Eating Extreme Hot Wings…

Eating Extreme Hot Wings…

We ate the Hottest Wings in the World! It was awful but a little hilarious I SUPPOSE.

get eryn to pass jack pls it will be funny: @Eryn (go subscribe)

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37 Responses

  1. OX says:

    Tommy really has taken the “there is nothing I can’t do” statement very literally

  2. Yes says:

    Eryn: “Are you gay”
    Tommy: *eats wing*


  3. ñami says:

    this was so fun to watch. Tommy avoiding questions, tommy freaking out because of the wings, his friends participating… this is awesome XD

  4. darby says:

    “who’s your least favorite lovejoy member”
    “i cant answer that i love them all ! *except one* “

  5. Ruby's Offline says:

    Jack’s enjoying every second of this till he’s chained to the chair ool

  6. SeaPinecone says:

    Tommy looked like he was on the brink of sobbing but also in content mode the whole time. I found it very entertaining

  7. A person says:

    Eryn: Have you kissed anyone in this room
    Tommy:eats wing

  8. unijunky says:

    Genuinely enjoying all of the content on this channel. You’re doing great but don’t overwhelm yourself Tommy. Good luck 🙂

  9. Grace_0g1 says:

    Eryn: “Are you gay?”

    Tommy: *Eats wing*’

    Mans has been real fruity since the lie detector.

  10. I’m totally tommyinnit says:

    “Have you ever kissed Ramboo”
    “No but I’ll eat one anyway”
    I’m dead

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