Easter at the Trump White House: The Daily Show

Easter at the Trump White House: The Daily Show

At the White House Easter Egg Roll, President Trump forgets how the national anthem works, and a Kellyanne Conway interview gets underscored by a fitting soundtrack.

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20 Responses

  1. Toyin Yates says:

    sometimes this is all so funny until you remember its for real

  2. Modou Bajaha says:

    Where have you been Trevor? smh, I thought you was captured by the trumptards lol

  3. Lauren Martin says:

    I’ve never been this early, wow.

  4. Cody Adler says:

    I love America but these things needs to go: In God We Trust (change it back to E Pluribus Unum), using bible in politician swearing in, and hand on chest for anthem (makes us look like we have a special salute like the Nazis)

  5. Self Made Trillin says:

    Make America Great Again! One golf swing at a time ?


  6. Kevin Chen says:

    This is the highlight of my day.

  7. Toyin Yates says:

    the way kellyanne has been ageing since she started working for trump

  8. Eydthos says:

    I think I was suffering from Trevor Noah withdrawal for a week or so

  9. Kasrose 8 says:

    Waiting for trump supporters spin it and be like ohhhh it’s his first… look
    At Melania being a wonderful back bone … blah lol

  10. mark welsh says:

    Looney tunes I am done hahahahaha

  11. The Alpha Cuck says:

    Mike Pence isn’t allowed around children without both his wife and a court-ordered supervisor present.

  12. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Easter Bunny 2020. That is all.

  13. fidorover says:

    The White House Easter Bunny began hiding the eggs around 7:30 on Monday morning.
    Trump began hiding his tax returns around 1978.

  14. Klonzo33 says:

    Trump reminded of American tradition by an immigrant #priceless

  15. Bria Penn says:

    The Looney Tunes theme in the background???

  16. My Name Name says:

    Petition to call it the Orange House.

  17. Debra Cecchi says:

    If Malania wouldnt have tapped Donald he wouldn’t have pledged shyt, as usual. Where’s the outrage?

  18. Ladygothii12 says:

    That rabbit looks so stoned or terrfiied

  19. Heather Maupin says:

    Am I the only one who loves the dumbfounded look on the Easter Bunnies face??? He looks as confused as the rest of America

  20. James Burgess says:

    The immigrant had to remind the President of the United States to put his hand on his chest during the national anthem.

    Wow, only in Trump’s America

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