Ed Sheeran – Perfect [Official Lyric Video]

Ed Sheeran – Perfect [Official Lyric Video]

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Video by http://adultartclub.co.uk
Jonny Costello / Charlotte Audrey / Will Lanham / Henry Wong / Callum Barnes
Illustrations – Steve New Tasty

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20 Responses

  1. Darryl Rushin says:

    It’s hard to have favorites from such an amazing album but I love this song should have released it sooner I expect it to be as big as Thinking Out loud

  2. Proud ARMY always and forever says:

    3:29 I like how there’s a castle on the hill

  3. Evalda Novia says:

    I’ll be waiting for Perfect OfficialVideo

  4. pankaj khurana says:

    This song make me sad..want to fall in love with someone who is perfect for me☺

  5. ManMan Gaming says:

    The best lyric video

  6. P TP says:

    Its very Ed Sheeran! sweet man x

  7. Michaella Jackson says:

    Oh my god! I’ve been waiting for this! The lyrics are so Perfect, as always <3 Great and amazing song!

  8. Sikai Damz says:

    I love the song the moment I’ve heard it!

  9. Roumeissa Algeria says:

    This was my least favourite song out of the album when I first heard it.. Now I can’t stop listening to it. I didn’t understand why people loved it so much at first but now I do. It’s a beautiful song .

  10. Éva Zsemberi says:

    This song is very special for me because it was my wedding dance song. (L)Perfect(L)

  11. Julia Mroczka says:

    It’s amazing I love this song??

  12. Upashana Dutt says:

    ?fell in love with this song

  13. Joseph Burner says:

    The best thing is that we are almost the same age and whole life ill enjoy his new songs?❤ i covered shape of you few days ago. Please check it out❤

  14. Edgar Sihues says:

    Another song for my woman. Thanks ed

  15. Akshata Hegde says:

    A Perfect video for d perfect song!!?

  16. monkey220ms says:

    “to carry secrets
    to carry children”
    well that escalated quickly


    0:51 did anyone hear “ BUT “ ? I think it’s just darling

  18. paranormal blacktivity says:

    Who’s here before this is insanely viral hit

  19. raghad mamo says:

    i love this song ?

  20. VasiliDrozd says:

    BIG Like from Moldova Republic of

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