Ed Helms Lights Up UVA’s Lawn

Ed Helms Lights Up UVA’s Lawn

Actor, comedian and musician Ed Helms brings his humor and inspiration to the University of Virginia’s 2015 valediction ceremony, urging students to shine their lights. His thoughtful talk closes in song to the tune of “This Little Light of Mine.” Accompanying him are members of the Hullabahoos, a University a cappella group. The group previously joined him on an episode of NBC’s “The Office.”

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19 Responses

  1. Ryan Brown says:


  2. Joe Code stud says:

    This hasn’t been a good week at all for rolling stone.

  3. J Walters says:

    Just an FYI, those people rioting in Baltimore were properly labeled

  4. Dani Abi-Najm says:

    Samantha Erdely should be in jail.

  5. Carlos Benitez says:


  6. pmg757 says:

    I was expecting silly and quirky from Ed Helms, but instead, he delivered a
    talk that was genuinely funny, timely, witty and wise. Point humbly taken
    from his remarks. Kudos to Mr Helms for great commencement speech, but now,
    I have a loop of himself, the Hullabahoos, and “This Little Light of Mine”
    running in my brain.

  7. Tom Heck says:

    Ed Helms gives a GREAT valediction talk at UVA’s 2015 graduation ceremony.
    Ed played “Andy” on the wonderful TV show The Office. Did you know Ed is a
    graduate of Oberlin and a banjo player?

  8. Socksee says:

    That was awesome. I loved the ending ~ Fun and very inspirational : )

  9. alpha21188 says:

    9:48 is the Rolling Stone’s quip, for those interested

  10. Zac B. Studios says:

    “It has been said that a rolling stone gathers no moss, I would add that
    sometimes a rolling stone also gathers no verifiable facts or even the
    tiniest morsels of journalistic integrity.”

    Amen Ed. A-friggin-men.

  11. Lauren Owlet says:

    That dad with the iPad, though…

  12. Michael Torres (Mike Kraze) says:

    One of the singers forgot their uniform, it threw me off, this speech is
    now null and void for me.

    j/k Ed wasn’t the smoothest speaker for a big speech (he’s way better than
    me) but I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. The ending made it seemed like
    a skit for a movie, it was all perfect.

    Ed great values, you’re one of the people who get it, thanks for this.

  13. Johnny Cooper 64 says:

    Havent seen Ed Helms for a long time

  14. John Pinkston says:

    I approve. I’ve been a fan of this man for a long time. This speech just
    tells me that I’ve been right all along.

  15. Josiah Lau says:

    Good job Andy Bernard #uva 

  16. Laurie S Hurley says:

    Fans of Ed Helms and The Office – check out his commencement speech for
    UVA. Funny, humble, appropriate. #classof2015

  17. Carolyn Nguyen says:

    This was great!! Love Ed helms 

  18. GardnerGaming says:

    Great job Nard-dawg!

  19. spaceye says:

    Meh… pretty mild and clean-cut jokes, even for a commencement speech.