EGG DROP – Mark Rober vs William Osman

EGG DROP – Mark Rober vs William Osman

William Osman absolutely destroys Mark Rober in the egg drop experiment.
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42 Responses

  1. Hyme Benson says:

    Mark: talks big science
    William: HoW dO tHeY gEt PrInGleS iN cAn?

  2. Kiwi rule says:

    I’m still waiting for the Useless Duck Company vs William Osman egg drop!!!!!

  3. Len Tayo says:

    HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!…Oh hi there Mark I did not see you there! – Hey why did you blur out Marks arm pit sweat at the end??? Is that not allowed anymore? 9:20

  4. Uncle Drew11 says:

    Mark Rober: is a NASA scientist
    Also Mark: dropping eggs with the boys

  5. Dilly Dilly says:

    William Osman vs. Michael reeeeeeeves, or Willie boy vs. CameramanJohn

  6. Anthony Zisa says:

    “Egg drop is for young children and youtubers”

    Oh so Michael Reeves fits both categories?

  7. nul00000000 says:

    do it with Elon Musk, sure that wouldn’t impossible or at least very hard to plan.

  8. bentato says:

    “And Michael is a half”
    When did Mark get so savage

  9. Austin Poudrette says:

    You should have Gus and Eddie swing by for a two for one special. You’ll have to spend 9 bucks then though.

  10. Something says:

    Still waiting for the Micheal Reeves Vs. William Osman Egg Drop

  11. felpshehe says:

    Mark: I’ll use the receipt to absorb kinetic energy and a parachute to dissipate it.
    Will: I got Pringle’s

  12. espresso_deprrsso says:

    Make an egg drop but your only allowed to dumpster dive for materials

  13. Miguel Fernandes says:

    How hard can it be to win an egg drop, it’s not rocket science
    Mark: Hold my Apollo 11000

  14. YungChappo says:

    The egg in the Pringles pack didnt break, there was no stain on the floor in the first cut, but then, second cut, there was one and it was broken. you try to fool us

  15. im a pepper says:

    mark: uses rocket science to create the best protection possible
    also mark: i call it the “yeet master 2000”

  16. Callum Mahoney says:

    Mark: Explains how they got the rover onto Mars

    William: Desperately screams asking how they got the chips into the Pringle’s can

  17. I3;4rn3 says:

    Mark: *explains complex physical principle*
    William: *struggles to get pringles out of the can*

  18. Donar says:

    “Why is mine so much smaller?” – William Osman 2019 (2:38)

  19. Matilda Rise says:

    Mark: explaining the science of the mars rover


  20. mep co. says:

    Mark Robert is probably the most famous egg drop tutorial so I clicked as soon as I saw the title

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