Eddie Eagle | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Eddie Eagle | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

The NRA stands up for strict regulation! Of its mascot costume!

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20 Responses

  1. Monxer says:

    Why do you hate freedom?

  2. REALTALK says:

    Wow, all those strawman purchases. Those gun laws that already make this
    act illegal really did work huh.

  3. juan “wgjung” gomez says:

    That’s the reason America is safe, because everybody can buy a gun, unlike
    those countries where not even the police has weapon and therefore they
    have murders by the hundreds on the streets.
    Can you imagine a place so unsafe that not even the police have

  4. TheStapleGunKid says:

    Is there a constitutional right to own an Eddie Eagle costume? Until you
    can point to that, this entire sketch is pointless.

  5. Bookmark says:

    Samantha, you’ve done it again you genius! John would be proud :,)

  6. Barn Cats says:

    Eddie the Eagle?

    What about the other NRA’s mascot, Bernie Sanders. An Extremist Socialist
    posing as a progressive Democrat.

    So if he makes it to the White House & bankrupts the Country, they’ll be
    plenty Guns for everyone. Just no jobs or Economic Stability, & Global
    unrest as we can’t pay are debts & China’s Economy can tank with ours. Yet
    he promises Free Education. Well Education is Free already, online. Its our
    Academic Accreditation & Testing that Costs with actual Job Placement.

    As for Healthcare its here, been here for awhile. Its called Obamacare. Oh
    that’s right, Bernie don’t support our President Barack Obama. The rest he
    just ripped off from Hillary Clintons program list like President Barack
    Obamas campaign slogans.

    So Bernie Sanders is basically the NRA Candidate & Bankruptcy for America.
    Oh & a plagiarist, Cool to know.
    Hillary Clinton is for Gun Control, Hillary Clinton 2016 for me. Nice to
    see you again Samantha Bee.

  7. Grindstone says:

    Everyone comparing her to John Oliver is way off base. At the very least,
    John Oliver’s show has actual data to back up their claims.

  8. BillyBob Bazooka says:

    The US gun cult is really crazy.

  9. Blake H. says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen…the United States of America!

  10. Delta Storm says:

    That person in the eagle costume sounds like bill from king of the hill

  11. Marcus Joe says:


  12. Glock Man says:

    She had a emloyee buy her a firearm. Thats straw buying she needs to be

  13. Ramblequist says:

    So all those guns you bought, you gonna shoot someone?

  14. Raincentral003 says:

    Why did that dipshit point a shotgun a somebody!?

  15. Wily Coyote says:

    Is this how people really think buying guns works? She didn’t just walk
    into those places and come back out 5 minutes later with a gun. If she did
    those arms sellers are not following the law and need to be stripped of
    their licence and jailed. Also, why are you attacking the NRA mascot that
    is promoting gun safety to children? At least they took the responsibility
    as a pro gun organization to employ such an important thing as teaching
    responsible gun handling(which was not displayed at all by you might I
    add). In the end though it was a pretty hilarious satire and I get where it
    was going.

  16. The National Razor says:

    Wayne if you care about something you will take care of it. Like your Eddie
    the Eagle toy. If you don’t care about it you can just go ahead and treat
    it any old way. Like human lives.
    – signed Wayne LaPierre’s mother.

  17. Bee Victoria says:

    she is brilliant

  18. TheDesertRoseRanch says:

    Show some real courage of your convictions, and move to a gun restricted
    country. Dare ya.

  19. AbyssalZones says:


  20. Karasaph Exonar says:

    An excelent piece of satire!