Ed Matthews vs Blueface | FULL FIGHT (Official)

Ed Matthews vs Blueface | FULL FIGHT (Official)

Ed Matthews vs Blueface from the Kingpyn High Stakes Wildcard Fight.

Stayed Tuned For The Semi Finals in Dublin Next and Head Over To The Kingpyn Socials For The Matchups

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44 Responses

  1. Michael Clarke says:

    Blueface taking all that anger for rock out on Ed 😂😂😂😂

  2. Aliyah Diel says:

    This was so damn sloppy but so entertaining 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. mynameisrio says:

    Blueface fighting in balenciagas is crazy 😂

  4. OhShiverMeTimbers says:

    Damn, Ed really landed some bombs too. Ref kept stopping the action for standing 8-counts instead of letting Blueface get the finish, then stops the fight in the final second 🤦‍♂Goofy as hell but damn what a fight

  5. Chris 1997 says:

    This was actually a very good and entertaining fight. Wish to see more of both of them.

  6. Joe Blow says:

    Blueface actually has some pretty good ability and defense to evade flurries. Looks very comfortable in that aspect still need to clean up the offense a little but he’s honestly not bad.

    • Freddy Shenanigan says:

      he has 0 skill but in a “fight” with social media people you dont expect any talent whatsoever anyways.

    • The True Squad says:

      @Nizz LaRock nah don’t talk that rubbish he was avoiding major shots
      the height difference between him and his opponent was no more than Elle Brooke and her last 2

    • Mr.220 says:

      He’s good for what?? A regular squabble in the hood, fasho . In a boxing ring with a trained boxer, hell nah . Catfish in a shark den.

    • Nizz LaRock says:

      @Bentley Baart Bohemian well his dodging isn’t that great. He’s just like a foot taller than that guy so he just leans back for the most part.

    • Daebak says:

      Hes pretty good defensively his offense is sloppy af

  7. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Very impressive.. Some real Old School Crippn goin on with this here. Took shots, he in tip top shape… Kept it humble and kept it Crippn. I love this shit

  8. Rationalist says:

    Okay but can we just talk about how good Blueface’s defense is though

  9. Restujyy says:

    Huge respect for blueface👑

  10. AJ Cube says:

    Fighting in balenciagas is mad, but Blueface’s defence is crazy

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