Elden Ring – Angry Review

Elden Ring – Angry Review

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AngryJoe finally takes on a Dark Souls Like Game in an Angry Review, here is our opinion of the Angriest Elden Lord’s Struggle!

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40 Responses

  1. Rubhen925 says:

    LMAO. Mittens just casually walking away after seeing Joe die 😂 But in all honestly glad to see Joe loving his first souls like experience. Loved every minute of this game!

  2. Mookie Stewart says:

    i like how joe called it an awakening lol its crazy how good it feels the first time the souls series “clicks” with you in your mind, all the fear and nervousness just melts away and your mind finally relaxes so you can finally start to enjoy the experience, and then………….. you’re hooked for life lol. nice review guys

    • superxtc says:

      Yes!! That’s exactly how it was for me with Bloodborne. It was my first Souls game that I completed, and it had that early onset creepiness factor to it, not just from the aesthetic but from knowing that it’s going to be a difficult game… And like you said, once it clicks, everything that was holding you back or making you tense up melts away.

    • The Mic Will Experiment says:

      Great description

  3. RonnieReacts says:

    I’m still 195 hours into my first playthrough and I’m still finding new stuff.

    This game is just nuts, gamers really needed this W from From Software.

    To people who get frustrated at the game, understand BS aside, if you keep dying you’re not learning from your mistakes just stick with it! This game is going to test you but as some who beat DS1 and 3, I can’t think of many other games that give you that indescribable feeling of watching the boss that’s been beating your ass for the last hour cower and spam the same moves when they’re close to death.

    Thank you From Software for reminding me that some developers still put the player experience first over profits.

    • 8thlvlMage says:

      I think they realize putting the player experience first is more profitable than using psychology and fear of missing out to squeeze players for every penny (and waking moment).

  4. Joshua Hardin says:

    It’s a COMPLETE GAME. No micro transactions no releasing it in parts or any money grubbing bullshit. I paid for the game and I have the whole game. I cannot agree with you more on this. More devs should take this to heart.

    • superxtc says:

      @Lord Fainza
      Well the key words there are “…what if.”
      It hasn’t happened yet, so don’t talk like it’s a fact.

      I still love GTA and trust me, I don’t want them to monetize it anymore than they already have. I just want to pay my $60 and have the full game.

      However, what you said in your earlier comment was wrong. There is no “need“ to pay for GTA online services. So I’m just trying to correct it so that you don’t mislead or misinform other people reading your comment. Not hating, just making sure we keep to the facts.

    • Lord Fainza says:

      @superxtc I know but what if later it gets sucessful. and rockstar makes gta online a subscription game. that would be crazy. and btw gta v is a 9 years old game. and rockstar still milk the crap out of gta v. at this point I have no faith in rockstar. and I’m not hyped for gta 6. I think the game will fail who knows.

    • superxtc says:

      @Lord Fainza you don’t NEED to pay for GTA Online services. The online part is free now and you can play it without paying anything extra. They did add a new OPTIONAL monthly service, but you don’t NEED to pay for it.

    • dr. phylisphical says:


    • MidnightatMidian says:

      @Alphazone Well it was really big. I would not called that incomplete, there were just 3 secondary side quest, which were connected, that had issues. If we compare to recent games that had serious issues, like Cyberpunk or Fallout 76, which even after the patches were not fixed, it is really nothing. I think you are clearly exagerating stuff, just to make a point, in which you failed.

  5. Jesse says:

    Wonderful review. All valid points. A well deserved score! Highly agree.

  6. Dalton Palmer says:

    When Joe said “don’t feel bad. You’re not bad at the game, you just started.” I feel that; I have to tell so many people that.

    • Oskar R says:

      @Drunk Husband AC and Skyrim impress you but you find Elden Ring generic and dull?

      Here’s what Elden Ring does better than Skyrim: Combat, quests, dragons (and bosses), dungeons, worldbuilding, storytelling, NPCs, items & customization, replayability and everything else. Skyrim is a shallow husk of a generic, linear RPG. And don’t get me started on AC.

