Elden Ring Is A Perfectly Balanced Game – Magic Is Very Broken

Elden Ring Is A Perfectly Balanced Game – Magic Is Very Broken

Welcome to Elden Ring the latest release from fromsoft the creators of popular death screen simulators like Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Dark souls 3. Naturally when you mix hand crafted bosses and overpowered quest items into a game you make it so that the player gets them at a time when they are only normally powered. However as EldenRing Is an openworld rpg it means we can glitch and bug our way across the world map dodging bosses and farming runes in the best rune farm spots to get the best weapons in elden ring. Naturally today we are discovering that magic is very broken. Heck maybe elden ring is broken if you bug your way into stun locking a huge dragon boss with a deathstar who am I to judge. So its time to get overpowered at the very start of the game ignore all the best armor in elden wring and instead use the spiffing brit cursed elden wring guide on how to break the game!

If you want other potential overpowered builds then @Boomstick Gaming has a great early build. @ymfah Has a VERY strong exploit build and @RTGame Just did something wrong and OP… So go give their elden ring videos a watch! There is also a new overpowered infinite health vampire build that has recently surfaced and is likely to help fix the temperamental god mode glitch that I showed off today!

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

So sit back relax and enjoy this elden ring gameplay where we get infinite runes, infinite health and infinite damage by turning our self into a mage death star that can 1 hit most bosses in seconds!

00:00 – Coming Up!
00:13 – Intro
01:03 – The return of Seymour Clevarge!
02:58 – Becomming an Immortal
04:47 – Exploring the world
06:30 – Teleporting to our next destination
08:28 – Farming Boulders
10:37 – Levelling up using boulders
12:06 – Moving to our next destination
13:38 – Getting the mega spell
15:50 – Infinite Magic!!
17:40 – Fighting a Dragon
19:05 – Fighting Birdman!
23:02 – Outro
24:04 – Patreons

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title: Elden Ring Is A Perfectly Balanced Game – Magic Is Very Broken

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42 Responses

  1. The Spiffing Brit says:

    *try finger, but whole*

    Sorry for the delay on this video. It was recorded weeks ago but sadly harry the editor got covid. He is all good now and as you can see the results are still glorious!

    • Eliseo Pets says:

      Hey spifflord, i always wanted (Since i met your wonderful channel) to see you exploiting kenshi, so. Give it a try please

    • Tony says:

      Would be a shame if there wouldnt be an op shield with an incantation which makes u an literal machine gun… right?

      Wanted to write some shit.
      Based on a bug the self burn incantation triggers the elden tree guardian shield which makes it shooting every time u proc ur effect.

    • Cammelot Games says:

      @James Debenham yeh um sorry your a bit late I had like 5 other comments and like I read’ yours like 14 words down so ahh………… Lol.. I guess…….. XD

    • James Debenham says:

      @Cammelot Games do you say “hex” after you come out of your stroke like episodes? Because trying to make sense of your comment made me want to get hexed

    • Nightweaver20xx says:

      Fizz-ick, not seye-kick. It’s OK though, you’re British.

  2. Est Val says:

    Spiffing Brit: literally immortal
    Also Spiffing Brit: *Dies while immortal, becoming mortal*

    This seems very on brand of spiff

  3. Desdinova Eternal light says:

    To be fair one shotting everything in a game where everything one shots you does actually sound balanced.

    • Edward Man says:

      @Reavenat no that defeat the purpose of being a glass cannon, either you one shot them or they one shot you. You do need a second chance if it works.

    • anonymous anonymous says:

      @VirtuaSavage Absolute 🧢, you’re 100% not surviving multiple hits from enemies like Placidusax, Hoarah Loux or Malenia. You’d have to have extraordinarily high vit to even survive two hits from the full grown fallingstar, let alone all those aforementioned bosses.

    • Luke Aran says:

      To be even more fair, man was overleveled and had endgame gear lol. Magic is pretty well balanced if you play the game as intended, and literally every build is broken if you skip around and farm. The hazards of an open world game, I guess.

    • elibou 1st says:

      i maen yeah playing dark bead rtsr dusk crown power within and dusk + the regen shield in ds1 is so nice you can almost one shot gwyn but hey you have 1hp

    • VirtuaSavage says:

      @anonymous anonymous I already beat the game and on Journey 2. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  4. Mr.Frankfurt says:

    As a mage player, I am perfectly aware of how utterly broken magic is in this game and will, therefore, continue to abuse it endlessly. Thank you very much.

  5. Illuminati says:

    Hahaha, another favorite quote:
    14:21 “That’s one of the downsides of having an open world game, because you can just use the open world, to avoid the game” – The Spiffing Brit

  6. Cevonis says:

    There are tons of exploits to get overpowered easy but I’ll list a few here. that short bridge where you farm bouldy at nighttime a night Calvery will spawn, simply run up the poison trapped hill and MAKE SURE IT FOLLOWS YOU, the boss will die to the poison, it will lose about 5% HP and then immediately die granting you 45k runes.

    Move onward to fort farroth there will be a huge dragon that doesn’t move, simply get a bleed weapon and wack it until it dies netting you 75k runes or 100k with a gold fowl foot.

    after beating godrick you can do whitemask quest which is super easy then get early access to a very late game zone with another boss (mohg) that you can cheese for an easy 600k runes with rune boosting items, in the same area you can farm a chicken with a bow for easy 10k runes every ten seconds.

    there are tons of videos on how to achieve these so you can easily find out how to do them.

  7. Matthias 3110 says:

    Hilariously enough Spiff, you could have easily made this nastier, in Limgrave on the ledge above Augeel Lake to the north there is a Scarab that gives the Ash of War: Determination which boosts the damage of your next attack but is consumed when you hit… except the programmers screwed up so it also boosts Spells while not being consumed by them.

    So what you do is you shove Determination onto a Dagger in your off-hand, activate it, then drink your Mixed Physick (pronouced Phys-ick) and let rip with Comet Azur for even more hilarity.

    • alpha00zero says:

      And if you want MORE of a buff, there’s an upgraded version of Determination called Knight’s Resolve later in the game. It’s a bigger boost for barely a few more FP pts over Determination.

    • Craggs Dragnis says:

      @zero1343 but moon sorceries won’t make enemies that already have 0 magic resistance take more damage. it can only reduce already existing resistance down to 0

    • Alex Holmes says:

      There’s a stronger version of determination called royal knights resolve that’s an 80% boost

    • DiceTheWolf says:

      Up it Once more with the Upgraded Determination spell, the Knights Determination in Volcano Manor, And yes, it is a major boost.

    • The Villain In Glasses says:

      @Jovencio Hernandez Ha⬆️Ha↗️Ha➡️Ha⬇️Ha↙️Ha⬅️Ha↖️

  8. Chaosmaster says:

    This…is honestly the least game-breaking thing I’ve seen Spiff do. Like everything else hase been actual glitches or major exploits, but outside of the immortality glitch this is pretty tame.

  9. mageshadow81 says:

    The fact that spiff left out the troubles of getting the tears warmed my heart because they are beautiful experiences

  10. anonym anonymus says:

    Video games: “exists”
    The Spiffing Brit: “Death is optional”

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