Ebro in The Morning Responds to Drake saying “F*ck Hot 97” at the Garden.

Ebro in The Morning Responds to Drake saying “F*ck Hot 97” at the Garden.

Complex reported that Drake said “F Hot 97” so Ebro and the crew respond.

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20 Responses

  1. Lee Johns says:

    You have to lie to get more views? That’s so corny bro..

  2. Hump _dayy says:

    drake is a bitch

  3. KrazyLaker24 says:

    97 don’t want beef with drake and you can tell cuz they don’t want an L

  4. Biscuit89 says:

    Who gives a fuck.

  5. kkjkhify says:

    Hot 97 a few days later… Sorry to inform everyone but funk flex had to be
    let go for business reasons. Y’all are a bunch of softies lol. Someone
    disrespects your show and you guys hop on his dick ?

  6. WOLVES 45 says:

    Why does Rosenberg remind me of Doug heffernan ?

  7. Dee Wigs says:

    an old head trying to say these old heads trying to be relevant. clap,
    clap. this is guilty pleasure

  8. Sam Pope says:

    Who funk master flex?

  9. Donald langa says:

    liars liars pants on…….

  10. PIX3LMANE says:

    nigga thinks he’s the shit.

  11. niko enciso says:

    oldheads ?

  12. Tony Rosas says:

    Dam … Did all y’all drake bitch boys listen ?????

  13. Shawn G says:

    Save the culture, FIRE/KILL FLEX!! Tell Ebro and Rosenberg they got no
    heart and are sell outs.. I’ll spit in y’all fucking faces and then dare
    you to do sumn so I can bump

  14. Itsyaboi Topoc says:

    Lmao y’all drake fans are whack saying he’s a top 5 rapper?!!!??? Nigga
    talks like he came from the hood he ain’t even shot a gun and asks like he
    gun downed everyone. Em has been shot and doesn’t even bother to act as
    Hood as him. Eminem could spit the hottest rap the game has ever seen and
    his dick Ridin’ fans wouldn’t take that L. Get some fuckin’ backbone drake
    fans and talk to me later when u realize he ain’t a rapper he’s some bitch
    ass R&B singer

  15. natez wodson says:

    Part of the reason i dont fuck with complex

  16. Qamar Munir says:

    Hey guys its Scarce here, So Drake if you guys don’t know who Drake is he
    has a youtube channel with over 6 million subs Fucking massive channel man
    !. So Drake just started some beef with another youtuber

  17. Tommy Myers says:

    its been drake vs everybody since 09 ?

  18. Cameron Davies says:

    That white guy is cringe.

  19. JJ Hernandez says:

    I agree with Rosenberg on this… but thats my opinion…

  20. Jay- Jay says:

    So Yall gonna fire flex or nah ?