El Paso shooting now among 10 top deadliest shootings in US history

El Paso shooting now among 10 top deadliest shootings in US history

At least 18 people have died and dozens injured at a shopping complex in El Paso, Texas.

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72 Responses

  1. Daniel Espinosa says:

    Shooter: Kills at least 18 people
    ABC: Knows about it
    ABC: Says it was top 10 shootings
    Other Shooters : I want to be top 10 also

    Thanks a lot ABC

    • HuMan Being 34/7 says:

      David B oh please, don’t be so stuped

    • Liberty Pastor says:

      @dogs10 Yea, start with the public schools, TV and video games. These are the tools being used to dumb people down.
      Anyone with common sense should see that.
      No investigation is needed. They would just cost a lot of money, and those with a lot of money will ensure that their agenda is supported by the “results” of the investigation.

      Save a lot of money, quit buying and playing video games, get rid of your TV, and NEVER go to a public s hook of any kind, especially college or University, and don’t send your students to public schools!
      Get you a King James Bible and start reading it for yourself.
      Them you might notice your brain will work a lot better.

    • Liberty Pastor says:

      @54markl What if someone decides you’re a lunatic?

      Knee-jerk reactionary. Wake up! Learn about justice. Otherwise, you’re just a tool the government and media will use to take away more of our rights!

  2. Sherry A. Presley says:

    Walmart or Mall? speaker kept saying Walmart but first said Cielo Mall

  3. C W says:

    Stop rating the shootings like it’s a video game.

  4. AetherSurreal says:

    Top 10, great job guys, you put an award on it
    And you wonder why there are so many copycats…

    • Living -living says:

      Fucking retards

    • LIZARD_1582 says:

      sounds like an America problem. very unique problem that no other country faces.

    • the Godfather _ says:

      @David B if someone had a gun they could have shot the shooter up

    • David B says:

      @the Godfather _ This is the most magical thinking possible. In most cases a person thinking they’ll be the hero either gets themselves in trouble, injures additional bystanders, or otherwise f*cks up. So many idiots think that more cancer is the answer to cancer – hint, it’s not.

    • David B says:

      @Americans First And leave the country in the hands of the feeble-minded? No, I’m a patriot, I’d sooner defend my country from those that seek to destroy it from the inside.

  5. Allanzo says:

    Some wackjob going to try break the record

    • Steve Rosema says:

      Watch Beto O’Rourke responds to mall shooting in El Paso, 0:43 Think about it you take 40 people (actors) some of them cops some fake FBI guys hide some guns an a lot of gun shells blanks in the store the night before give your victims (actors) fake blood what kind of show could you put on ? Just a taught next they want your guns Lets not forget Sandy Hook they want you in fear

  6. John O'Bryan says:

    “Top 10″… there you go @ABC lets give’em a goal now… SMH. #DeleteThisVideo

  7. Orbit says:


  8. Tanner says:

    quit glorifying violence like this ABC. shameful

    • Diekssus says:

      @Spike Elwood except this was done by a local, not by a cartel. Cartel guns don’t kill americans, americans kill americans.

    • TraRob-EastSide says:

      @Diekssus yea sure…. like all the illegals murdering blacks in los angeles….

      anti ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT…. stop muddying the narrative.

      Can u name a foreign threat that has killed and or raped more AMERICANS than the threat coming from our southern border the last 15yrs!?

    • JamsJars says:

      @Spike Elwood Meanwhile the BOTH Trump and Obama administrations have been selling billions of dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabians (the people responsible for the 911 attack) for years. Don’t make this an “FUCK OBAMA” thing. It’s a “All US politicians can be bought for a price” thing.

    • jack mann says:

      @JamsJars Amen brother! They don’t get it yet!

    • Montag theMagnificent says:

      They’re not gonna let this false flag go to waste. The democrats are losing

  9. MM 271 says:

    This is happening 2 miles from me. Im going to donate blood.

