Eagles vs. Saints Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

Eagles vs. Saints Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the New Orleans Saints during Divisional Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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87 Responses

  1. Samuel Donlon says:

    Nick Foles has only lost two playoff games. They’ve both been to the saints

  2. TD 2GS says:

    Superb defense by the Saints after being down 14-0, Philly was bottled up after that

  3. Clifton Martin says:

    Like if it was a good game

  4. Cowslippoetry says:

    Thank you Saints for crushing the hopes and dreams of the most hated fanbase in sports history.

  5. Arty Munoz says:

    Don’t worry Philly. There’s always next century

  6. Zalan Shah says:

    When you forget to wash your hands after cooking with butter: 13:00

  7. xxxMangog_Invincible_Godxxx says:

    Eagles lose= Balance to the Football world has been restored.

  8. Sahil Patel says:

    I live in Philly
    I’m gonna wear my Lattimore jersey tomorrow

  9. theexdopexking says:

    1st quarter was all eagles then the choked

    • Deonta B says:

      The first quarter is always easier to score because the defense can’t get comfortable with the offense. It’s not super impressive to come out on fire.

    • bullybuc says:

      no…choking is when you are favored to win ..and then you lose…like the Bears did last week and the Vikings did last year when they were favored to beat the Eagles….The eagles werent supposed to win the game…up 14 points in the first quarter? you still got three quarters to play…

    • SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 says:

      +bullybuc EagirLs choked lmao

    • Wavy R says:

      It’s called adjusting your defense

  10. Nick DonJuan says:

    Eagles took there foot off the gas pedal… ever since Foles threw that pick he wasn’t the same and Doug Pederson coached badly once again. Why rush in that play before the 2 minute warning? They needed a breather and time, rushing that in was asking for a mistake to happen

    • Jay Starling says:

      If he catches that ball do you think they score?

    • Wingding says:

      Im with you…. I was more concerned they were going to score and leave to much time on the clock…. EXACTLY… 2:00 minute warning… 2nd and 10, at the Saint 27 yard line… I thought it was a big mistake too…

    • Wingding says:

      +Jay Starling I watched it over and over… Latimore was closing…. and I think Jeffries goes down about the 21 .. Making it 3rd and 4….about 1:53 and the stop of clock for the 2:00 warning…

    • Deaf2Demands says:

      Exactly. Nobody talking about that though. They could have caught a breath and compose themselves…That was the game there.

  11. Cynile says:

    Carson wentz is secretly happy

  12. theexdopexking says:

    You’re telling me eagles didn’t score once after the 1st quarter that’s a CHOKE

  13. The NERO says:

    I’m a Panthers fan, but I’m rooting for Brees to get that second ring this year. Man deserves it…

  14. Emiry says:

    As a bears fan…I was rooting for the Saints 😉

  15. dealyboyz says:

    How ironic, a former eagles player lost the game for the bears (cody parkey) and a former bears player lost the game for the eagles (alshon)

  16. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Great job saints!!! Knocked the smug out of Alshon and eliminated the eagles all in one game. I’m rooting for Brees to get his second ring this year.

  17. Wavy R says:

    This is coming from an eagles fan. Jeffery did not lose the game for us. It was the fact that we could not put any more points up on the board after the first pick. Saints played beautiful football 2nd quarter and on. Jeffery made so many great plays in this game. The crowd got to him and he dropped the ball. Good game to the saints and I wish drew Brees and the rest of the saints good luck in the championship

    • Wavy R says:

      6Speed that’s saying we even had a successful drive after that catch.

    • Wavy R says:

      Silent Ninja Cox came back 3rd quarter or late 2nd quarter

    • The_Dingles_Is_My_Sh*t says:

      Wavy R, Jeffrey sealed their loss in what many saw as a successful comeback

    • Wavy R says:

      larry seliger tell me how he lost the game. If he caught it the gain would be like five yards. How about you try making a hard catch with two guys about to hit u very hard along with the fans screaming at about 130 decibels. Doesn’t seem so hard does it.

    • Theron Prescott says:

      The crowd got to him and he dropped the ball, doesn’t that mean he lost you guys the game? He drops the ball with like 1-2 minutes left that could’ve carried momentum for this Eagles team, score a touchdown and win the game 21-20 in the Saints stadium, he drops the ball and you say he didn’t lose us the game. He said it himself that the loss was on him.

  18. John Mu says:

    11 Minute drive sucked the life outta Philadelphia’s defense ??

  19. Setsuna says:


  20. Curtis 23 says:

    Alshon parkey

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