Eagles vs. Rams Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018

Eagles vs. Rams Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 15 of the 2018 NFL season.

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72 Responses

  1. Jashuaw Gaming says:

    The rams QB Is Asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  2. piero cenni says:

    Foles doesn’t give a fck who he plays against
    Carson would’ve never thrown that hail mary to jeffery

    • Cameron Davis says:

      +Dixie Normis He had a passer rating over 100 while playing with back spasms, a shitty running game, and a previously torn acl. I think the injuries he played with stunted him a lot more than we thought and he’ll hopefully comeback next season 100% and ready to light it up again.

    • setokaiba991 says:

      Nick Foles > Drew Brees. I’d take Nick Foles over Drew Brees any day of the week. Nick Foles Super Bowl 52 MVP.

    • FJS says:

      That’s because foles knows he’s not gonna be on the team next year so he has nothing to lose

    • g henry says:

      +Dixie Normis – Its hard to throw the ball downfield with accuracy when you have a broken back.

  3. Tommy says:

    FOLES or WENTZ????? Like if you rather have FOLES finish this season with a playoff spot wildcard or not

    • Eagles Center says:

      Tommy right is Foles bc Wentz needs to recover Wentz is our future. But Nick is definitely my fav player but yeah both!

    • Solstice 49 says:

      Tommy foles. Wentz is better tho. Just not recovered from last season.

    • Junior romero says:

      Tommy From the very beginning I knew that Foles was the better quarterback. Wentz is not the same after that injury but I’m sure he’ll be fully recovered by next season and if not the Eagles should let him go.

    • Jonathan C says:

      +Slimey Slime you’re going to torch me? Lmao all you can say is we didnt make the playoffs ? anyways what I said still stands, were a half game out of the playoffs, still alive in the hunt

    • Boy Wonder says:

      If Foles plays better than Wentz, Wentz should stay on the bench, period. And he will. Eagles coaching staff won’t risk their jobs for Wentz. He’s done.

  4. Skinnymaine Da Mane says:

    The eagles have had the rams number in their building 2 yrs in a row.

  5. Justin Chaney says:

    As soon as foles comes back the eagles light up man

  6. Joe Wright says:

    Lol cooks saw Jenkins and thought about that concussion he gave em

  7. Misty44 Peterson says:

    ?????????? Fly birds fly.Welcome back Foles!!

  8. Jesse Clark says:

    The Rams Definitely had a Goff Day.

  9. saroicna says:

    seriously people this was a home game for a 11-2 team on a prime time slot, yet the 6-7 away team has fan making more noise in the stadium?

    • Lieutenant Dan says:

      +lDavid De Marcos it will its just going to take a couple years

    • John Gotti says:

      Lieutenant Dan when the new stadium comes.

    • 0Clewi0 says:

      LA doesn’t know what a home game is, the Chargers would have the stadium empty if there isn’t enough visiting fans.

    • Justin Blevins says:

      It’s because they should’ve stayed in St. Louis were they were appreciated more. Most Cali peeps already had heir favorite NFL team chosen. You think some of those Raiders fans from Cali are just gonna stop being Raiders fans when they move to Las Vegas? (I wish they would’ve moved to Birmingham, Alabama) No! They’re not! You think Chargers fans are just gonna stop being Chargers fans? No! How about San Francisco fans? Nope……. actually. This is sarcasm…. no one liked Golden State warriors until they started winning. No one is loyal to sports teams that don’t win all the time in Cali. Cali is a huge bandwagon state.

    • lDavid De Marcos says:

      +Lieutenant Dan hopefully i when the new stadium is done i want to see it after i finish college

  10. BDR CHRIST says:

    Rams won’t go far in playoffs.

    • BartholomewSmutz says:

      +Ben Mangrum You have more confidence than I have as a Rams fan. I think the Rams will choke in the playoffs the same way they did against the Falcons last year. I don’t trust Goff and think he’ll choke. However i hope I’m wrong.

    • Clorox Bleach says:

      Ben Mangrum Hahaha ? dream on

    • Rene' DeBlanc says:

      Rams blow two winnable games….at home! Home field means nothing to these dudes. Watch what the Saints and our fans can do with home field.

    • Walking Twig says:

      nah but for real we have a habit of making it in the playoffs and then being afraid to win once we’re there

    • Justin Blevins says:

      Rams are for real. These are all pro teams. Kansas City is one of the better teams but didn’t they just go into OT with a middle of the pack Ravens team? Didn’t the Cowboys just get shut out? Rams are a top 5 team despite losing tonight and could easily win the super bowl among a few other teams.

  11. RML 3000 v says:

    To anyone doubting the talent of Goff just look at his one yard interception. Few QB’s have ever accomplished this feat. Well done Jared Goof

  12. Sienna S says:

    I’m an eagles fan and I honestly didn’t think they would win, but you never know because Nick Foles comes with surprises

    • Jake Taylor says:

      It honestly looked like the entire eagles team played better when Foles was in there.

