El Niño Is About To Kick In…

El Niño Is About To Kick In…

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In this video we are talking about lake effect snow, El Nino, and a lot of rain…
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33 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Ryan. You are the go to guy when it comes to weather. You have the whole country watching you. We are all thankful for all you do. Thank you Ryan. I am always telling my gf, who is afraid of all storms here in Ohio, Don’t be scared be prepared

  2. Caroline DuBose says:

    Thank you Ryan for keeping us informed on the weather!!

  3. Virginia Evelyn says:

    Hey Ryan! You’re the only weather person I watch now.

  4. Michael Hollett says:

    What I love about your channel is you’re teaching us as you’re helping us. Thanks y’all!

  5. Mrs. Alma Trumble says:

    We’re watching the weather closely here in the Trumble household. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed, Ryan.

  6. Kim A says:

    Nothing but RESPECT for Ryan!!

  7. kittygirl2010 says:

    I’m a Georgia girl who moved to Michigan this past summer and I can’t tell you how happy the snow these past two days has made me. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrated. 😊

  8. Zimski036 says:

    As someone who lives in south central PA, man I really hope we get some snow this year. I miss the big snow storms we had when I was younger.

  9. Melinda Roth says:

    Thank you Ryan for updating us. 😊❤

  10. Red Storm says:

    So nice to hear a weather guy actually say Michigan, rather than, ‘the Great Lake area’😎

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