Elden Ring Just Got It’s Biggest Update Since Release & It Changes Everything: Buffs, Nerfs & More

Elden Ring Just Got It’s Biggest Update Since Release & It Changes Everything: Buffs, Nerfs & More

Elden Ring Just Got It’s Biggest Update Since Release & It Changes Everything: Buffs, Nerfs & More

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48 Responses

  1. KhrazeGaming says:

    There’s still time for this month’s Giveaway. You can pick Elden Ring or other games. Good luck 🙂 https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/giveaway/KHRAZE

  2. Mnm_974 says:

    I appreciate that you compared the performance of the weapons and spells pre and post patch. Most videos I’ve found are just like a reaction to the patch

  3. Cheif says:

    I think they should give the lightning spear a longer range, almost every single glintstone spell out ranges it which is strange when you’re throwing a literal bolt of lightning, you have to be in the danger zone of most bosses to use it and hit

    • Sun Eater says:

      Faith spells should’ve gotten love in general sorcery is less random, safer due to longer, range, cast time isn’t as bad, and higher damage.

    • Ashtarte says:

      Incantations in general got shafted by this patch. They were already mostly subpar or bad compared to Sorcery and Sorcery just got a massive buff while already having the most broken build still available.

    • Mickey Mouse says:

      Wait for the power creep next patch.

    • Will Kyles says:

      @josh waterman I don’t have exact video evidence, but I don’t think that’s the case.

      20, 50, and 80 faith all make the spear feel like it’s the same range. I may be wrong though

    • josh waterman says:

      I think it also depends on your faith level how far it goes? I feel like since I’m a higher level in faith I shoots way further then it did from the start

  4. Taylor Ball says:

    It’s worth noting that the mana costs you listed associated with the spell changes are ramped up by 180% because of your staff and helm. Without the staff and helm equipped they are roughly half the cost listed. For example, Stars of Ruin costs 38 mana now (66 with staff and helm)

    • Shining Darkness says:

      @Attac Mage well your impression was wrong.

    • Jay Gatsby says:

      Excellent point. Kind of a big oversight to do testing with a modifier like that. I do my own testing with my talismans and stuff on though because you never know what stacks and doesn’t in these games.

    • BLITZ ? says:

      Thank you for the explanation, I was wondering why his Gavel costed so much when mine only costed 25

    • Rinne Naoe says:

      @Alex Harrison iirc it’s about 10% dmg increase for 50% additional fp cost. Personally i dont think it worth the additional cost

    • Pranav Jayanthi says:

      @Alex Harrison At base level, It just does 10-15% more damage but FP consumption is increased by about 50%. My personal findings with a 90 INT build:
      Meteorite Staff: 368 DMG
      Lusat’s +9: 682 DMG
      The damage output is significant once you upgrade it but I wouldn’t recommend using it at base level. Upgrade it to at least +5 then the scaling gets better than meteorite.

  5. Trey2Da says:

    Barricade got shafted pretty hard too for the shield users. 50% increase in FP cost (from 8 to 12) and 50% decrease in duration (Approximately 15 seconds to approximately 7.5 seconds). Switch your build and play style accordingly

    • Mr BobaJango says:

      @Joey_BK_718 That’s just classic Internet toxicity lol. You have nothing decent or humorous to add to this or any other debate I bet just follow the crowd gaslight comments baaaaa 😜

    • TheCanadian# says:

      @Caleb Graham you are correct. Born in 92 and never really watched cartoons. I was more into the live actions stuff. Lmao XD

    • Caleb Graham says:

      @TheCanadian# you didn’t grow up with Ninja Turtles, and it shows. Lol
      Still gotta respect your honesty, I guess.

    • Joey_BK_718 says:

      @Mr BobaJango Sounds like cry baby behavior

    • kairos says:

      15seconds is way too long tbh. Good nerf

  6. Victor Rodriguez says:

    Finally, someone who shows the differences instead of just reading the changes. THANK YOU!!

    • Eric Walker says:

      Yup!!! Some ‘Tubers want to be the first to report on news but don’t want to put in the time to inform what we want/need to hear.

  7. Space Wizard Pip says:

    With the FP costs being reduced I may actually use the Lusat’s Staff and Crown again. They’re great, genuinely, but my issue was I’d be burning through so much of my FP to use spells that the damage buffs to me didn’t feel like it was worth the trade off.

    • Anonymous Account says:

      Only the helmet affects anything, and the helmet only increases the damage/FP cost of Lusat’s spells, not all spells. Also, try using the FP cost reduction talisman or the FP cost reduction beetle hat. They make you less tanky, but just don’t get hit 4head.

    • Space Wizard Pip says:

      @DonutLegend7 So, as an Astrologer I have 80 int, and 40 Mind. With 40 Mind, and the Cerulean Amber Medallion +2 I have 244 FP. If I’m going to be packing Lusat’s Crow and Staff I can Stars of Ruin 4 times from full, Founding Rain of Stars 5 times.

      I’d say it’s worth it now since those spells that reduced in cost are basically some of the best in the game to use at an end game level.

    • DonutLegend7 says:

      Yeah, that’s why I wasn’t using lusats gear either

    • Chrises says:

      it’s great if you need the burst damage, most of the time you want lower FP cost though

  8. xiol989 says:

    I expected someone to just read the patch notes, but you made your own comparisons and very useful original content. Kudos for the extra work, so rare to find.

  9. Mike Lawrence says:

    I finally beat Malenia last night and was so freaking happy. I shut down thinking, “I’ll beat the final boss in the morning. Won’t be a problem after beating her.”, then I wake up to a patch that has completely nerfed my build lol. DAMMIT!!!

    • sfseaf sefsfs says:

      change to rivers of katana, bleed build is strong as always

    • KRATOS says:

      @Stephen Mandel what is your problem?

    • TheSpoartsNetwork says:

      I’m in the same position fighting the fire giant. I have decided im done playing until they’re done fucking with the game and doing something else

    • Kobe 24 says:

      If you’re using hoarfrost stomp you’re lucky. I made that fire/eardtree shield build JUST to combat the cheesy players in pvp. Kinda Seems like they can still cheese pvp with hoarfrost though which is nutty. Although it does seem like we’ll have time to dodge now if it’s not so spamable!

    • Patrick Bates says:

      @Joey Central git gut. I’m sorcerer and killed 2nd try

  10. LeggeSamurai says:

    I appreciate that they need to address balances to the game largely from a PvP perspective, but as someone who predominantly loves PvE it kinda sucks

    • Master PNDA says:

      @Al Lewis we are playing the game correctly just not in his strength build oonga boonga looking headass’s head

    • Master PNDA says:

      @AvviDs TTV yeah that’s the only thing i hate about souls like community. Strength elitists who can’t let people play the game the way they want and just brings down people who beat the game with spells.that’s really shitty

    • AvviDs TTV says:

      @Outsider except I wasn’t talking about glitches lmao

    • Caleb Graham says:

      @captain Deadpool good. Ubisoft love people with your mentality…I mean, their games absolutely fucking suck. You know, that cookie cutter bullshit they’ve been running with since circa2005.
      Lol AC Valhalla…
      Shiit, did you just bait me?! 😘

    • sneed Feed says:

      @Tom Brown Those YouTubers steal their exploits mostly from reddit and other forums tho

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