EGG DROP – I Did A Thing vs William Osman

EGG DROP – I Did A Thing vs William Osman

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41 Responses

  1. TheZohan says:

    Good to finally see William Osman, I Did A Thing, and Mark Rober in one video

  2. I did a thing says:

    The 3 years you spent editing this video really shows! It was fantastic!!!!

    • HardStyleGamerz says:

      You only lost because in Australia eggs drop up-side down

    • Bzmot332bve says:

      @Daniel Crumpler um, not really. Alex has a negative opinion about guns (well, I think everyone in the whole world except the USA thinks the same…), since every-week mass shooting and school shooting is not very normal, even if it happens in a 300M+ populated country.

      But he didn’t state that those gun-maniac guys were bad or anything. Or what, are you upset because of the cartonboard child figures? Oh no, a very hard to control robot shot a paper figure in a video that was meant to be funny and sarcastic, who would have thought that this wouldn’t bring a solution to the problem… 😮

    • Do not read my profile pic Ⓥ says:

      william did look like a fetus, makes sense

    • Joe G says:

      I was pretty confused why you were wearing a paper bag still

    • Kyle Martinez says:

      this confirmed my suspicion. Very inspiring knowing that the old-ass footage I’m sitting on can still be put to use

  3. Daniel Jaeger says:

    I’m just imagining being in the next isle over and hearing the gta-ass line of “i’ve been making omelets without cracking the egg” with no context

  4. Para dox says:

    Still needs to be said : I’m genuinely happy you didn’t quit YouTube for good big willy!

  5. Y T says:

    Glad this series is still alive, can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Ryan Chad says:

    I love how they talk about the video being recorded before thanksgiving and that it took William at least one month to edit what has to have been a 3-4 hour recording

    • Jacob Archer says:

      @William Glaser biggest cope ever 😂 “I enjoy watching you defend him” touch grass bud, you either enjoy the video or not it doesn’t really matter but it’s kinda sad watching you try and be a “hater” or whatever

    • Graeme Hemphill-Hart says:

      @kameljoe21  yes. This is how capitalism works.

    • Shatl Bar King says:

      @William Glaser Yeah, reading through comments and having morons call you lazy all the time probably doesn’t feel great.

    • Teo Carnaghi says:

      Its 3 years ago, i did a thing just commented

    • Hiatus Hiatus says:

      @William Glaser its almost like people are different and are able to do things differently. You are the textbook of an ablist. Have the day you deserve x

  7. Jonathon Solt says:

    You should start doing interview segments like Hot Ones but while making egg drop contrapments!

  8. Grey Wolf says:

    I feel like you could cook those egg peanuts and have a brand new dish.

  9. the shampooer says:

    I don’t know if will has some terminal illness or he just realized how much money he can make but i’m very happy about the influx of content in the past few weeks

  10. harrihu says:

    I miss egg drops!! Bring these back!

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