Early celebration hurts Huddle at line – Universal Sports

Early celebration hurts Huddle at line – Universal Sports

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20 Responses

  1. R C Nelson says:

    Like spiking the football before the goal line is crossed.

  2. bonesify1 says:

    Any experienced runner knows that you finish strong

  3. gregmcd101 says:

    This has happened throughout sporting history, yet these airheads continue
    to let it happen

  4. Chris Rusche says:

    This is about arrogance.

    She didn’t start relaxing because she knew third place was guaranteed. She
    relaxed because she saw two people already get first and second place. What
    professional runners don’t still try to get the best time for each run? She
    took third place for granted, because she didn’t get something better, and
    she walked away with nothing.

  5. Coe Moto says:

    I feel bad for her, but I also find this hilarious

  6. Whatevaer says:

    lol dumbass

  7. Gemini050788 says:

    She’s not crying because she lost, she’s crying because she knows she’ll
    have to sleep her way back onto the rotation/team next time, for that
    moronic move.

    “There’s a lesson there.”

  8. Кет Полякова says:


  9. AJ Cheetah says:

    The Bolt effect haha…smh

  10. Jack Johnson says:

    Those geico ads are never over when they say it is

  11. PS PS says:

    She already knew she was coming in at third place. Does it make sense that
    she would be “celebrating” third place? No.

    I agree with Justin Jones, she was simply relaxing and slowing down in
    anticipation of the run ending.
    (On second thought, she might have been celebrating after all :)

  12. Jack Carlos says:

    You’d think people would learn… Just finish the race, touchdown run,
    game, etc.!!!!

  13. JustinSTeam2 Airsoft GoPro Gaming says:

    Push it all the way through run threw the finish line

  14. Cotillion says:


  15. GBS says:

    I used to scream, “run you overpaid bitch!” at BJ Upton when he played for
    the Rays. Seriously, if you are too lazy to sprint to 1st, even if there is
    no way you can beat it, fuck you.Fans don’t pay to watch you give up.

  16. Derp DeDerp says:

    And they want equal pay… smh

  17. LowLifeSociety-CenFlo-StanceClub says:

    only 1st place matters anyway.
    2nd place = 1st loser
    3rd place = 2 loser

  18. Kraft Mayo says:

    dish gang

  19. Ben Todtenhagen says:

    mental note: don’t celebrate until the fat lady sings you’ve won

  20. dpaulclare says:

    Stupid hoe make me a sandwich