Ed: “I Do Not Believe in Love” | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Ed: “I Do Not Believe in Love” | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Can Ed and Rose’s relationship survive broken trust?

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80 Responses

  1. StrawberryNinja Nibbles says:

    You have to have at least one of the 3: looks, money, or personality/character. What does he have to offer truly? Lol He looks like the mucinex phlegm dude & he lies to her & has double standards to boot. There are also richer men out there with more to offer so I don’t even know why she is tolerating him
    No wonder he had to resort to a mail order bride pretty much

  2. LaVanda Audree says:

    This ugly penguin had the nerve to force info out of her about past relationships. What about your past cheater?

    • Qwerty Bastard says:

      They both need to come clean.

    • Colin V says:

      Anyone who has known a cheater knows that cheaters are insecure because they project their cheating ways onto their partners. They are paranoid about their partners cheating because they are huge chearters.

      I knew a cheater for years, always cheat every chance he gets and constantly accusing his wife of cheating though I know for a fact she never did.

    • Tyler Durden says:

      @DimitriTeemuEskola its actually none of his business, what happened BEFORE she met Ed, and with her and her baby daddy is between her and her baby daddy! Ed’s just being an insecure prick trying to stick his nose into her WHOLE life, because he’s scared that she doesn’t actually like him and is just using him for finances, and a green card, because he actually knows that…. but is so desperate, and picky that he doesn’t actually want to admit this to himself or anyone else, and is just looking for ANY positive signs he can get(even tho there really arent any) by asking such personal and irrelevant questions. Ed truly is pathetic, and on this show there are PLENTY of Ed’s, who instead of actually lowering their standards in women to their own shitty standards and find a women in their own country, they go on dating apps/sites and prey on young, attractive-hot, desperate women who live in third world countries, and then they “white knight” those women, by pretending and lying that their rich on txts, and when they actually meet up, the dudes freak out over buying $4 pajamas for the girl lmao

    • Lil Lily 510 says:

      Haha “ugly penguin”🤭

    • SexcestCro says:

      @Colin V how can you know for a fact she never cheated were you with his wife 24/7????

  3. Celestino Magana says:

    She kind of scared me when she had that demon look, the way she stared at Ed

  4. Kate White says:

    I honestly couldn’t believe the audacity of Ed when he refused to have an STD test done in the Philippines but felt that it was okay for her?? Why didn’t this loser get a test done on himself prior to leaving for the Philippines then and show her?? He’s a control freak who is so caught up living in the past. Rose was spot on when she said “the past is the past, we can’t change it”. He’s repulsive and acts like he’s so much better than her when in fact he’s just an incredulous & disrespectful loser that has to prey on young girls that are way less than HALF his age. He acts like a Prima Donna because it’s too hot in the Philippines. What did you expect it to be?!? I’m sorry but after watching him disrespect Rose and act all high and mighty made me despise him.

  5. terry moore says:

    He feels he owns her because he sent he all that money and gifts. I don’t like him

  6. poisoned_ soju says:

    I can’t stand him and his stupid questions.
    And he’s disgusting.

    • Andrew Evans says:

      @poisoned_ soju since when was he cheating he hasn’t had sex for 20 years lol. Its alot easier for a woman to get sex then a man. I don’t blame him making her take a std test

    • poisoned_ soju says:

      @Andrew Evans he was cheating on his ex i guess you can find it on the internet 💁🏻‍♀️
      20 years without sex? Do you believe it? Tbh I’d avoid his sweaty ass too.
      Okay I’m not saying that him wanting her to take a STD test is bad. What I’m saying is that he should also do that. Just to be fair.

    • Tracy S says:

      @poisoned_ soju I agree, he is a liar through and through. I think that he used escorts because he can’t get himself a proper GF, if anything, he should get himself tested. Geez.

    • Andrew Evans says:

      @poisoned_ soju ya I suppose you’re right. But alot of people are bashing him in the comments. Try being in someone else’s shoes for once. Think how they got it compared to you. Youd probably be the same as ed.

    • I like Potatoes says:

      You know youd pork him cause he has a Ferrari.

