Earthquake kills dozens in central Mexico

Earthquake kills dozens in central Mexico

A magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck the central Mexican state of Puebla leveling buildings as far away as the capital, about 75 miles away. CNN’s Brian Todd reports.

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  1. Boneless Pizza says:

    Hope Mexico is alright. Praying for the people who got hurt🙏. This earthquake was a 7.1, very dangerous. Mexico be safe😄

  2. Wendy Baynham says:

    This is devasting news!! People are dead !!! How can you truly believe this is fake news!!!! My heart goes out to Mexico!!!

  3. Don Koh says:

    Today, we are all Mexican !

  4. gman says:

    For the people being some racist ass motherfuckers shut the fuck up, how could you be happy this shit happened, man i hope you mother fuckers go through this shit too and have people not give a shit about you too godamn

  5. White Male Feminist says:

    Despite all these catastrophic natural events, Trump and the conservaturds keep denying climate change

  6. WeiRd WorLd says:

    Are they going to help them in mexico? No more lives lost

  7. Bryochemical Intuition says:

    Fuck em. Build that wall and pay up Mexico

  8. Xin Xie says:

    Is this shows mother natrue don’t like mexicans? Ha? All you insane liberals.

  9. Larry Calloway says:

    🙏🏽😢 Sending prayers for everyone !

  10. Sabeer V says:


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  11. - ゴンゲー says:

    y buena salud de la en Japón.

    I pray for everyone’s safety from Japan


  12. Out Of Chronos says:


  13. TROLLGUNNER666 says:


  14. Jacob Schneider says:

    man fuck, now whose gonna pick my tomatoes for a dollar a week.
    Figures it would hit mexico, WHY COULDN’T IT BE CALIFORNIA.

  15. Ako says:

    Looks like Mexico will be building walls after all hahahahahaha


  16. Billy Shears says:

    CNN is ISIS

  17. Ben Berg says:

    This is nothing the world about to end in 4 days

  18. the_SpaceCowboy says:

    If conservatives were as braindead stupid as libtards were they’d be going “HURR this is what they get for not building the wall”

  19. r33Dw1nG says:

    one week ago there was a deadly earthquake in mexico and you didnt talk about it because of Irma, so now shut the fuck up cnn

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