’s John Galt even dante hightowers miracle saving tackle against marshawn in endzone was forgot because of a game clinching int by malcom butler in sb49 hightower was the main reason pete carroll was scared to run the ball why he chose to pass cuz hightower shut lynch down

  5. Jordan Rogers says:

    They bribed the ball. The ball was rigged

  6. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Don’t let this distract you that the Mr.Krabs sold Spongebob for 62 cents.

  7. Terrence Tran says:

    13:46 look at the bears mascot ?

  8. Harry Johnson says:

    The irony of it all is the Bears helped the Eagles get into the playoffs by beating the Vikings week 17. Maybe they should have let the Vikings win.

  9. Tulian says:

    Everyone pinning this game on Parkey, but the game should have been over long before Parkey even took the field goal. First of all, the unnecessary roughness that occured should not have happened at all. That was just a dumb mistake that gave the Eagles a touchdown rather than a 3 and out. Overall, Nagy was amazing this year, but his calls on offense were questionable. There was literally no aggression on the offense unless it was absolutely needed. There aggressive long plays on offense worked, yet Bears tried to keep short passes and “safe” plays that always resulted in a 3 and out. In a sense, the defense was always on the field because the offense didn’t want to take any risks. The 2 point conversion was bound to fail from the start. You have a bunch of talented receivers and a quarter back who was hot off a amazing passing drive. Yet the elected to RUN the football and ultimately not get 2. If they had run a normal PASSING play, even a simple slant, Trubisky would have MOST LIKELY completed the pass for 2 points, making it at least a tie. ON top of that, they kept handing the ball to Howard, and not to Cohen. Yes Howard can get the hard yards, but they hardly gave Cohen a chance to show his explosiveness to gain many yards. If I’m not mistaken, he was handed the ball like 2-3 times? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Parkey is the last person to blame. This does not excuse his missed/blocked kick. He is a younger kicker and got iced, but this game is certainly not on him. Yes he missed a game winning field goal, but he shouldn’t be blamed for the game… it should never have gotten to that point. All respect to the Eagles, they played awesome and it was an amazing game from them. I wish all Eagles fan best of luck in the future, I’ll be rooting for you guys! Despite this loss, I’m proud of the Bears, and what they have done! Lets rock the next season.

    • Ray Box says:

      Tulian as an eagles fan I just wanna say that was a great game by both teams. Both played extremely hard and both made some potentially costly mistakes but it was one of the best defensive battles I’ve seen in a long time. It’s thanks to you guys we got into the playoffs in the first place so thank you Bears! But don’t worry you guys are a team built for the long haul and will be a playoff team for many years to come. ?

    • Mike Slimak says:

      So wait hitting a player in the head with ur helmet isn’t a penalty? Strange didn’t know that

    • Tulian says:

      Mike Slimak I never said it wasn’t a penalty, I said it was a silly mistake that could have been easily avoided

  10. Wyatt Winterfeld says:

    Okay if I’m Carson Wentz I’m pissed, I get injured a year ago and watch the backup lead MY team to a Super Bowl victory AND a MVP, then a year later I get injured again and THE SAME backup quarterback GOES INTO CHICAGO AS A 6 SEED and BEATS THEM, I’m scared for my job if I’m Wentz.

    • VSX0021OmegaGundam says:

      Another case of the qb recieving too much credit and/or blame. We didn’t lose those games because of bad qb play we lost them because of bad defensive play. We didn’t win this one because Foles was flawless. He had 2 ints. We won because our defense showed up

    • phillyfanatic11 says:

      +VSX0021OmegaGundam yeah people act like the defense didn’t implode during the panthers and titans games. Or the fact we missed an m kicks in the cowboys game.

    • mnmf15 says:

      You’re an idiot

    • jonessparkman says:

      If they actually do the impossible and beat the Saints next week, then I’d be scared, I think they still ship him off, which is a big mistake imo, Foles > Wentz at this point

    • Gucci Malcs says:

      It’s not Wentz’s team lol. Went s is the better athlete, but Floes is the better leader for this team. The system was literally built with Nick Foles in mind when he was here the first time. Peterson build the system FOR Nick Foles.

  11. gdoumerc1984 says:

    Memo to Bears: get it in the end zone once in a while and you won’t have that problem.

    • Mike Kralj says:

      Your mom says that to me all the time.

    • Bean 6549 says:

      +Michael Lum The refs called it down by contact, because the ground can’t produce a fumble (rulebook), so there couldn’t be any Eagles recovery whatsoever cuz the play was already over. I’m a German and it appears that i know the rules better than some americans. 😀

    • Timothy Short says:

      Bean 6549 no, you dont lol. The refs called it incomplete. That was the call on the field and the call stood. They could not overturn the call because the receiver caught it, fumbled it, and there was no clear recovery by either team.

    • John Jones says:

      Bean 6549 You’re so wrong that it pains me.

