Eel with DOUBLE JAWS has one Nasty Bite!

Eel with DOUBLE JAWS has one Nasty Bite!

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On this episode, Mark and the crew are back in Queensland, Australia for another epic Tide Pool adventure! As Mark explores, he comes across a Snowflake Eel – and this eel has double jaws.. and one nasty bite! What other creatures do you think they will come across along the Australian coast? Watch now to find out!

Get ready to meet some super cool Tide Pool creatures!

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81 Responses

  1. TDG Squadz says:

    Is it just me or does mark get more and more jacked every time we see him

  2. Samantha Cadigan says:

    “WOW he trying to bite his own reflection”

    He a little confused but he got the spirit

  3. Pawsome Fun! says:

    Coyote: gets bit by this 100 times and dies.

    Mark: DeScRiBe ThE PaIn

  4. William Allison says:

    there’s an old saying about cone snails “if it’s a cone, leave it alone!”

  5. C J Y says:

    If coyote was there he would be like
    ” I am Coyote peterson and I am about to enter the bite zone with the double jawed eel.”

  6. Trent That Savage says:

    The amazing pattern on that Eel is incredible, I love nature.

  7. Kaleab Peterson says:

    Coyote: I’m retiring from stings.. BITES ON THE OTHER HAND

  8. Ryanqube says:

    Me after seeing a moray eel: oh, cool
    Me after realizing that morays have an alien like 2nd mouth inside his mouth: 💀

  9. Sgt_Hybrid ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄ says:

    Bruh, we all know that the animals are paid actors.

  10. Krash Landon says:

    “That’s a lot of fish.”

    Immediately thinks of Godzilla ’98

  11. the nice buoi says:

    “I am coyote Peterson and I’m about to put my head inside a lion’s mouth”
    Coyote : *killed*
    Camera man : “how does it feel”

  12. Gary says:

    Me: sees a brave wilderness video without coyote


  13. Jeffrey Quach says:

    “Eels have extremely poor eye sight”
    Me: does that mean I’m related to an eel
    Edit:this is just a joke

  14. xXxnight#_marexXx _-_ says:

    Idk why for me the snowflake eel’s pattern kinda looks like bat man kind

  15. sarah moody says:

    Coyote: Gets rejected by girl.

    Mark: Describe the pain

  16. Brave Wilderness says:

    Hey everyone, Mark here…I’m running through the comments this morning answering questions. Ask away!

  17. Stef 228 says:

    Humans when they see their reflection: “wow.. I’m ugly”

    Eels: “I’M GOING TO BITE YOU!”

  18. St. wvllxw says:

    This guy is Steve Irwin’s spiritual successor

  19. Brave Wilderness says:

    SO many questions on this one, been answering as many as I can, should I go live today and do a Q&A? -Mark

  20. Life's Wild Adventures says:

    Brave Wilderness: posts an eel video
    Me, having just posted a video about a snake that only eats eels: ._.
    Y’all should film an American eel btw 😀

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