Eagles vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

Eagles vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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93 Responses

  1. Is Az says:

    Cowboys at home NO TD’s, NO turnover attempts or turnovers made & No sacks made.

    When did this last happen?

  2. michael aguirre says:

    Dak has only had 2 games of his career so far with over 300 passing yards.(none this season)…..I wouldn’t want my starting QB to have those stats

    • Jeffery Smith says:

      Yoboi Boy that’s because he leans on zeke

    • Luke Mozeleski says:

      It’s because he just gives the ball to Zeke. We see now how terrible he is since he doesn’t have Zeke

    • Yoboi Boy says:

      Well we saw how terrible wentz was last season without the most complete team in the league around him.

    • M Mmm says:

      Yoboi Boy He actually wasn’t terrible, which is why everybody knew he would leap this year. He was making the throws – he just had literally the worst receiving group in terms of drops and also athleticism and they’ve been that way for the past 2 years. His receivers now aren’t exploding – Alshon is just now starting to make 10+ yard catches, Agholor gets 1 catch per game, and Torrey Smith gets mentioned once every 3 games and shall I mention none of them have had an 100 yard game? The only area that has consistently stood up for Wentz has been the O Line and even when the pocket breaks down, Wentz is the most elusive QB drafted in the last 5 years. He doesnt have some all star receiving group around him. He gets the ball to EVERYBODY

  3. HYFR. says:

    Boring ass commentators.

  4. Ashar Saleem says:

    Remember that time when Dallas had the best O line in the league and they had Ezekiel Elliot which allowed Dak Prescott to be considered an elite QB?

    • M Mmm says:

      Ashar Saleem I’m not gonna call you dumb or any of that, though I could, in all honesty. Before Brady, Rodgers and Big Ben were in the Hunt every year, they had to be those 2nd year quarterbacks that went to the super bowl. You’re not mentioning that. They all went to the Super bowl their second year and Wentz is on track for that. Wentz has shown that he’s a potentially elite quarterback, and that’s what you need to be a team in the hunt every year. You’re literally making the case for us that we’re winning the SuperBowl this year 😂😂😂

    • DallasCowboys951 says:

      I wouldn’t consider elite just two rookies that were going to show the world that no matter what team it was they going to shine and they did so stop acting like it seem like that but I gotta admit cowboys fans base especially bandwagon just got overhyped these are young players and will be explosive throughout there years but there will be times that are bad years and good years but you gotta trust your team if they can make it and for the zeke saying with that o line I mean it’s football right aren’t line men’s supposed to do that lol.

    • Kobe HD says:

      SoccerKing Blount is a solid Back

    • Michael McClure says:

      DallasCowboys951 Yea theres always bad times…unless your the CHEATING PATRIOTS! So god damn happy brady is almost done. Im gonna enjoy watching them go .500 for years! #someonekillbrady

  5. Jacob Hazlett says:

    I remember hearing NFL analysts saying for the past 2 weeks that the Cowboys could be the team to beat the Eagles. Like really? Even with Zeke they only beat losing record teams, with the exception of KC but they lost 4 out of the last 5. Cowboys are overrated.

    • James Prado says:

      Kingof Grim The thing is everyone has injuries imagine if the eagles still had Jason Peters Jordan Hicks Darren Sproles in this game imagine what the score would be against the cowboys then. Every single team has at least sometime of injury to a key player doesn’t mean you can throw an excuse card for every lost. Injuries come with this game and great teams find a way to win even when they are hurting

    • Michael McClure says:

      Kingof Grim. I dont think so. Zeke and changing whats done to Dak when the pass rush is on. Eagles showed Daks true colors. Hes good but it’s Wentz all the way. #WentzMVP

    • Michael McClure says:

      Clarence Reed …..whens the last time Dallas went to the Superbowl? Yep…. There facing retribution for having the most Dominate team in the 90s and its painful. Romo couldn’t get it done and Dak deff aint this year.

    • liveindamoment says:

      James Prado … Would you say the same thing if it was Carson Wentz getting hurt and out???

    • liveindamoment says:

      James Prado … Think about your answer very carefully.

  6. Yahir Villegas says:

    Even that the eagles beat us i still think that we are better than them because we beat the chefis and they didn’t

  7. Nothing Special says:

    Zeke goes out and Dak turns into a turnover machine lmao

  8. A-Lock says:

    Eagles will choke in the playoffs….these are the facts of life.

  9. T. Robinson says:

    Lmao 1:26-1:32

  10. South Chandler says:

    Eagles are going to lose the playoffs… no Super Bowls 🗑

  11. ItilayItshay says:

    I didn’t see the game, just these highlights. Is the Eagles’ kicker injured or something? Why did they keep going for 2? And why did they go for it on 4th down in the 4th quarter instead of kicking a field goal? Just curious if anyone can fill me in. Thanks.

    • Philly_Ink says:

      Zachary Espiritu i was quite impressed!! Lol

    • SluttyWalrus WatermelonDealer says:

      Philly_Ink probably shoulda let him try a field goal.

    • Philly_Ink says:

      SluttyWalrus WatermelonDealer true, woulda been interesting… but hey we converted all of the 2pt (that one would have been if not punched out lol) … so at least everything still worked in our favor

    • Joshua Castillo says:

      To save a kick return on the opening kickoff, he did a helmet to helmet tackle to save a score, then he was taken to the medical center. But the linebacker that filled in actually kicked the ball to the endzone all but 1 time which was at the 1 yard line

    • Olivia Larson says:

      The Eagles’ kicker had to tackle someone and now that think he might have a concussion. Hope he’s OK 😓

  12. Jaiden Thompson says:

    I hate how we gave the eagles jay ajayi for a fuxking 4th round pick

  13. Lynnyrd Eyz says:

    Wentz is scary at the rate he is improving he will be one of the greatest in no time at all.

    • Trysten says:

      lombardi trophy here we come

    • krypto nite says:

      Y’all got a Gem in that kid. I knew he would be a problem in the east for many years to come.

    • Wil Mcgregor says:

      Lynnyrd Eyz that’s what everyone said about Dak… I’m not a huge eagles fan but I can respect their season (easy teams or not they’re going to be hard to beat). I feel like we will have to wait until later this season when there is a lot more on the line to really see how he is going to preform against some good defense.

    • Hanzoa says:

      Panthers are top 3 as a team in every defensive category this year, and we beat them on the road where Wentz threw 3 TDs. What are you talking about saying we haven’t beaten a good defense yet?

  14. Dragon Drags says:

    At least we didn’t get crushed (Redskins)

  15. WW says:

    Dak is overrated
    1 wentz
    2 cousins
    3 dak
    4 eli

    Hand me Ws

  16. qwertyuiopasdfghjklz zlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq says:

    Did anyone realize that the eagles had no kickers and were using a backup linebacker for kickoffs?

  17. CLV Beast says:

    Have to admit Corey Clement is on FIRE 🔥🔥🔥 RIGHT NOW! #Underrated
    From a Seahawks Fan

  18. PressRao says:

    Watson >>> Asscott

  19. Jonas Winningham says:

    Man the cowboys suck

  20. Eboy@713 says:

    Not a Eagles fan but i knew since last year watch out for wentz n the birds their flying to the SB with Pats or Steelers

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