Eddie Murphy Invokes Will Smith Slap Joke At The Golden Globes +More

Eddie Murphy Invokes Will Smith Slap Joke At The Golden Globes +More

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20 Responses

  1. J.D. Harrison says:

    I loved Eddie Murphy’s speech. It was simple to the point. The way speeches should be with a little bit of humor. In over 40 years, Eddie has always been that way, and I hope he never changes.

  2. Brandon Ayong says:

    We need Eddie to come back to stand up. I’ve watched “Delirious” and ” Raw” recently and the guy was just so far ahead of his time. I guarantee that if he comes back addressing America in the 21st century and the modern Era he would end all debates about who the goat of comedy is. And let’s not forget that Dave chappelle Chris rock. Bill burr. Kevin hart and all the others are students of Eddie

    • aaron293 says:

      If you watch his interviews from over the past few years. All of those combined are pretty much his newest stand up material.

    • DaToad 78 says:

      I love Delirious and Raw as well, but we all know those specials wouldn’t be made in today’s climate. He’s a blue comedian. Why would he wanna take it to the stage nowadays

    • Brandon Ayong says:

      @Skeeskeeskee they would all tell you he’s been an influence on them

    • R. M. says:

      Not if he goes woke like he did with that whack sequel Coming 2 America.

    • Big dic1 says:

      He said he wouldn’t be able to do those types of shows in today’s sensitive ass environment where everyone is easily offended. Which is sad.

  3. lorna west says:

    Eddie can do whatever he wants he’s a legend 🤣

  4. Kiddell says:

    i’m glad eddie is still around, a living legend

  5. Von Don says:

    That Eddie joke had me laughing my ass off🤣

  6. Otis Thelonius says:

    This is why he’s on the Mount Rushmore of comedy.
    Sidenote… TBC hasn’t lost a beat. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  7. Remarqueable1 says:

    It was a joke toward both and that is why he is a legendary king of comedy

  8. Chelae Johnson says:

    First of all that Eddie Murphy Joke was funny asf 😂😂😂😂 i can’t lie I’m hollering

  9. Peach Juice says:

    I don’t think Eddie’s joke was supposed to be aimed at anyone in particular but very much so, in general. Every joke doesn’t have to be an insult, Charla…

    • Doug E Doug says:

      Charlemagne Eddie Murphy is a character that works in show business. And any smart entertainer knows that the first rule of show business is to never work for free. You want “more” from EM Charlemagne, then cut him a check.

      As a point of reference, RuPaul is the most iconic drag superstar on the planet. But even she said so herself, you won’t see the bitch in the dress unless there’s a check involved. Eddie Murphy gave us all exactly what we paid him for last night, NOTHING! 😉

    • Carla Davis says:


  10. blkdank1 says:

    Eddie please come out with another stand up. We need it!!

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