Egg Dodgeball Challenge!!

Egg Dodgeball Challenge!!

Tackle The Person In The Snowman!! ➡
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Hey guys! Have you ever had a snowball fight? What was the biggest snowman you have ever made? Let us know down below! Check out the Blind Mouse Trap Minefield Challenge!!


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44 Responses

  1. Big Badger says:

    Giant tic TAC toe? With hidden punishments or prize (best of 3) the vid will probably be too short..😃

  2. Carmicornia says:

    Every single video at least one person gets hit in the no no zone 😂

  3. TepigDozStuff says:

    Can you do the bounce ball challenge this were you bounce the balls off the walls in to cup

  4. When pigs fly says:

    j-fred:i hit him in the no-no spot
    Connor:yeah you hit him….
    j-fred: NO!

  5. Jake Lesaca says:

    Team edge you should do football slip and slide. Like if you agree

  6. Nevaeh FOREVER says:

    Why does it look like Joey has on censored shorts😂😂

  7. Solid Gamer says:

    SHOUT OUT TO CHICKENS who made this video possible

  8. Duck Spy says:

    When connor fell he just had to say he was okay but he really wasn’t

  9. Katelyn says:

    I’m so entertained no matter how weirdly random the videos you make get😂

  10. Christina Boehm says:

    Connor’s such a trooper! 😄

  11. Katelyn says:

    You guys should do a reaction video to a compilation of you guys falling😂

  12. Isaac Auger-Carl says:

    Love when Conner falls haha so funny and so awesome video

  13. sky dancer says:

    J-fred: *its like we’re married*

  14. jeremytorres165 says:

    Bobby gets hit in every video

  15. kaven1998 says:

    for some reason i read the title as ‘ Edge Douchebag Challenge !! ‘ …

  16. Sarah Hannon says:

    I think Billy is a great addition to the team!

  17. Mikazu maki says:

    Team egg

  18. Morgan Walker says:

    This is a completely random topic but does anybody think that Connor’s laugh sounds a bit like BigJigglyPanda’s? (if you know who that is, you’re awesome!)

  19. randomawesome dude says:

    J-Fred is the most evil person. Literally almost every nut-shot was caused by J-Fred

  20. Renato Clash Royale YT says:

    This challenge was so funny

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