    • Michael Sandle says:

      @Snake what’s a good game then? What was a recent release that you’d call good

    • Cole Kelsey says:

      @Baked Goods bruh this guy is a smug troll and that’s why people are roasting him. He brings no constructive conversation to the table by complaining about a game he didn’t even play. Elden ring is the first dark souls like game I’ve played and damn I haven’t had a more satisfying experience in a game in years. Not to mention it’s actually a full game.

    • That’s ok says:

      @Snake How can someone respect your opinion when all you say is “game bad”

  7. Max Vitor says:

    This review was just adorable.

    Lately all we see is our boys getting pissed and disappointed at how garbage games have become, constantly trying to grab all our money….
    In this review however they are all describing how they had fun, simply as that.

  8. Pendarr says:

    Completely agree with you guys, it’s a true masterpiece of a game. I’ve not been able to get into any ‘Souls’ games before but this one got me hooked, and now I’m playing through the Demon’s Souls remake. 🙂
    I agree with all of Alex’s criticisms. There are problems, and I think the balance issues are definitely worth noting, but I love the point that a 10/10 game doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be legendary, and I think Elden Ring is truly a legendary game. I’ve put about 180 hours into it and haven’t even beaten it yet!

    • Wallace J. Mongers says:

      Yeah for me the game isn’t a masterpiece since it has significant issues (mainly balance and some enemy/boss design) but it’s still really good. I mean, I don’t even like open worlds and thr huge map makes it a chore to replay since you’ve to roam around so much… yet I’m still replaying it lol. If it makes me want to push through the slog of getting everything again on new characters riding for 10 mins from place to place, it’s definitely a worthwhile game.

  9. Rizz091 says:

    After suffering through the great FPS drought, who would’ve thought an Action RPG would bring me out of this funk. This game is amazing and has captivated me like no other game has in years.

    • Wafflezombies1964 says:

      best game i played in 30 years of playing games

    • 8thlvlMage says:

      Getting stuck in one genre is probably the best way to ruin gaming for yourself. I remember people used to play all kinds of games, because people were just happy to be playing a video game. Now everyone has to be a CoD player, or a Fortnite player, or a Souls player, or a TFT player, or a Forza player, or whatever. And everyone’s fucking grumpy lol.

    • MidnightatMidian says:

      @watido11 Same, I was on the brink of selling my PS4, then I discovered Bloodborne. I’ve been hooked on since.

    • watido11 says:

      same and ive been DEEP in this series for 4 years now not playing anything else but it lol.

  10. Disoriented says:

    I feel like one of the reasons you have to give this game a 10/10 even if it has problems and even if it’s not you’re thing is that the developers get it. They see so what videogames should be involving into, what people want. This isn’t just about all the live service crap and microtransactions. With the amount of technology these days, videogames have such potential, such endless capacity to truly be an experience unlike any other. This game is taking a big step into pushing the boundaries of what videogames are capable of with enough creativity.

    • 8thlvlMage says:

      I feel like this game is actually a RETURN to how video games used to be. It knows its a game, not some weird “realistic” gritty thing. There’s exploration, there’s mystery, there’s an XP bar that’s NOT FOR A BATTLEPASS. Your stats go up and the game get’s a bit easier, or you can go to the next hard thing. It’s a GAME with a map, an inventory, bosses, and lots of leveling. And it’s all there when you buy it.

    • Lohi onkin kala says:

      @Brandon Reid They won’t. An average Assasin’s Creed fan is happy with the turd they get and there’s no reason for Ubi to change the formula as is. Changing things can completely “ruin” the experience for these fans.

    • Brandon Reid says:

      I hope this forces other devs to put more effort into their games instead of doing the bare minimum so they can pump out sequel after sequel

    • EkoHater4Life says:

      in the darkest night the most insignificant flame turns into a raging fire
      elden ring would never had so much success if the whole videogame industry realized this truth,and for that i am thankful
      for the tiny flame wouldnt be recognized in a blaze

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