Ejected But Different Characters Sing It 🎤 (FNF But Everyone Sings Ejected)

Ejected But Different Characters Sing It 🎤 (FNF But Everyone Sings Ejected)

In this video you’ll listen to Ejected from Impostor V3, except that every opponent’s turn a different character sings 🎶

✔️Mods used

▸VS Impostor V3

▸Friday Night Fever

▸Vs Ink Demon (DEMO)

▸Vs Sky

▸(NEW UPDATE) literally every fnf mod ever (Vs Bob)

▸Squidward Night Funkin’ (FULL WEEK UPDATE)

▸Mii Funkin: Vs. eteled [FULL WEEK]

▸[DEMO] Pinkie | FNF Mods

▸VS. Bob & Bosip: The Expansion Update


▸Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle [FULL WEEK] | VS Garcello

▸Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses [FULL WEEK+]
Privatized 🙁

▸Mid-Fight Masses(KE Port)-Zavodila but Harder

▸Friday Night Funkin’: V.S. Spinel



▸GenoX – https://github.com/GenoX-Fome/funkin-utau
▸Blantados – https://github.com/Blantados/blantados-funkin-utau-main
▸ExtendedCentral – https://github.com/ExtendedCentral/FNF-FANMADE-Chromatic-Scales

✔️Support the developers of Friday Night Funkin’

▸Play on Newgrounds – https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/770371
▸Support the game on Itch.io – https://ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin

The whole Gameplay shown in the video was recorded by me

This cover was made by myself using FL Studio

#FNF #FridayNightFunkin #AmongUs

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48 Responses

  1. Hexadust says:

    Thanks for watching! If you like this type of videos you can watch all my covers here
    ✅ FNF But Everyone Sings 🎶: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrk-QhXPYYPaPwtOCnnla1daE7lAZqQa6
    ✅FNF Duet Covers 🤝: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrk-QhXPYYPYtsh_qGambVb_btLOoNT2f

  2. RamjayPlayz says:

    I like the selever part, dissapointing there was no cablecrow, but other than that. This is awesome

    • Avqoriaa says:

      1:44 missed opportunity for cg5 to sing show yourself

    • Зайка Moldokanovvaa says:


    • fnf emoji says:

      @Sely Kharismayanti good prefect arrows

    • spoon and G T 2 says:

      There was a version of this song with cg5 with singing show yourself

    • ShuriByte says:

      @Avqoriaa except its already on Neonight’s vers-

  3. CJ Council says:

    For me this is “Ejected but each beat has a different character singing” since whenever a new character, the beat changes

  4. Darkić says:

    I can’t explain how beautiful Eteled’s part was.
    Everyone’s part is beautiful.

  5. C4nf3c1n's Entertainment says:

    Simplemente hermoso la verdad, me encantaron todas las partes del cover

    Gran trabajo (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

  6. Rice says:

    Putting Doxxie at the part where the Among Drip motif appears was really hilarious to me for some reason lmfao. Great work on the covers as always!

  7. Hank Good says:

    Ejected but the crewmates thought everyone was the impostor

    Edit: Everyone who didn’t get much time, got extra turns, I love that.

  8. Goldie210 says:

    I need a full version of Red singing this song lol

  9. Tia -T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    Your covers are the best, you’re on the top with blandatos and NEONIGHT!!

  10. Dam says:

    this is just amazing nothing else to say

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