Egg Russian Roulette with Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson

Egg Russian Roulette with Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson and Peyton Manning take turns smashing eggs on their heads without knowing which are cooked and which are raw.

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Egg Russian Roulette with Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson

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20 Responses

  1. YoUncle4Life says:

    Haha probably my most favorite one yet.

  2. Reed Mccashland says:

    Jimmy looks so small compared to the two of them

  3. SFgaming YT says:

    Magics laugh tho O_O

  4. corey winters says:

    Breaking news coming from the NFL this morning, Payton Manning is out of
    the season opener due to a concussion from smashing eggs on his forehead.

  5. writerspen010 says:

    Wait, I don’t get it. Why didn’t they play longer? Weren’t there still 2
    hard boiled eggs left? Shouldn’t they have played until 3 of them were

  6. Jade Lee says:

    The fastest round ever. My god these two are so unlucky ?

  7. Brad James says:

    you usually don’t get this kind of egg-citement on television.

  8. Blue Monkey MultiMedia says:

    No egg has a chance against Manning’s head. Wonder how it got so big?

  9. Kyla Hairston says:

    Omg Magic is bald too????

  10. Aaron Sauer says:

    Higgins does it better

  11. Adam Hanly says:

    There’s nothing like an NFL champ and NBC Hall of Famer smashing chicken
    period on their head. ;)

  12. Atilio Escobar says:

    Magic is so dope!!! Dude seems funny, and Awesome! I’d chill with you MJ!

  13. manguy2000 says:

    I would like to see Peyton go to Ash Wednesday mass and really get tagged
    on the forehead. Blessed be the Lord.

  14. Chris Andersh says:

    Magic Johnson seems like he’d be a really cool guy to hang out with.

  15. Rob Keller says:

    Why eight out of four again. Didn’t you learn? lol

  16. Rudy Ruiz says:

    Jimmys Higgins impression ??

  17. ploidz says:

    Paper beats Rock, Manning won in the end.

  18. EaaannnTv says:

    That fail handshake…

  19. Antpaok says:

    Manning needs to let go of his hair already, looks terrible

  20. TrickyLover says:

    Careful you might catch AIDS by his spit going in your mouth