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52 Responses

  1. Westside of Corpus Christi says:

    Canelo broke his face with that Thanos punch.

  2. Let The Bell Ring says:

    That is what happens when you wake up the beast inside Canelo. You get your face broken. Props to billy joe.

    • kirt says:

      @cesar sanchez it was far from one sided, Billy Joe put in a good performance which alot of others havnt done. Maybe he should been all polite an respectful an accept a loss like Smith did. Its a fracture eye socket which closed his eye an his team rightly pulled him out. He’s being operated on. Stop being stupid

    • jonathan holden says:

      @Dimitar Todorovski sorry i was pissed at billy losing.That why i said that comment.

    • Maurice Gay says:

      @bobert black fight fans don’t operate with the same biases that non-black fight fans operate with. You can’t show me one black sportscaster, boxer or podcaster that does. You’re a liar

      Fact is, Canelo don’t wanna fight Andrade at all, but he’ll make an exception for an easier fighter. Andrade ain’t the easier fighter.

    • Dimitar Todorovski says:

      @jonathan holden It’s ok bruv…understandable 😉🤝I was also drunk..so..😆But it was good fight…until that upercut!!🥊🔥Hope BjS will recover..and come back in the game stronger..he s great boxer..but not like Canelo..no body today is😉🥊👊🏼✌🏼

    • Scott Eranger says:

      @cesar sanchez Sure…next time in LAX on business I’ll bring my gear. Where can i find you? At the local Walmart bagging groceries? Are you on FB?

  3. DammIWentHamm says:

    Eddy herns literally feeding brits to canelo

    • Anderl Blakely says:

      @The Shiv actually your Prince came to America so we can’t be so bad 😎

      You got pushed out of England because you are weak just like BJS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      BJS just quit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Anderl Blakely says:

      @Based Mario Tyson Fury has never even defended his hw title.

      You are a joke!!!! Fury has zero title defenses and he is over 30 years old… Smh..

    • CosmosHFA88 Savant says:

      Eddie lines them up Canelo knocks them over,,,,,

    • Richard Crawford says:


  4. avantgardevegan says:

    Eddie gives everyone time fair play

  5. Santan says:

    I liked the trash talk, it made the fight much more interesting than Smith, Yildirim, Fielding. Saunders fought a great fight but Canelo showed why he’s P4P number 1

  6. youngnutsack17 says:

    3 separate fractures on your orbital is huge, all that from one shot, smart stoppage those pieces of broken bone are like shrapnel next to your eye 😬 Bless up Caleb plant 😂

    • Mark Taylor says:

      @PKD Orion dontt fucking say it then. Like I said in my previous comment, he told his corner he couldn’t continue and they pulled him, Eddie Hearn confirmed that so someone is lying! Saunders is a tool, full stop

    • skye gadgets says:

      @Mark Taylor lol Billy didn’t take a knee mate his corner pulled him out lol big difference

    • Mark Taylor says:

      @skye gadgets he quit on his stool! Pussy way to go out. he told his corner he couldnt continue, says Eddie Hearn!

    • youngnutsack17 says:

      @d3cav nah dude, a forearm will always break before the skull does, plus at 1:28 you can physically see billy come up from that uppercut with a indented cheek bone and redness. Either way I don’t hope bad for the guy, he gave us a entertaining fight while it lasted. It’s just what he said about Daniel dubious doesn’t help his case.

  7. J724 says:

    Eddie is a breath of fresh air for the business of promotion in boxing, I’m very thankful for what he’s done for the sport!

    • G-man says:

      @chaun gullie Bullshit American fighters don’t even fight each other except on social media What happened to the so called 4 Kings at lightweight, Garcia ducked Haney called out Tank and Manny got a fight with Fortuna then scrapped that fight too, Tank is avoiding anyone with a pulse at 135, and jumping to 140 to fight for a baby belt, Spence/Crawford by the time they fight they will be 40 if ever, Charlo/Andrade there’s a big unification fight right there, but one don’t want it I could go on and on but I don’t want to write a Fking novel.

    • chaun gullie says:

      @G-man you’re right they don’t fight each other. I guess they would rather beat the dog piss out of UK fighters. I wish they would fight each other because boxing has been dead every Eddie been hyping these bums up. Mexicans and Americans would rather fight them

    • J Y says:

      Rimmer, he’s not good for the sport

    • Phil Mitchell says:

      @synchc if it was just down to that then where the hell are frank warrens sons at?? Eddie Hearn is the hardest worker in boxing fact!

  8. Larrypint says:

    Saunders tried to get into Canelo’s head with his mindgames and Canelo did it successfully with his Gloves.

    • Lost and Found says:

      The only fighter that gave canelo a defeat was ducking Floyd mayweather. I mean what did we expect. Gypsy magic failed. It was a curse for the worst. I saw the ending coming when saunders kept bobbing his head low. Canelo adjusted in the later rounds and countered.

    • [[ ___M.x___ ]] says:

      @1akabaka he didnt flinch becouse he couldn’t flinch he’s eye was completely shut, one thing is to sell a fight and another to insult a country and he got what he deserved, floyd is one of the biggest troll and did you see him laughing at the reporters and someones country, he got 2 things yesterday a broken eye socket and a piece of humble pie, hope he learns his lesson and stops trash talking that goes for fury to it would happen when andy ruiz jr. comes his way 🤠✌

    • Deeen ch says:

      Generic comment.

    • LeGM says:

      Fantastic 😂😂😂

  9. Bilaal Ahmed says:

    Triple eye socket fracture. That’s not a dishonourable quit. That’s life changing.

    • Cueball says:

      @mclife1 yeah i fully agree its right decision to quit the fight, nothings worth potentially losing your sight over imo, but made himself look well silly with those comments he made regarding dubious, a bit embarrassing really..

    • skye gadgets says:

      @mclife1 Dubious took a knee, BJS corner quit for him lol theres a big difference not sure why ppl keep saying Billy quit when he had no say in the matter

    • skye gadgets says:

      @Hu Mann he didn’t have a choice though or say in the matter, he finished the round and his corner pulled him out, thats completely different to taking a knee, Billy if wanted to carry on couldn’t anyway because his corner made the decision

    • Ash B says:

      Yeah, if Canelo were to hit him hard in the same spot again a piece of broken bone could easily jam into the eye and cause serious damage, even blindness. Fight had to be stopped.

  10. A RJ says:

    Imagine if Billy did actually come out for the next round. He would’ve had his face completely caved in.

    • Severus Floki says:

      @Fred Hills Hey has it happened before? Someone that kept boxing with a broken orbital bone and ended up blinded of one eye?

    • Severus Floki says:

      @Ci gh I had it 4-4

    • Fred Hills says:

      @Stan Hathcoat Wouldnt have made a difference to canelos game plan, start swinging wild because you dont like someone will get you hurt. Angry or not. More effective boxer if not emotional. Stupid casuals..

    • RogueReplicant says:

      @solo xi Exactly. Elite boxers dosify and have the discipline to stick to a game plan.
      Canelo starts out focusing on landing powerful body shots with the odd power head shot. By the 2nd half, the opponent’s body is hurting bad so Canelo shifts to more feinting to the body and more power into the head shots.
      Caleb Plant must be shitting bricks right now, I know I would be ha ha ☺️

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