Elden Ring | all these got NERFED! PATCH 1.03 RUNDOWN – Syrobe

Elden Ring | all these got NERFED! PATCH 1.03 RUNDOWN – Syrobe

Insane changes!!! Happy to see how fast they have fixed/answered a lot of the current issues! we are in good hands excited to see how far this game goes
πŸœβ”β”β”β”πŸœžπŸœžπŸœžπ™€π™“π™‹π˜Όπ™‰π˜Ώ π™ˆπ™€πŸœžπŸœžπŸœžβ”β”β”β”πŸœ
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60 Responses

  1. syrobe says:

    SHORT TLDR https://www.bandainamcoent.com/news/elden-ring-patch-notes-v1-03









    please leave a like and sub for more patch rundowns in the future πŸ˜€

    • xKingShope says:

      Nvm.. I double checked. He’s nerfed. Just feed him some ghost graveworts πŸ˜€

    • xKingShope says:

      @Ae Dragorix I believe mimic actually got buffed. I haven’t tested myself BUT.. I heard they lowered the HP to cast NOT the HP it has.. and made his combat more aggressive.

    • Ari Takayuki says:

      I couldn’t agree more
      it’ll make people struggle with new challenges prior
      I didn’t really care for moon veil, so it’s all good.
      but rivers of blood is good i’ll try my chances with it again.

    • Chex Gerlach says:

      Great so back to katana magic spammers being the meta

    • nathan brown says:

      It also fixes rivers of blood scaling, but they sadly kicked me out mid boss due to the update

  2. Lucas Cross says:

    NPC’s showing up in the map is a very good quality of life, i was using almost all my markers for em.
    Also mimic inst complete dummie yet, still very agressive and same amount of HP, but idk seems like his damage is reduced, not that i care that much, spirit work is to distract boss after all.

    • Majin Okabe says:

      @G o D have you tried getting better so the mimic doesn’t have to carry you? Mine survived both fights fine, tonight. Little less tanky, but not terrible.

    • The Sky Walker says:

      the mimic is so tanky which is the main problem. He is like 20x tanky than normal

    • G o D says:

      mimic is useless it use to be more aggressive now he braindead lol have fun fight god skin duo and melania

    • Sparkbag says:

      looks like Black Knife Tiche is even more attractive now.

    • Alleraz says:

      my mimics damage seems about the same(when just attacking) but the hp loss on summoning him seems less. And yes he doesnt really spam spells anymore.

  3. DiscouragedOblong says:

    Btw since Syrobe didn’t mention it, the game actually launched with most of the NPC quests straight up incomplete, This patch finally added in the rest of them, but most people have probably progressed too far to actually do them now.

    • ShinKen says:

      more content for ng+ cant hurt xD

    • Chickensea1 says:

      @Jamal Pollok i believe patches has more to his questline as well

    • DiscouragedOblong says:

      @Kinzoku Zileus Can confirm this item has a use now. Try searching the cliffs south of carian study hall where you had to use the oil pot πŸ™‚

    • Kinzoku Zileus says:

      @Jamal Pollok Alexanders quest was incomplete and hopefully this patch does complete it. Before this patch if you “complete” alexanders questline quest you get a key item called alexanders innards that in the description says to give it to another npc that didn’t exist or is confirmed dead before you can do anything.

    • 20eyesmisfit says:

      @1810Jeff People did notice with nephilie, you can give her the hawk item but her quest stopped there, same with the guy at the fort who needs a successor as lord of limgrave.

  4. riki salim says:

    It’s cool that diallos and nephilie got updated quest considering that those was planned to have more role but got cut. Especially nephilie who just dissapeared after seluvis quest, she and kenneth was planned to have interconnected quest chain. And also RIP to peple who killed gatekeeper in stormveil.

    • Danny Price says:

      @Rakim he disappeared after the Godrick fight tho. So you would never be able to purchase his wares again after that point. People were forced to kill him to get his bell before progressing.

    • Rakim says:

      I think if ppl are childish enough to kill NPC they they deserve to miss quest for being petty

    • TheJjcczz says:

      Thank God, if that had actually been cut content I would have been pissed because they cut it, but left the pointers for the quests in which is just lazy

    • vidhu sharma says:

      @Lenny Summers yes you can revive also

    • Lenny Summers says:

      @vidhu sharma You can revive npcs with that?!? I thought it just got rid of the aggressiveness of npcs you attempted to attack.

  5. nerhip ' says:

    Glad that there are some buffs in there, fromsoft has a history of nerfing good things into the dirt while also never touching weapons and spells that were unusable to begin with

    • theAustrian DeathMachine says:

      @Dat Vo there’s only like 4 to 5 sorceries that are worth anything at all. Sorcery kinda fucking sucks when you aren’t using outright broken stuff.

    • Cole Russell says:

      @Sam KornfanΒ  I’m not gonna lie to you; they nerfed everything I main. I’m flying through PvE with that stuff. It’s been fun… rip

    • Sam Kornfan says:

      Sucks that they nerfed Night and flame. Really was a great tool against bosses lol

    • Meh says:

      Sadly no buffs/tweaks to any variation of dragon lightnings (frost/ancient) so still gotta hope for them.

    • Yuyah says:

      @Dat Vo at least we now know they are going to buff and fix things. So its expected they will touch incantations next bcs they need some casting tweaks rather than more dmg or less fp.

