Elden Ring Any% Unrestricted Speedrun in 8:56 (WORLDS FIRST SUB 9 MINUTES)

Elden Ring Any% Unrestricted Speedrun in 8:56 (WORLDS FIRST SUB 9 MINUTES)

Will keep grinding this for sub 7 🙂 Zip consistency is getting insane, maliketh zip is my nemesis though

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29 Responses

  1. Sketchy says:

    An explanation of the insanity that is this run:

    First off, this is an any% unrestricted speedrun which means the game must be beaten by any means humanly possible. This is done on current patch (1.03) because it is the most stable

    The star of the show in this run are the zips. A zip is performed by guarding and then walking at a specific time afterward for a specific number of frames. These are frame perfect. The zip is caused by the specific way the walking and guarding animations overlap. Zips are reliant on hardware (and are therefore only allowed in unrestricted runs) and lower resolution makes them more consistent. Macros are not allowed, these are done manually.

    The class chosen is the Vagabond because with the halberd equipped the character is heavy which allows for farther zips.

    Exiting and reloading is used throughout the run to skip some animations and because the leaderboards are based on in-game time. So even if exiting and reloading to skip an animation takes more time than the animation does, quitting saves time as far as the speedrun is concerned.

    The first objective is getting to the Four Belfries. There is a zip to Stormveil from the starting location. Then, from Stormveil to Raya Lucaria. Here the zip is aimed into the terrain to bounce in the correct direction with the right amount of distance height. Finally, a zip from Raya Lucaria to Belfries.

    The Belfries are important because one of the gates goes to Farum Azula. Farum Azula cannot be zipped to because it is not loaded in unless you get there legitimately. After going through the gate, a wrong warp is performed. A wrong warp can be performed in a few different ways. In this run, a memory of grace is used to return to the grace that has just been teleported to, and then the game is force-quit. This causes the game to lose track of the player’s location but it knows the player should be in Farum Azula and so it places them in the default Farum Azula location.

    In Farum Azula, there is a zip as far into Farum Azula as you can get and then running to the second zip location. This zip goes all the way to the Maliketh arena.

    Zips are used to kill Maliketh. It takes three zips to kill each of Maliketh’s phases. A short zip is performed up to a ledge. Another short zip is performed to get outside the arena. Then, a long zip is performed to get enough distance to kill Maliketh. At a specific point in the fall, a plunging attack is performed to extend the fall timer so that Maliketh will die before the player. Again, this set of zips must be performed twice.

    After this, there is a zip to the Godfrey arena. Here, Elden Beast is loaded in during the Godfrey fight and by zipping through the arena, activating the Godfrey fight, and going far enough away, Elden Beast will die (as a side effect, this also kills Godfrey’s first phase). And that’s the run.

    Hope this was helpful. This run is insane.

    • Cheese says:

      @WardeN you’re just playing on a potato because you are poor. I have 10900k and a 3080 and it runs flawlessly on the highest settings. No crashes, no frame lag, nothing. Absolutely perfect. Can’t stay that about any other brand new release

    • EFFJAY says:

      @Something Something I appreciate this response and see what you mean, specially when you say that the community has come together by sharing their findings – do you know who the main contributors are?

      Seeing that the zip is the main glitch being exercised here, who discovered the zip and how was it discovered? Did someone look into the game code? If so, are you really beating the game within it’s limits?

      I can see the appreciation for it if you, as a viewer, were lucky enough to be part of the journey and process of discovery. If the glitches being used were found by pure chance, that’s amazing and very interesting to see, but if it’s by looking into the game code, I lose a bit of appreciation for the matter, but I guess that’s just a personal opinion. Thank you for the response though!

    • Generik says:

      @WardeN “most stable” means more stable than previous versions.

    • Something Something says:

      What makes it interesting is seeing just how far you can go to beat the game.
      Getting to the end credits is what determines whether or not you beat the game, and if you’re watching an Any% run, you’re there because you want to see how fast you can break a game, using every trick that the community has come together to discover, and executing them perfectly.

      The essence of speedrunning is completing a goal as fast as possible. A category can have any number of different goals and rules, Any% represents anarchy in a way. What if we stripped away as many rules and limits as possible, and tried to beat the game by ANY means necessary while starting a new file AND staying within the games limitations?

  2. ymfah says:

    World first Maidenless, Pacifist, No Talk, No level up, sub 9 run.

  3. Dota 2 Rapier says:

    at 9 minutes I still fighting against goat

  4. Ygg Studio says:

    That moment when you can’t help but think “is he about to hitch onto one of those fucking dragons?”

  5. dsproductions19 says:

    This is crazy, and the fact that there’s still a lot of time to save makes this even crazier. This glitch is like when the super swim was found in Wind Waker, and you can’t even do pause buffering for this, just manual timing.
    Props to you for pulling this off. Seriously impressive.

  6. Pizza Dwight says:

    Honestly the malding over what a real any% should be is the cherry on top for these runs

    • Duker says:

      ​ @zero1343 @JodouKast Which is precisely why there are sub-categories of any%. This is the unrestricted any% that allows zips, there is also restricted any% that do not, because not everyone wants the true broken minimum of a game while others do

    • JodouKast says:

      Agreed. I stopped respecting these after the zips started. Not much skill in just exploiting the same bug over and over until you get a perfect run of timings. Might as well just load up a cleared save in 3 seconds and call it a 3 second speedrun.

    • zero1343 says:

      Yeah I get it though, these particular skip are a bit of a detriment from a viewer experience, the same happened to the OoT any% where its just not as interesting now.

    • Elijah Keay says:

      Yeah any% is anything goes

  7. Michael Nannola says:

    I have like 70 hours on my play through so far, but if I watch more than 3 minutes of this I get spoiled on an area I haven’t been to yet. Simply astounding progress.

  8. Ender Dragon says:

    When I was watching your 14:08 run the other day, I said “I wish there was a way to zip out of the Chapel into the game proper.” I am so happy to see that there is one.

  9. DR-INSANE95 says:

    I’ve watched this speedrun of yours progress from 30s to now. this is insane! GG on this run!

  10. Bigman Bigman says:

    You know this honestly counts as a world record in multiple categories for Elden ring

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