Ed surprises fan singing his song at the Mall

Ed surprises fan singing his song at the Mall

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20 Responses

  1. fede018 says:

    Publicity stunt.

  2. Raptor Jesus says:

    respect for this guy :)

  3. SynKronized901 says:

    Multi millionaire, sold thousands and thousands of records. Still as humble
    and down to earth as ever. Shame more so-called stars aren’t more like him.

  4. irene x says:

    This only had like 50k views last time I watched nd now it’s 2m+ :O

  5. FatMonk says:

    Guy has class.

  6. Shy Fezhead says:

    Kill the camera man

  7. michael U says:

    I’m not a fan of Ed but this is just amazing. I respect this dude so much.

  8. James Ambrocio says:

    Phones should have an alert status if the user is recording at a vertical

  9. Mark Davies says:

    Nothing worse than a Ginger creeping up on you.

  10. Antonia Grobbel says:

    I think the guy who filmed was one of his mates. Ed doesn’t give a flying
    fuck about promo stunts he knows basically everyone is obsessed with his
    music lol.

  11. mesenteria says:

    What a thrill. I don’t know either person, or Ed’s music, but he seems
    like a genuinely nice man…all smiles, very gentle and encouraging with
    her. She has great poise and gathered herself quickly when she understood
    he wanted her to be the lead.

  12. Ⓖⓛⓔⓐⓜ Nᴉƃɥʇs says:

    Cool. Good for them.

  13. Sebastian Designs says:

    someone saw the girl who fell down in the background 00:43
    it’s so fucking hilarious

  14. Motilewa Akerele says:

    This hit me right in the feels!

  15. Guilty _ says:

    Ed Sheeran then sued her for copyright.

  16. Jubal Harshaw says:

    I liked this song a lot more when Marvin Gaye did it.

  17. Maria Tempert says:

    Reasons why we love Ed. Stand up guy all the way around!

  18. Ranch Hand says:

    which song was it?

  19. Jens Eskildsen says:

    Cool stuff :)

  20. papoh says:

    Most celebrities are all about themselves. This man seems to appreciate
    music and keeps it real. Count me impressed. Great day for that young
    lady and she did great keeping it going.