El Paso witness: A kid ran into store to warn us of shooter and no one paid attention

El Paso witness: A kid ran into store to warn us of shooter and no one paid attention

A witness in El Paso, Texas, describes helping children evacuate Cielo Vista Mall after hearing multiple gunshots.

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70 Responses

  1. Phil Ranger says:

    Glendon sounds like a great dude, glad he was around to help in a time of need. Terrible situation

  2. xJDSx says:

    My god, props to that kid for being such a hero

  3. Notoriouskage1804 says:

    Let me guess he is white and they took him in alive ???

  4. Dan Wilson says:

    Makes me proud to be a part of the Army, god bless you specialist!

    • Itsyaboi 91 says:

      Dan Wilson thank you for your service

    • JoAnn Holmes says:

      @Itsyaboi 91 Just remember, there are hate Trolls all over the internet these days. Trump is llike Charles Manson and his Race War he wanted to start.. Pay him no mind, the will be out all over because thi will blow Trumps campaign to heck.

    • I got a small penis But says:

      Travis Malcolm tf

    • i leik French toast :P says:

      @Travis Malcolm tho I don’t believe in anything america is fighting for as a European he served his fuckin country u cunt he put his life on the line for a country he loves jesus

  5. Apeman Commeth says:

    Amazons stock just went up for home delivery of our goods so we don’t need to shop!

  6. JP Canada says:

    OMG wolf has got to go. He just asks the same questions over and over like he doesn’t hear a word the guy says to him.

  7. waylander75 says:

    bless you, specialist Oakley and the man who helped you– this man caring for the kids first.

    • James Ortmann says:

      yeah he made sure he said that sounded like he wanted credit, confirmed when he said he stuck around for at least 2 interviews and didnt continue home

  8. rigbythekhajiit says:

    “I pulled out my phone and started recording so they wouldn’t shoot me”

    Shame that this is the world we live in

    • Ryan Lange says:

      Why because you feel they would have shot him because he is black? Thats your implication. They had a report of MULTIPLE SHOOTERS,thats why he would have been shot.

    • Wise Burger says:

      Uhh… yeah? If im responding to an active shooter and there is a dude running around with a gun in his hand…. its a good chance he may get shot if we see him since we don’t have much info on the shooter. Its literally common sense, sounds like you are trying to turn that into a “the police always love shooting everybody” thing.

    • PRODCAST says:

      rigbythekhajiit Shame people like you try to make the police look bad with anything you can find

    • Isabella Villanueva says:

      @Ryan Lange that actually hspoend to a black soldier deployed from.the army they mistook him for the shooter and didn’t realize it until after he died.

    • da9133 says:

      Texas is an Open Carry State with a large population of citizens that own guns. Thats a terrible catch 22.

  9. Nick Lee says:

    I dont know if pulling out your gun during an active shooter situation is the best idea….the cops or another citizen carrying might mistake you for the gunman.

    • Laura Mounier says:

      That’s what I was thinking.

    • Roman Max says:

      When’s the last time you heard of a mess shooting of armed people ?
      Never so those who think guns don’t help stop these things are just being naive if they didn’t work cops wouldn’t have them .

    • XD SIMULATOR says:

      @s98april Sounds like the way of leaf from the wheel of time to me. It’s a messed up situation, god bless the people injured and I hope the survivors have a speedy recovery. But yes people are gonna kill people until the end of time and while carrying a gun for defense may cause some problems, it can potentially end issues. And if I have the opportunity to trade my life to prevent a massacre I would gladly take it.

    • MADDIE ? says:

      White people are cancelled until they stop shooting up shit…

  10. a p says:

    The news guy is so bent on asking a question, the witness previously gave the information and has to repeat himself.

  11. Norma Woods says:

    This is America?
    Blessing to this city.
    This is not going to stop, too many crazy people have guns.

  12. Brazyyy Jessica says:

    We need a face to face interview with the Men who Saved the Children !!!!

  13. Lee H says:

    “what did you do when you heard the gunshots?” ….. Right after he explained to you what he did after hearing gunshots?

  14. Al SoCal says:

    Adults need to start paying attention to kids, when a kid speaks out no one listen to them.

    • vieuphoria1008 says:

      BIG FACTS …Stop brushing kids aside… There’s another hero in the story and that’s that young man who came to warn all those people about an active shooter. They should be interviewing him and his parents at some point and give that brave kid the props he deserves

  15. Hillary Stewart says:

    Specialist Oakly you sound like a courageous man. Thank you for all you did today(especially the children)….and thank you for your service sir. The world could use more like you. God Bless!

  16. Don Juan says:

    He’s a specialist not special forces! Thank him for helping those kids!

  17. Calvin Tipton says:

    You have to be careful soldier! Police killed a soldier in Alabama doing the same thing! Being a good Samaritan can also lead to your own death by local police!

    • Noone_ Special says:

      They didnt kill the shooter. Why? Because they dont just shoot anyone they come across. You see and here police you put your weapon down and hands up. If you think the police are in silent mode running into that place your crazy. The gunman was able to give up

    • Scurra says:

      @Noone_ Special People who are so terrified of normal life that they carry firearms ‘for self-defense’ aren’t trained police. They are not calm, rational people with great judgement. Civilians who carry firearms are far more likely to be like that idiot that killed a guy for shoving him to the ground. Statistically, civilians who carry are *far* more likely to hurt themselves or other innocents than save anyone. This cowboy bull**** mythology needs to stop.

    • Bret Cothern says:

      @Noone_ Special There are cops around that’ll definitely shoot somebody thinking they can get away with it because they wear a badge. But a majority of the time they shoot in self defense or do something if the person doesn’t listen like any cop/person should do.

    • eltorocal says:

      family lowe replied: “the only way to stop a man with a gun, is with another man with a gun”.
      Everybody gets a gun, or WEAPON, so EVERYBODY can be to blame, instead of the GUN? “…hand guns are made for killin’
      They ain’t no good for nothin’ else
      And if you like to drink your whiskey
      You might even shoot yourself
      So why don’t we dump ’em people
      To the bottom of the sea
      Before some ol’ fool come around here
      Wanna shoot either you or me…”

    • Bunnyshooter 223 says:

      Taxed Payer No…. If more people were armed there’d be less shootings, hence why bad guys choose ‘gun free zones’ or areas where people are not paying any dang attention.

  18. Mikey Kash says:

    Nothing but blessings to the soldier that saved those kids life youre a Hero you have all my respects ✊???

  19. Gino Younger says:

    Boy if he wouldve been black we wouldve known about his 2nd grade suspension .. photos from a bbq and 4 different arrest pictures…. So its obvious the shooter was white…. Lmao at the media

  20. Barry Sutton says:

    The killer will lawyer up.
    However, Texas has the death penalty and they use it.

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