Eaten Alive Sneak Peek | Sun Dec 7 9/8c on Discovery

Catch EATEN ALIVE Sun Dec 7 9/8c on Discovery. |

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20 Responses

  1. Anton Dedikov says:

    Finally I found something I wouldn’t do even for a fucking billion dollars.

  2. BrazilBuzz says:

    There’s a big chord attached to him they will probably just try to pull him
    back out. I doubt he ends up inside though.

  3. Vladimir Putin says:

    I would take that snake, rip it apart and make an awesome scarf, because im
    Vladimir Putin

  4. Rainbow Pets says:

    This is cruel, and is going to have a terrible effect on the reptile

  5. John Doe says:

    As fake as that mermaid stuff a couple of years ago

  6. ouss madridino says:


  7. Matheus Campos Cardoso says:

    The dumbest idea of 2014. Congratulations Discovery.

  8. TheMetroidKing . says:

    i would call him a vorarephile
    but he is doing this for science

    he’s totally a vorarephile, tho

  9. alens muskats says:

    Hello my names Stevi-o and welcome to jackass……because this is all it
    tells me

  10. Jessica Drake says:

    Finally something worth watching on television!!!!!

  11. 8BitNation says:

    Why would you do this, stop f*cking around with animals and explore the
    Amazon, this is risky for you and for the Anaconda, Anaconda’s crush before
    they eat. 

  12. Eatraxx Hitfeeling says:

    I wonder if Discovery counted on a 100% NEGATIVE comments about what they
    do – Even if this video gets a shitload of views? 

  13. AnimeFanMedia says:

    He will put anaconda like a condom on his head and done ….This is fucking

  14. Ragnarok222R says:

    WTF is the point of this? Want video of it eating something, feed an
    anaconda in captivity a pig. Want to see it’s throat? Use a surgical camera
    while it’s sedated. What would you going to learn from stuffing yourself
    inside it’s mouth? Hell, with how bulky that suit is could it even get over
    the shoulders?

  15. Shavin709 says:

    Really? is this what the discovery channel has resorted to. Instead of
    educating and stimulating young minds. you turn to cheap gimmicks and
    sensationalism. What will happen to the snake? You will probably say that
    it survived the study as you through it into the dumpster.

  16. Oo2k10 says:

    I’m assuming they already film this and the dude already got eaten. 

  17. KolTSL says:

    I hope to see the same program but with a marine crocodile … too hot for
    you i presume Discovery. Play with the life of animal is completely stupid
    ! Total boycott on this program !

    J’espère voir le même programme mais avec un crocodile marin … Trop chaud
    pour vous je présume Discovery. Jouer avec la vie des animaux est
    complétement stupide. Boycott totale sur ce reportage !

  18. OSQusih says:

    And all the vore fetishists creamed their pants

  19. Коля Коляныч says:


  20. A Pacing Goose says:

    So many PETA Fanboys