Edgeland Returns!! | Dangerous Giant Board Game!

Edgeland Returns!! | Dangerous Giant Board Game!

Hey guys! In this video, we revisit Edgeland!!A GIANT Real Life Board Game!! Its messy, painful, and Insane!!! Who will win??

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54 Responses

  1. Daniel Dionne says:

    Hats off to Whitney for always reigning in these wild boys! ?

  2. Rebekah Pargeter says:

    Love your vids, I couldn’t stop laughing. Keep up the great work ❤️❤️

  3. Daniel Ohlsson says:

    More of these challenges, this and those who includes some pain ???❤️

  4. Eggsmile says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    You thought this would rhyme,
    And I did as well

  5. Cutie_KittY Girl says:

    When I click in the video when The notification shows up.

    Me: I’m still worthy

  6. Vsco Camp says:

    Teamedge really loves walls ?? I mean the shoot them and run through them ?

  7. MonkeyCJT says:

    I Love Edgland board game but i wanted bryan he is my favourite

  8. Jaymee Lightfoot says:

    Haven’t started watching yet, but I’m predicting bobby will get hit in the no-no spot…

  9. Cindy Rahn says:


    Kevin 2019

  10. Shadow Site says:

    Ya ok bobby the us is better there is a shooting every day bc of the dumb gun laws

  11. Mac and Cheese says:

    Last time I was this early dope or nope was called Matthias

  12. FoxyJC 2001 says:

    I remember Bobby Always get punishment so Bobby still King of the punishment

  13. Girlygamers1234 AJ says:


    Me reading: *I thought it was Edgeland? Where’s the e….*

  14. Fhari Franco says:

    Bobby cracks me up. “eVeRyOnE kNoWs ThIs”. The streak he leaves at the end was the ? on top ? 7:32 & 10:21

  15. Raylei Dies says:

    This is utter proof that men don’t grow up
    And I think we are all happy for this!!
    Love you team edge!!!

  16. Lordly Gamer says:

    There Always “LIVIN DAT EDGE LYFE” Every Day In High5 Studios.

  17. SpideyForTheWin 1211 says:

    Watching 3 grown men playing poison ball on a trampoline and giggling like little girls….

    It’s exactly why I came here.

  18. Desmond Kwong says:

    6:08 Could have been ‘Empty’ (M-Tea)

  19. Logan hh10 says:

    Me as a Canadian when bobby said USA was better: *TRIGGERED* (lol)

  20. Jonah Kramer says:

    Make a human dart board and throw water balloons at the dart board from a forklift

    (Like so they can see)

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