Easter special with hydraulic press

Easter special with hydraulic press

Easter vs. our press

Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. Tiny Vlogz says:

    Can you crush a rubiks cube

  2. Tharsshanan2 says:

    Haha ur laugh when you see the bunny’s face ?

  3. unr3al Gaming says:

    0:42 – HowToBasic would approve of this.

  4. Taketheshot56 says:

    I realllllllyyyy need one of these

  5. conyo985 says:

    poor shaun the sheep!

  6. Ashwood says:

    Love the evil laughs he and his wife give when something gets pressed

  7. Kiba Bloodfang says:

    You got a new press!

  8. Thomas Jones says:

    A huge pineapple

  9. Ivegotanidea says:

    the flower left on top of the press is a nice touch.

  10. Invincible says:

    Press please Coca-Cola

  11. SALIH SWAG says:

    43:0 That laugh sounds more evil than the joker’s laugh

  12. Lázaro Fernández says:

    a hand

  13. Rafael Espinosa says:

    I like your malefic laughter MUAHAHAHAAHAAAA !!

  14. deadlyenemy65 says:

    How about a Lego?

  15. Dont let me down says:

    what would happen if you put it up against another hydrolic press –> the
    universe might implode ?

  16. Doge McWow says:

    Put clay figurines and crush them

  17. Lapsen Mielinen says:

    Mitä kävis korttipakalle

  18. Aamu Jouste says:

    Press next jar of jam or nutella or something like that. :)

  19. Aidan Freitag says:

    Crush a big airhorn

  20. James Pollard says:

    you should press a chew toy