Ed’s Golden Nugget Finally Got Brakes!

Ed’s Golden Nugget Finally Got Brakes!

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Paul and the rest of the crew at Fab Rat’s have been working hard to get Ed’s Golden Nugget done so he can get it back! Today that tackled quite a few things from the list including……Brakes! Check it out!
Make sure to follow along with us as we build and fabricate cool stuff!!

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33 Responses

  1. Al Sims says:

    I hope folks realize that every piece of the Golden Nugget has been touched by many hands, at each stage even. This is the definition of a custom built vehicle. Building a rig like this entails a lot of fitting and re-engineering. In a custom shop, these builds often take a couple of years. You guys are doing a great job. Kudos to all involved!

    • Jesse Klassen says:

      Full custom rebuilds can take many years. These guys working full time with dozens of pros is amazing what they can accomplish.

    • kosta16auto says:

      @Carl T all about the views. Yes Ed as well but he would’ve been happy with the 2-stroke engine and paint roller job.

    • Carl T says:

      @thomaass2 so you’re saying they are doing it for glory and not for their love for Ed?

    • Kram Noslaw says:

      Man alot hours blood sweat an tears went into building that an also keep Ed in the dark they’ve had there work cut out for them. From Paul to robby an matt are all good people I’d love to meet some day

    • Java Beanz says:

      @Carl T so you are one of the spoil sports that can’t keep a secret…

  2. Matthew Wells says:

    Random, not to do with the Nugget, comment here….. Ben is an incredible add to the team. It is awesome to see two brothers working together, they have wonderful chemistry… go figure!

  3. Dave Benson says:

    Said it before, but I’ll say it again… GREAT having Ben as part of the team…. and wonderful to see Chad back in the shop too… LOVE “The Time Spent With Family” on the wall… so true for everything you guys do… Robbie would approve of your paint job … Getting very exciting in the home stretch…

  4. Danny Cochran says:

    Just imagine what we could accomplish if everyone worked as hard as the folks at Fabrats, Matt’s Towing and Recovery, and Robbie Layton Paint and Body ? Throw in hearts of gold and this old world would be a much better place. Can’t wait to see the look on Ed’s face on reveal day.

    • Jake Easterwood says:

      @Robby Layton There will always be people that thrive on tearing down others. It’s usually because they have no achievements of their own to point to and are frustrated with their own lot in life. So they strike out at everyone who does achieve. They are simply sad cases of sour grapes. We all know a few of them.

    • Robby Layton says:

      I wish I could read eyes that well!! Call it what you want I feel my team did the best we can do and that makes us all sleep good at night !!

    • WvlfDarkfire says:

      That’s why a long time ago people told their children to work hard. We need that attitude again

    • Matthew Taylor says:

      @Patazki I never got that impression. 🤷‍♂️

    • Andrea Buzzolan says:

      @Patazki if you’ve never achieved something really good for a good reason how do you know what you can achieve?

  5. P MAE says:

    I have painted a lot of cars over the years, I can’t imagine the stress of doing all that work with a new paint job in the way.

  6. Edward Ellenburg says:

    You guys are doing amazing!!! Golden Nugget is coming along nicely. Some people don’t understand how long something like this takes, but I know and understand. If you have ever done a ground up rebuild, then you know this is a six month to 1-year project. Even more so when you’re volunteering because you still have other plans that pay the bills. Anyway, I wish you guys nothing but the best of luck and hopefully this project finishes up easy for you guys. Ed will be excited to get the nugget back, I’m sure.

  7. Dennis Cleveland says:

    It’s amazing, to see how much work goes into the Nugget. Maybe someone can compile footage from all the work onto a dvd for Ed to watch when y’all turn it over to him. I think he’d enjoy watching it.

    • Matthew Hostler says:

      @Just Kidding great idea! 👍👍

    • Just Kidding says:

      @Java Beanz Right, there’s at least 3 channels involved, and each has multiple videos.
      They should definitely do this, make a master movie, install a nice 20” touchscreen in the cab light a Tesla,
      and voila, Ed’s rig will come with its own origin video viewable onboard! LOL

    • Java Beanz says:

      I think that would be a whole set of DVDs. From recovery, to teardown, to finding parts, to repairing all the dings, and you have to include the Rokon and the trailer too.

  8. Paul Shannon says:

    It’s a good thing that Ed is everybody’s friend. I would hate to know the amount of hours and material was put into the restoration of the Golden Nugget. 😳

    I still think it should go to SEMA.

  9. ms3josh says:

    Love the Golden nugget build! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  10. Robert Davis says:

    Man I want a ride to Ed’s claim with Ed driving. I could listen to his stories for hours. Guys like Ed is what made America. Paul, you and your crew are doing a beautiful job on the Nugget. Very professional.

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