    • Liberty Pastor says:

      Let us know how invasive the process is. How many and what questions you are required to answer.
      It may be another way to collect biolmetric information on more Americans.

    • MM 271 says:

      @Liberty Pastor Give it up. You can’t escape it. Only God can get you out.

  10. chris green says:

    Could have been one of those Fast & Furious guns E. Holder was pushing.

    • Spike Elwood says:

      10,000 assault rifles given to Mexican cartels by Obama/Holder and then “Oops we lost track of them” it was planned that way to disarm lawful owners, give criminals weapons, what could go wrong?

  11. iceland77 says:

    Top 10 … as if it was some f–king competition. Tells you all about America

    • CAS says:

      Fuck you

    • Pondering Presbyterian says:

      iceland77 no…..it tells you all about mainstream media and how it perpetuates violence and creates mass shooters.

    • Moriarty Vivaldi says:

      jemliac The News run you’re beloved US , hun.

    • Jim Bond says:

      I resent that statement. The corrupt and idiotic media doesn’t speak for all America nor does it represent all Americans. The left leaning media in the USA represents the twisted mindset and immorality of the left and the historically proven failed ideas and totalitarianism the espouse.

  12. Brian Smith says:

    Attacking the defenseless is biggest chickenshit thing someone can do

  13. Vetoo says:

    Yay, another mass shooting. Now we can make a Top 10 list!

  14. Nagy Tj says:

    “Mass shooting” ha? What a joke.

    The media decides when it’s a “terrorist attack” based on the shooter’s ethnicity…

  15. Brian Learns Stuff! says:

    Remember folks, now is not the time to ‘politicize’ this shooting. Prayers and thoughts are all that’s needed at this time…/sarcasm, obviously

    • IdiotBoxProductionsTV says:

      Brian Learns Stuff! Thought you were being serious. I disliked

    • CrimsonSpectre says:

      Exactly, now is the time to go get your CDL b/c nut houses and the criminal system have all gone south or completely away thanks to Democrat politicians and their policies.

    • Brian Learns Stuff! says:

      @IdiotBoxProductionsTV Did the /sarcasm not make it obvious? Lol

    • GAME OVER says:

      One of the shootar is Patric Crusius ,a right wing trumptard Republicans: now it’s time for thought and prayers,not to politicized this massacre
      If one of the shooter was from middle eastern ethnic,

  16. Airmanc5B Flyhigh says:

    The results of ABCs’ Hatred spreading is now bearing fruit…Stop the hatred ABC

  17. Gwen M. says:

    Y’all need to change the title of this video. You’re only encouraging future mass shooters.

  18. J. Ryan says:

    *ABC* You should reg-tag this headline. This is just a sad, terrible world we are living in to not even be able to buy food without being gunned down while the media keeps score.

  19. Dillon Sprayberry says:

    Title encourages other deranged people to try and beat the “high score.” Whoever came up with this title is seriously lacking journalistic integrity.

    • 808Kylen says:

      That’s what they want

    • Britt Britt Ortiz says:

      808Kylen exactly, it’s brain washing and influencing those who are mentally ill, it’s what they want to happen.

    • HUSTLER1346 says:

      Dillon Sprayberry naahhh I’d say its all of you people in this comment section pointing it out and talking about it. No one mentioned it but you guys, so technically you are the guilty one for giving anyone bad ideas. Like I said we should be talking about fixing the solution by sharing our ideas with one another, but you guys want to glorify the situation instead by talking about ABC’s title. Instead of pointing fingers how about discussing how we can prevent these situations as a whole?

    • Jim Bond says:

      Welcome to the what a lot of us use the coined term describe as the mainstream media. Lefties cheer when it’s in their favor. It’s damn shame they don’t have vision enough to realize it can also be used against them in the same manner or worse, like this case.

  20. Kevin Johnson says:

    Abc basically challenged more shooters to try and top this shooting by saying “this shooting is now in the top ten worst shootings”….

    Other shooters: well now i know how many i need to kill to get famous!

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