Eat, Clay, Love | Original Short Film

Eat, Clay, Love | Original Short Film

Eat, Clay, Love is up for the short film award at buffer fest. you can vote for it here:

Eat, Clay, Love

Directed by Julien Solomita
Written by Collin Duddy

Christine Sydelko
Elijah Daniel
Jeff Cyrus

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20 Responses

  1. Sydney Smith says:

    I hate to agree with most of these comments but I think this is missing something. I think the idea of have kind of a documentary of sort about a weird clay animator is a good base, but this was kind of all over the place and just generally unfunny. & I really love Julien and Christine and I love the editing style and all but it just was over all meh. Sorry julien! I feel like I’m betraying you by saying this. πŸ™

  2. Strawberry Mooches says:

    I was so disappointed in the fact they used Christine and Elijah. I find them completely not entertaining. They’re just too much, to a point where they just aren’t funny. This was painful. Also, it seemed as though half way through the film, the storyline went out into left field. Bummer. I do look forward to seeing what they come out with in the future, Julien and Collin are wonderful and are so creative. I know they are capable of so much more.

  3. Jessica Malloy says:

    Whoever’s idea this was.. is a fucking hero

  4. crush1979 says:

    Ignore the haters, not everyone gets dry sense of humor

  5. sweetvanillaswirl says:

    Who is Jeff Cyrus and why am I so abruptly in love with him??

  6. No says:

    So this is the best video I have ever seen

  7. Natalie Cx says:

    We’re living in 2017 and those people at 4:12 are living in 2070 (Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

  8. Serena H says:

    Very The Office-esque. Love it. Watching it made me think instantly “I’ve found my people”.

  9. Buzebell says:

    this was hilarious and people who take thsi seriously need to lighten the fuck up

  10. Senpai Holic says:

    JULIEN I LOVE THIS. I found this to be really entertaining and HILARIOUS. The main character has an obsession and we can see that by the way she freaks out over her clay missing showing that she’s weird but then she hits someone with her car and we realize that she’s actually SOMEBODY because that person loves her and recognizes her talent.Also, People love her art and she’s being paid for it. I got 2 messages from the Video 1) the weirdest things can still be loved by others and even obsessed over when you might think it’s totally useless and pointless or 2) weird things that are meaningless are getting attention and therefore becoming “something” THE DUDE AT THE END LITERALLY SAYS ANYTHING CAN BE ANYTHING. So, this *gestures at the video* can be anything, even the most pointless video or the most interesting video. I think this is amazing please do more stuff like this or just keep filming. It makes me sad that most of the comments are people complaining about how “sucky” it is and confusing when it is literally quite simple.

  11. Jesse S says:

    What the actual fuck.

  12. Grant Fox says:

    Love the cinematographic. And funny as hell, because this project is clownin!!!

  13. Sophia Guzman says:

    I really really like this. Well job done Julien, seriously. I love it in the most silliest of ways.

  14. jessie says:

    i enjoyed this so much????

  15. Indy Pindy says:

    β€œSome people are meant to be doctors and lawyers, I’m meant to drive my Ford Fiesta and make clay people”
    me when all my friends ace a test that a failed

  16. Emma Armstrong says:

    Julien you’re a gift

  17. β€’ SΓ₯skyā β€’ says:

    Why can’t I watch it? Is it because I’m British?….AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH? *Flips table*

  18. Amy Altvater says:

    I fucking love this. It reminds of The Office and I hope you’re going to make more. Also, “It’s the only thing the mater’s!” might/will be my version of “I have a basketball game tomorrow!” Great job!

  19. Felicia Jones says:

    I could not stop laughing. This was worth the wait!!!!

  20. Andrew James says:


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