  6. Nero O'Connor says:

    Moonveil doesn’t stagger nearly as much as it used to. I had a direct comparison with some knights that I was fighting. Two heavy slashes with moonveil would cause a stagger and I could get my front stab in, I would also be able to buffer the heavy weapon art for moonveil and I would still get a stagger no problem. Now I have to get three consecutive heavy slashes in a row in order to stagger. Not much of a difference but as far as damage goes I don’t see much difference with the slash component.

    • Alex Santos says:

      @Glib Glob 87 because i sure he is a mage haha

    • baby YYZ says:

      @Thizzeh bruh we can play however we want even if it’s op lmao πŸ˜… I just started souls series this and my moonveil can’t stun them after patch only after 3

    • Thizzeh says:

      @Glib Glob 87 Lol if you are using any of the OP items you’re not playing the game you’re cruising along. It’s not fair that someone gets to 3 shot a boss just because he found the right items or made the right build while others need to try for hours. Glad all the OP stuff is getting nerfed, now noobs will actually have to learn how to press buttons instead of just spamming their 1 OP skill


      Hopefully that means I can poise trade with moonveils

    • Jinxed Swashbuckler says:

      @Glib Glob 87 so don’t install the updates and just play offline, problem solved. If you’re playing co-op/pvp then it absolutely affects other players

  7. AirDrifter says:

    I really hope the framerate is stable now and that the game doesn’t just outright crash randomly, usually would happen when summoning a player or being summoned

  8. Rat Boy says:

    Good patch but instead of bringing up bad mage spells I wish they would buff some of the faith incantations some of them need it badly. More dmg better scaling better casting poise

    • Lunarian Goddess says:

      @ian haven’t got that spell yet. But ya my build was first trying great rune bosses and more mostly by chucking stone of gurranqs at em for massive posture dmg. Even 2nd tried the lichdragon with just throwing godslayer flames a few times at it lol.
      But ya faith builds are pretty strong it’s just most the cool flashy ones aren’t really that viable without great timing and skill.

    • Danny Price says:

      @Super Burger Time idk exactly what you were asking, but Bows and Crossbows become garbage mid-game pre-patch if that is what you meant. Idk if they buffed it since.

    • ian says:

      @Lunarian Goddess before the royal knights resolve nerf I was oneshoting pretty much all the bosses other then the last like 3 and they were dead in about 3 casts of ancient dragon lightning strike it was doing like between 10-30k damage per cast along as the boss was big and got hit with most of the lightning strikes

    • Jinxed Swashbuckler says:

      @Super Burger Time crossbows are bugged in the offhand: when 2-handing and aiming down the reticle, reloading kicks you out of the reticle. Firing and secondary bolts with L2 is also bugged: it’s way slower and the reload cannot be input queued like normal, whereas L1 bolts work as normal, the firing/reloading cycle is noticeably faster, and after firing, you can hold down L1 until the reload animation starts like back in ds3, whereas on L2 that doesn’t work. It’s weird.

      Also, I don’t think this is an intended balancing thing because the game doesn’t care about which bolts you use, you can swap your strongest bolts to the primary slot and rapid fire them with L1 and it all works just fine, so I don’t know what’s up with offhand crossbows (e.g. in mainhand, 2-handing and aiming down the reticle doesn’t get interrupted by reloading).

    • Jorge Garcia says:

      @Withered can you tell me ur build? cus I can tell mine sucks.

  9. Christian Dabila says:

    Low key gonna miss the fact that mimic tear was basically like summoning another player. Mine was such a badass before this nerf.

    • Thizzeh says:

      @Sam Kornfan Lol commenting again your noob opinion, no things don’t need to stay OP and I’m glad fromsoft doesn’t agree with your shitty opinion. Just bc you need to abuse OP stuff to win doesn’t mean it’s the intended way the Devs wanted people to play.

    • imhigh0ffgamez says:

      @Sam Kornfan Agreed.

    • Sam Kornfan says:

      Nerf culture ruins everything nowadays lol. Cant have anything thats good or I’ll get nerfed. Instead of having multiple good weapons and having to learn how to counter other players good weapons, everyone just whines and gets things nerfed lol

    • John Hooper says:

      Summoning another player without the increased defense of the boss..
      Mimic is the star of this game.. Such a nice thing..

    • Charlie Vang says:

      @All I have are negative thoughts wouldn’t call it a fromsoft game if you had your summon do the work for you.

  10. MerkinMuffly says:

    Interesting that they didn’t touch moonveil, unless its nerf is included in the ‘Other enemy and weapon balance changes’.

    • Jinxed Swashbuckler says:

      @Bill Klacks nice name lol

    • G P says:

      @Sam Kornfan how was the Hoarfrost stomp and Sword of night and flame good? Before the nerf they were ridiculous broken and made bosses stupidly easy, if you can’t see how this is a good thing; then you most likely rely on the weapons or don’t know how to play the game lol

    • Joe Skintone says:

      @JJ Edwards agree, i use blood spear with sepukku and a repeating crossbow with bleed bolts, if anyone trying to use ashes of war of any kind or magic, they just got 700dmg and bleed stagger in the face.

    • Sam Kornfan says:

      This nerf culture is ridiculous lol. Everyone praising the ruining of great weapons. I totally get nerfing stuff like the death build, machine gun shield, etc. But to take every good weapon and ruin it is dumb lol

    • slaayerr1 says:

      @G P I did see that. Maybe that will make it a little less popular late game while still being a good early game weapon

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