Elden Ring Any% Unrestricted Speedrun in 6:59 (WORLDS FIRST SUB 7 MINUTES)

Elden Ring Any% Unrestricted Speedrun in 6:59 (WORLDS FIRST SUB 7 MINUTES)

Well im done with this category for now until new stuff is found.

Still in shock I managed to get this time.

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  1. Distortion2 says:

    This time I’m going to give a thorough explanation of what is going on in this category as this run was insane.

    To start off, this run is done on CURRENT Patch as we believe it has more stability, and this falls into the UNRESTRICTED Any% category on https://www.speedrun.com/eldenring
    This category allows ALL use of glitches and the ability to ALT+F4 the game to achieve the Wrong Warp. This allows us to enter Farum Azula and is why you see the game close during that segment.
    The zip glitch further explained below is also extremely hardware dependent and requires a stable 60 fps as well as stable frametimes.
    I also decided to use a keyboard mouse cam to further show legitimacy, and I switch to controller mainly for movement as that is what I mainly play the game with.
    The timer also pauses as we use in-game time, which only continues when you are loaded into the game. We check the load screen at the end for the final time.

    The run has pretty much come down to a test of a runners patience, nerves and the ability to perform 13 FRAME PERFECT glitches known as “The Zip”. This zip glitch allows us to teleport a wide range of distances using a combination of blocking, holding walk, and pressing W to move forward with a combination of 139 frames. If the two actions add up to 139, you teleport, and this distance can vary depending on the combination. The longer you hold W, the further you go. Some zips are so precise, that you need the walk and block duration to line up perfectly, which makes them double frame perfect 🙂

    I’m not even done yet, as we also have a newfound discovery which is the reason why we no longer have to fight bosses. This is thanks to speedrunner SeekerTV, and it is known as the “Megazip”. This is done by performing a normal zip, and pressing W to walk forward again within a 12-14 frame window after the initial zip. This nearly quadruples your momentum launching you significantly further.

    We can use this megazip to kill Maliketh as well as Elden Beast. We don’t fully understand what is going on behind the scenes, but we believe that by going far enough away from a boss arena, the platforms deload and the bosses begin to fall to their demise. In normal circumstances, we wouldn’t be able to use this as our character would normally die before the boss does. This is due to the inherent fall timer in Elden Ring which will kill you after roughly 13 seconds of falling. However, by doing a mid-air attack we can actually reset this timer allowing us to fall even longer than the normal 13 seconds. This buys us just enough time to fall for long enough where the boss will die before us.

    Maliketh “Megazip” requires extremely specific positioning and angles as to have your character get “zipped” high enough where you can fall for roughly 8 seconds before attacking. If you launch too high, the game wont let you attack. If you launch too low, you will die before the boss does. You also have to deal with performing a frame perfect glitch under high pressure with an angry Maliketh trying to kill you 🙂

    The Elden Beast “Megazip” is a bit easier as we start as the Vagabond class, which has enough starting equipment that we can reach “Heavy Equip Load”. (We also use this for the second zip of the run). This heavy equip load causes zips to go roughly 8% further and allows us to get just enough distance enabling us to more consistently to kill Hoarah Loux. It is a blessing that he has a cutscene, as when his first phase dies, it teleports us saving us from very imminent death. Elden Beast takes a bit longer to fall for whatever reason, and lucky for us the timing lines up perfectly where we can get piledrived by Hoarah Loux and receive the “God Slain” message indicating Elden Beast is dead right as the screen fades to black.

    The final boss is now dead and we are teleported to the final platform where we can beat the game. Radagon gets to survive, as the only trigger check for being able to activate the Statue is whether or not Elden Beast is dead. Hope this explanation helps and thank you for watching!

    • Deathbymilo says:

      @Ravonies Ravenshir think I could set the WR for that. Skyrim 100% took me 11 years. RECOGNISE ME INTERNET. It was really hard to do because *reasons*. Acknowledge my self validation tyvm

    • Scroty McBoogerballs says:

      You’re on a tear lately lol….I dont even really care about speedrunning but I’m enjoying the saga

      There is so much time that can still be shaves off tbh, you could probably get it down to like the 630 range, a lot of those zips take a long time to “catch”….there’s a lot of room there still…….not minimizing how accurately that has to be done lol

    • Collin Brandt says:

      @issac It’s timed using in-game time since load times are hardware dependent. The timer started when the in-game time did and pauses when the in-game timer is not running. The game time displayed on the load screen is used as the official time for the run. This is how it’s done for all of the FromSoft games, and is pretty common for speedruns of other titles for similar reasons.

    • Collin Brandt says:

      @Dalton Randall You want to give it a try? Think you could pull off a sub-7 minute run?

    • Collin Brandt says:

      @Matt Hew Don’t know if anybody answered this yet. Illusory Wall has 2 videos on fall mechanics in Elden Ring, and he touched on this in the most recent one.

      What determines whether or not you take damage or die when falling is the distance between where you fell from and where you landed. This is measured in world coordinates. In order for a fall to kill you, you must land 20 meters or more lower than where you fell from. All of these zips involve landing on a position that is higher than the initial position he zips from which is the initial position used by the game to gauge how far he falls. So long as he lands somewhere that has a higher elevation than 20 meters below the elevation of where he zips from, the game will consider it a survivable fall because according to its calculations he did not fall far enough to die.

      If he were to perform a zip that results in him landing 20 meters or more below where he started, the fall would kill him as the game would register it as lethal. What saves him in the really long falls where he mega-zips out of bounds is the cutscene that teleports him back to the arena and cancels the fall, otherwise those would kill him as well due to the ~13 second time limit on falling animations.

  2. jacksepticeye says:

    Sat down to watch this with my dinner and it was over before I took my first bite! Insane dude

  3. Ryan Williams says:

    That was insane!🙌🏼

  4. Soren Southard says:

    I feel like every day dist is on the verge of a heart attack with how many records he has.

  5. Wissro says:

    Absolutely insane, just a couple of days ago I was showing my roommate the insane progression on these speedruns and how the WR at that time was brought down to 12:30, now it is almost half of that. Insane skill from you dist, congrats and well done

  6. Ranton says:

    just spare us the anticipation and make the 10 second run already

  7. M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! says:

    I can now watch him beat the game in less time than my lunch break. Meanwhile I have almost 100 hours in and I have yet to beat it. That’s insane

  8. Alejandro Granata says:

    The double first time zip to kill maliketh was insane! I can’t even say “this will last for years”, because I’m sure I’ll see another video coming up when I least expect it with a 6:27 or something insane like that xD

  9. TheAndrewc5120 says:

    Remember folks, anything that takes practice takes skill. It’s actually impressive he makes it look so easy that people ACTUALLY think it’s easy.

  10. mason says:

    watching these each day and seeing all the new time saves is crazy. the fact that you can skip all of those cutscenes in the beginning and go straight to raya lucaria in 50 seconds is insane

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