Egg Russian Roulette with Zac Efron

Egg Russian Roulette with Zac Efron

Jimmy and Zac take turns smashing eggs on their heads without knowing which are cooked and which are raw.

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Egg Russian Roulette with Zac Efron

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20 Responses

  1. Mandeep Singh says:

    Higgins’s accent is fantstic.

  2. SingingPixels says:

    Am i the only girl who doesn’t like Zac? XD

  3. Melanie Galima says:

    will forever love Zac.

  4. Alexandra George says:

    Wow Zack’s a total cheater 4:01

  5. Dustin Poynter says:

    Zac cheated. He put one back on the last round. EggGate.

  6. R2S says:

    jesus try to make up some original ideas.

  7. BethSlays :D says:

    No he touched it

  8. Steve Q says:

    A boiled egg will spin like a top. An egg that is not boiled will not spin.

  9. Alex Mahoney says:

    This proves Zac Efron looks great in literally anything

  10. Megan Theodora says:

    troy bolton you grew up to be one sexy mofo

  11. wrainebow says:

    They should smash the egg on each other’s head

  12. Alexandr A. P. says:

    Actually, you can tell which are raw and which are boiled. Just put egg on
    the table and twist it: if raw – it’s gonna be slow rotation, if boiled –

  13. Zorro del Demonio says:

    Y luego dicen que El Hormiguero hace estupideces con los entrevistados
    XDDD. Como el tontolava ese del Jesse Eisenberg que se quejó en un show de
    Conan, como si allí no hicieran peores polleces. Espero verle en este show
    a ver si le meten un huevo por el culo.

  14. Coco Mademoiselle says:

    I love you Zac…but you cheated 😛 He clearly picked up the egg at 4:00
    and put it back down.

  15. danumba1drumma says:

    dude looks like a young Rob Lowe
    Cringed when that egg hit that suit though.

  16. Joseph Frank says:

    You know, if you just spin the egg you can tell if it’s hardboiled or not.
    Hard boiled ones spin faster because they are solid all the way through.

  17. Mr Veens says:

    Any High School Musical fans here? Lets go Wildcats. :D

  18. popas7 says:

    What a cheater Zac Efron is.

  19. TheGamingPukes says:

    They should change the name to The Game Show with Jimmy Fallon” all he does
    is play games with people.