Eastern Conference All-Star Starters Revealed | NBA on TNT

Eastern Conference All-Star Starters Revealed | NBA on TNT

Kemba Walker, Kyrie Irving, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard and Joel Embiid are this year’s Eastern Conference All-Star Starters. The Inside guys discuss the picks and debate those who were left off.

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69 Responses

  1. Ian Burke says:

    I’m excited for Giannis and Leonard

  2. SNA Sports. says:

    Greek freak!??

  3. Stoned JR says:


  4. Michael Felix says:

    Get em Kemba! ??

  5. fightnight14 says:

    Drose and Dwade are gonna be all-stars once again. Hello 2011

  6. JFame says:

    We not going act like lebron curry and kd on one team

  7. Briann23cgy says:

    How did Tatum get a vote?

  8. hmrhuang says:

    Agree with Barkley. Wade not attending this year’s All-Star game does NOT diminish his career and achievements in any way!

  9. King Dang says:

    It’s crazy to me how Kobe made the all star on his last season but wade didn’t .. such disrespect. No knock on Kyrie and kemba, but if Kobe the 2nd greatest SG makes it , Dwade the 3rd greatest should too ..

  10. Christian Joel Cabrera says:

    Agreed about Wade. Why wasn’t Paul Pierce an All-Star during his final season? Or KG? Or even Duncan, I think. Wade’s had an amazing career but he’s definitely not an all-star this year.

    • dwade says:

      +Christian Joel Cabrera Because that is who fans want to see. Kind of like when Yao Ming was drawing the most votes ever despite being injured or nowhere near the best player in the league.

    • mourad rebai says:

      +Haks Hustle again.. Kobe is in another level.. You in the usa don’t consider him in mj or lebron level but in the rest of the world he is an icon and media and players know that and thats why even in his last year he had the votes of fans, medias and players not like wade this year who had the vote of fans only

    • Haks Hustle says:

      @mourad rebai I didn’t say I was in U.S or from USA lol, I understand the figure Kobe is in places like London (which is where I am), China (which is where I’ve been) and other parts of the world. I consider him to be on MJ and Bron Level at his height, I also remember D-Wade at his height and most people who watched the game would tell you he was at MJ and Kobe level at one point, injuries is what derailed him from staying at that level for the length of time that Kobe and MJ did. However, D-Wade is definitely to be considered as a guy who is on that level and he is a top 3 SG, anyone who is top 3 or even top 5 in their position of all time deserves a full farewell.

    • Tyron Wells says:

      +mourad rebai Kobe was dog shot his final year gtfoh Wade is better in his final yaer

    • Jared Swizzler says:

      +jasper cruz nah bruh top 5

  11. Louie says:

    “We didn’t know he was on a farewell tour, we just thought he was playing bad” ?

  12. E B says:

    Kenny woke up on the wrong side of his ankles.

  13. Maniacal Orange18 says:

    East: *DEFENSE*
    West: *OFFENSE*

    • Intrigued Claptrap says:

      Yeah but those aren’t the actual line ups, teams are gonna be mixed up with the draft so it don’t matter

    • Demo dog says:

      +BigMac N Cheez dude Brad Steven’s system focuses on defense if you watch Boston Celtics’s games you will see how much Kyrie has improved his defense but still he isn’t a big threat on defense but he is better than Curry.

    • Demo dog says:

      +Fernando Munoz-Floresso what the west has better defence than east? If you think that then clearly you don’t know anything about basketball.

    • Fernando Munoz-Flores says:

      Demo dog kyrie ain’t a better defender than curry

    • David Cespedes says:

      Don’t worry, players gonna get mixed up in the draft

  14. Chris Walker says:

    My main man Wenyen Gabriel missed out.

    Pray for Wenyen.

  15. Alll Beee says:

    Jayson Tatum finished 4th in the frontcourt? This dude is so overrated. Let’s compare him and his teammate Marcus Morris.

    Tatum- 16.3 pts, 6.2 rebs, 1.8 asts, 44.9 FG% 37.8 3FG, 31.1 Mins.
    Morris- 14.8 pts, 6.0 rebs, 1.4 asts, 48.1 FG%, 42.5 3FG%, 27.3 mins.
    Marcus Morris is having a better year yet no one mentions his name as an all star (and they shouldn’t)

  16. Calj S says:

    Kenny disrespectful asf…. He would remember Harden dropping 60 but not kemba’s die hard 60 point game? Smh

  17. confusecian says:

    “Under .500 is not winning.” Dr. O’Neal is kinda right.

  18. Kenneth Pitts III says:

    I agree with you all about D wade, but, respectively, let’s not forget about Dirk Nowitzki and his squad that he help beat the Heat…

  19. ibra katabra di maria kun says:

    Greek freak gonna take heads….

  20. Waleed Khan says:


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