  7. VV says:

    She looks like she wants to fight him😂 and she’d probably win too lmao

    • Whâã !!¿? says:

      VV 😑 this is her expression the whole time when talking to him

    • Claudia Pinamang says:

      She looks like she wants to murder him.

    • Joanne Pereira says:

      Claudia Pinamang & she’s right he treats her like a prostitute when she said they both going to do the test he act like he was much better than her .. I don’t like when anyone acts better or higher than any person

    • Angela Burroughs says:

      VV ya he wouldn’t even be able to turn his neck fast enough to see what’s coming

  8. Juniper Onyx says:

    She wanted to smack tf out of him! “For what it’s worth I’m sorry” too late dumb dumb.

    • NOODLES says:

      Juniper…she’s NOT dumb. She’s clever & disciplined in wanting to get the hell out of that HELLHOLE AKA philippines. I lived there for 3+ years.

    • Juniper Onyx says:

      NOODLES I wasn’t calling her a dumb dumb I was calling HIM a dumb dumb for being so stupid.

  9. video rate says:

    This guy reminds me of my uncle: he was probably into heavy metal with all its mysogyny etc. But he made his money and had kids. Now he’s trying to score a Very younger girl who he’s going to cheat out of having her own money etc..He’s a BusinessMan. Maybe I don’t know all the facts. Call me on it if he’s really a “hidden’ ” saint”

  10. Mohamed Diallo says:

    Ed is an abuser, and he is taking advantage of her situation. Sick that she has to endure being with him.

  11. Miss Yetta says:

    I know she thought like I once thought, “get an ugly boyfriend, they’re less work” Nope!!!!

  12. Amanda Yarbrough says:

    He is a straight up child who throws tantrums. He’s been the one being dishonest with her and yet he throws the fits. Grow up Ed

  13. WellThat’s Swedish says:

    I think it’s disgusting how he’s quizzing her about her ex

  14. Penis says:

    Ed is projecting his trust issues because HE’S A LIAR HIMSELF AND CHEATED ON HIS EX WIFE!!!

  15. Marielaa Usher says:

    I’m a 100% with her on this one. He kept attacking her and questioning her is such a disrespectful way that it was obvious she was gonna feel offended. Why is her past the only one that matters?

  16. NemeanLion says:

    The way she glares at him, I feel like I’m watching some kind of horror movie before the guy gets murdered.

    • Cathy just me says:

      Remember that magician girl, the really creepy on on America’s Got Talent or Xfactor?!

    • Shaina White says:

      Hes so rude she’s upset

    • ikoiko gies says:

      I lived in the Philippines for 10 years any had the crazy filipina chase me down the beach with a bolo knife becacause I was wearing my sung lasses and she insisted I was looking at girls. In the Philippines the more a woman is jelouse the more she love you. To us westerner men that’s insane .ohhhhhhh I’ve seen that look many times

    • Ingrid Gribble says:


    • wrath of the lamb says:

      *she’s been violated by vulgar beasts and they should stay far away from her.*

  17. Ash Jones says:

    Look, this man is a goblin, who cheated on his previous wife and is now trying to import a woman from the 3rd world, who is many years younger than him. Does anyone, anywhere, think that this is a good idea?

    • yurthepoo says:

      @Mohammad M I really don’t get the crisis thing. Just man up and get old like we all do! lol

    • Mohammad M says:

      He missed out when he was younger. Now he’s realizing its almost too late.

    • King of the Bruiser-weight says:

      Ash Jones why do you think we’re all watching this? You basically explained the premise of the show.

    • Ash Jones says:

      @King of the Bruiser-weight Aye, you’re right. I slowed down to have a look at the car crash the same as everyone else.

  18. Aaron Yuu says:

    He’s so intrusive that’s none of his business…. he’s lucky she’s even responding to his ass.

  19. helena kim says:

    Ed: “I can’t spend my life with somebody I don’t trust.”

    Also Ed:
    – cheated on his first wife
    – wasn’t really truthful about his height before he came
    – did not tell Rose that he wants to get a vasectomy even though he knows she wants more kids.

    …Nice going, Eddy boy. 😐

  20. Nicole O says:

    -interrogates her about previous relationships-
    -demands she take a std test, refuses to take one himself-

    Producer: wat happen

    Ed, grow up bro

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