    • Special K says:

      +Mega Traum who dat say day gonna beat den saints

    • flyrich2 says:

      I hate the Eagles ????

    • Mega Traum says:

      +Special K ayeee lets stomp fig newton tonight!

    • g henry says:

      I called this win with confidence. I said 34-28 or 28-27 Eagles, with a few lucky bounces and Foles lighting it up, spreading the ball all over the field to Tate, Jeffrey, Agholor and others….This did not surprise me one bit. Rams are a little overrated and Philly is very underrated and has been robbed of a few games this year. With Foles in the game, I knew they could win this game and win it almost convincingly.

  13. Zach C says:

    Eagles need to keep Foles in at QB like seriously this is the best game they’ve played since the superbowl

  14. STEELCITY TV says:

    See what happens when you have one of the best running backs in the league and you choose to go pass happy instead of run the ball 20 times or more

    • Gold Blooded 808 says:

      Doesn’t matter now. Opposing defenses play the Play Action more because thats where the Rams get all of their scoring/chunk plays from. They keep the safety high even if Gurley is running it.

    • Jake Taylor says:

      +Jakub Voracek he was only out for a few minutes, then they put him back in. They just didn’t use him enough. And Goff threw terribly last night so when he did throw to Gurley half of the time it was a terrible pass.

    • Sygamor says:

      +Jake Taylor they did put Gurley back in but he definitely was not 100%. And the sad part about the game is that it shows the defenses have a found a way to suppress this red hot Rams offense by putting two safeties deep. So what makes it sad is that McVay and Goff had two weeks to work agaisnt that defense scheme yet it looked like they did no such thing. Hopefully they will learn this week and come back with a full head of steam. (Goff basically just lost me my fantasy game though.)

    • Jake Taylor says:

      +Sygamor to be honest, Gurley didn’t look all that hurt to me lol. He wasn’t limping or anything, and he was on the sideline laughing and smiling. Idk I just think the coach is trying to preserve him for the playoffs or something.

    • Sygamor says:

      +Jake Taylor yeah I get what you mean.

  15. xCharlie says:

    dear eagles, thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. sincerely, a saints fan.

  16. Marcos Mercedes Nuñez says:

    Rams where just giving the ball away, sloopy performance

  17. Wesley Soc says:

    Goff is average, and Foles is a savage

    • Sygamor says:

      Mhmm I would not even come close to saying that. I think you are missing the fact that Foles just plays well under pressure while Goff is a much better QB. However I do agree that Foles is better then Wentz because Wentz goes with the safe plays and only relies on Ertz while Foles is able to air it out and actually find the quailtiy wide recievers around him. But Goff has definitely proved to be much better but is certainly struggling rn

    • Clorox Bleach says:


    • Brenda Eley says:

      Wesley Soc

  18. Memes Galore says:

    Why do I feel like the eagles were playing at home

  19. * Mighty Matt * says:

    Baltimore fan, I usually don’t care for the Eagles but watching Foles play is amazing when he’s focused and has nothing to lose. Foles once again reminding Wentz that he has star receivers around Alshon, Agholor, and Tate. From what I’ve seen Wentz always has to rely on Ertz to get them down the field. Foles > Wentz.

    • * Mighty Matt * says:

      +Aj Nolove Like I said I don’t really care for the Eagles being a Baltimore fan. I’ve only watched a handful of games outside of Baltimore’s and only 2 or 3 of them were Eagle games. Just basing my opinion on what I’ve seen. Not discrediting Wentz in any way. But in hypothetical terms; If Flacco leaves next year and say Lamar goes down and hypothetically both Wentz and Foles were available. I’d hope Baltimore would go after Foles.

      Just based on what I’ve seen, when Foles plays with a chip on his shoulder and becomes focused, he becomes deadly.

    • MTMJR TV says:

      * Mighty Matt * sorry, but Wentz 100% is better than Foles 100%

    • Jake Taylor says:

      +MTMJR TV obviously not dude, it looked like the entire team played better when Foles was in the game instead of Wentz.?

    • Trident Diving says:

      * MTMJR TV*  Let’s look at that, shall we? So Nick Foles is a Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP, 2013 Pro Bowl, Pro Bowl Offensive MVP, holds the NFL record postseason passer rating at 113.2, led the league in passer rating in 2013, tied the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a game with 7, (a game which he had the highest completing percentage of all seven touchdown games, and put up a perfect passer rating), and he has the highest career passer rating in Eagles franchise history at 92.9.  So, in every way that matters, Nick is better. Dismissed.

    • MTMJR TV says:

      Trident Diving maybe I worded it wrong. I feel that Wentz has more potenial then Foles does. I mean even when he wasn’t fully recovered and was suffering from a back injury, he still played pretty decent for a hurt QB. Anyways, those are my thoughts

  20. Josemari Gene Milagroso says:

    eagles went elite when nick foles started to play

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