Ed Sheeran – Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli)

Ed Sheeran – Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli)

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46 Responses

  1. Davide Autorino says:

    Ed, now we want a Perfect duet with Albano Carrisi.

  2. Edward • says:

    Brividi ????

  3. Ludovica Gianfreda says:

    Quanti Italiani????

  4. Δ x Δ says:

    Ed Sheeran tá parecendo a Anitta, fazendo feat com todo mundo KJFHFKSDFADASDKH

  5. Sudois says:


  6. Gabriele gullo says:

    Viva l’Italiaaaaa ??????

  7. iPhuzzyy says:


  8. BLACK ツ says:

    *QUE LINDO ?*

  9. Mat Vet says:

    Bocelli national hero

  10. Paulina vergalito says:

    y los habla hispanos? dónde está mi gente!??

  11. DiViNs • says:

    Orgoglio Italiano!!!?

  12. Gohan ' says:

    Better than with Beyonce version… Just saying. This is so fucking cute… I’m crying man, I’m crying. :’)

  13. Rolfi Molfi says:

    Who’s here before it gets 1.000.000 views??

  14. Pedro Freire TV says:

    QUE LINDEZA ♥️???

  15. Natália Moraes says:

    Top,muito top ?????????

  16. issima91 says:

    IO TI AMO! TROPPO!! ♥️

  17. LOLO BOLADO says:

    tem BR aqui nos comentários ?

  18. stefani dc says:


  19. LastonNavy says:

    Ed + Andrea = Perfect Song.

  20. Family Guy Vicces Jelenetek FGVJ says:

    The Perfect is a perfect song. Andrea vioce is beatuful. I so happy Ed! Thanks!???

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