  12. SickenTV says:

    al michaels cant go one eagles game without saying philly special

  13. jack Breon says:

    That timeout was beautiful

  14. Robert Dorsey says:

    My soul hurts…

  15. GloryBoy -18- says:

    Proud of Mitch and the squad. He carried his weight, unlike all the haters and media thought and said he wouldn’t. Only if parkey was a more reliable kicker everyone knows how it would’ve ended. I’m not even surprised or too upset tho, he’s been missing kicks like this all year, even extra points. GG to the eagles tho. Unfortunately they WILL be getting eliminated next week by the saints ( who I had Winning it all this year). saints won’t miss a “automatic” 43 yrd game winning field goal.

    • hmoobmeeka says:

      Parkey scored 9 points for the bears. I’d say that’s pretty reliable and if the bears defense stopped the Eagles last drive, they wouldn’t need Parkey to save the day

    • Marc Pilotte says:

      Don’t worry bears fans…about the kicker..but trubiskey will always be a middle of the road qb?

    • Metta HD says:

      GloryBoy -18- they play the Rams homie but still will be getting the Ramrod either way ? p.s sorry you are right it is the Saints I actually think philly will win and lose in NFC Champ game and get the Ramrod there

    • Gucci Malcs says:

      Man your kicker made the first one. The Bears lost on a bullshit technicality. I’m an Eagles fan but this win was completely undeserved. I feel for you guys.

  16. Brandon Sandoval says:

    I swear Foles really does have that playoff magic, but wow. What a game this was. Just hope that the kicker won’t get fired lol. Nah for real I feel bad for that dude. #FLYEAGLESFLY

    • IHCTerra says:

      It’s a team sport. The D deserves more credit.

    • Dang Dingus says:

      Shouldn’t be fired. Not his fault his offense couldn’t put the ball in the endzone enough. The guy was 3/4 on field goals. Just happened to miss the one needed to win the game

    • Micah Skinner says:

      I’m a Bears fan for sure, but honestly, this was a Bears’ loss, not an Eagles’ win….you have a kicker that has screwed the pooch on 11 prior high stakes occasions, and you put him in at the last second….thoroughly unreliable, I would’ve had Trubisky or Mack kick it in before I had faith in that clown. ??‍♂️

    • Cael Fielding says:

      Umm, he’s definitely getting cut

    • weisseli000 says:

      foles threw two picks and cant thow a sprail please mitch is better

  17. Chris Beach says:

    It looks like the field goal was slightly tipped by the eagles?? Why no one mentioning that??

  18. Klever Ferguson says:

    Lmao that kicker getting fired…you miss a fg, so what big deal!
    miss 2 fg, its okay, get em next time
    miss 3 fg, you just going through a drought tough it out
    miss 4 fg, don’t worry man you’ll get the next one
    miss 5 fg, aye man, you good?
    miss 6 fg, is there something that’s been on your mind?
    miss 7 fg, look, you gotta start making those
    miss 8 fg, aye coach….
    miss 9 fg, we think you don’t fit into our program anymore
    miss 10 fg, we should of fired his ass at 5!

  19. Yunus says:

    13:53 props to Bobby Massie for lifting his teammate up after a failure like that
    i hope anyone who reads this comment gets friends like that

    • NM says:

      What a wholesome comment man ?

    • Jon Collins says:

      Really though. It’s not his fault that his entire team needed him to fix their mistake. But I can’t help but be that guy who says “you had one job!”

    • Cody Ferrell says:

      Amen to that fr. Yeah and he honestly kept them in the game the whole time. Tribusky shows flashes and looks sharp from t2t. But you need a qb who cosistant and a baller. I don’t think he is the answer. If u put Johnny manziel with that bears coach. Might be dangerous if Johnny be good lol and if the bears had a draft pick before Baltimore and didn’t get Jackson they lacking. I would honestly tank my entire season next year and try to get tua from bama 2020 draft if I was a NFL team in dire qb needs. Because that’s ur def next it factor kid for sure.

    • FAKE NEWS says:

      +Bohol Bohol yup

  20. blank says:

    Can we all just take a moment to thank Doug Peterson for that timeout though?

    • Justin Sanders says:

      The eagles will not go to the SB so Philly fans can chill.

    • marco gonzalez says:

      Dougy P. Knows what he doing

    • Timothy Short says:

      Derek Smith actually you can call a timeout when a basketball player is shooting a free throw. Just before they get the ball. Same thing in football. Doug P called it before the holder got the ball.

    • Derek Smith says:

      +James Sweet I know that! What I’m saying is that it shouldn’t be legal! Can you imagine if McElroy’s Caddie Shouted to mess up Tiger as he started to Tee off at the 72nd hole of the Masters? Or if, a Basketball coach tried the same (timeout) tactic just as Lebron was starting to shoot a last second game-tying Free Throw? Pretty sure the Caddie would be removed from his job and the Tournament immediately and I don’t think it’s legal for the other coach to call a timeout after the Free Throw shooter has been given the ball.
      I was saying that they should make a rule that the other Coach can’t call a timeout ‘when the snap is imminent’!
      …What if Belicheat had thought to call a timeout just before the ball was snapped and the Eagles had gotten half way through the ‘Philly Special’ play before the refs had blown the play dead?

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