Elden Ring – Level Up FAST with this Early Rune Farm – Best Start Guide for any Class Build!

Elden Ring – Level Up FAST with this Early Rune Farm – Best Start Guide for any Class Build!

Elden Ring level up fast with this early rune farm location guide for the best Start Guide for any Class Build – Beginner Walkthrough.
👉 Map Unlock Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYY7Noe97Xc&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi4yw5FczYRUasUNhBgHHrnC&index=4
✅ Metal Posters: https://displate.com/eso?art=5ec8188d5dbe1
👉 Best Start Mage Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA9lL0U4C24&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi4yw5FczYRUasUNhBgHHrnC&index=1
👉 Farming Guide: Out Soon!

This Elden Ring starter guide will show you how to get the best start in Elden Ring starting with any class build; Samurai class, astrologer class, confessor class, prisoner class, vagabond class , warrior class, bandit class, hero class, confessor class, prophet class, vagabond class or wretch! This method is a early levelling guide to level up fast in Elden Ring in order to boost your character level and get 100,000 runes without having to farm anything repeatedly. This gives your character a very strong start. I will walkthrough how to get to the best rune farming location and how to increase the amount of runes dropped by monsters with the Gold Pickled Fowl Foot which increases rune acquisition by 30% for a few minutes aswell as the Gold Scarab talisman which boosts your rune acquisition by another 20% permanently while equipped. This walkthrough guide is aimed at Elden Ring beginners who want a kick start to their build.

➖ Time Stamps ➖
0:00 Video Summery
0:37 Setup: +30% Runes
2:22 Setup: Weapon Location
5:50 Reaching the Farming Location
11:03 How to kill the dragon
14:01 Before you level up
14:33 +50% Runes Tip

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24 Responses

  1. ShunTheWaker says:

    ”The Dragon on the bridge is friendly” * gets instantly murdered*
    ”Ignore the lightning it does nothing” *gets struck by the first one and instantly dies*

  2. Sam says:

    Note to anyone doing this. In ‘Fort faroth’ just behind the grace there is a golden rune you can pick up. Go in the fort, dash left to avoid enemies, climb the ladder and jump down the second hole in the floor. Then go right and the golden rune will be on a dead body. This will give you an additional 10% or something around there. Additionally, instead of the weapon shown in this video, you are able to find a flail in a chest near the gate front bandit camp. This does require dexterity to wield, but it means you don’t have to wander south of the map. Hope this helps whoever’s reading. This game is magnificent.

  3. Dan Kart says:

    Haven’t even watched the video yet and I can already guarantee this is going to be about the massive dragon! Very handy for new players, glad you’ve covered this!

  4. YDD Kaevo says:

    This was perfect because I unlocked some of these places already by accident

  5. a J says:

    If u go to liurnia highway north you will see some ghosts and solders fighting. Don’t fight back but just go to a high cliff next to the road and as they kill each other you will absorb runes each time u can restart the fight by resting at the grace site down the road south the fighting is north. It’s easy if u follow the road I just received 5000 runes with out doing anything no need to get any special items just wait on a high cliff and u will absorb runes. But watch out for the larger boss ( unless u want to fight) he can be activated if u get close to the road but not too close and then run back to a cliff or rock near the road.

  6. Alex Mizo says:

    Near the dragon there’s a building next to the lost grace, there are three bats inside which can be easily killed. I use astrologers flintstone pebble to kill them after killing the dragon and upgrading my damage. They drop about 800 runes each. It’s the best farm for a beginner like me for now.

  7. jampy zero zero says:

    “Super clear on where to go” my favorite line from this video – Thank you!!

  8. Lora Elstad says:

    Thank you for making these reasonably length and detailed guides. I am helping to save my hubby’s bacon (Bandit class doing magic/weapons build) in Elden Ring & will also utilize them once I get properly started again, having only just breached the tutorial dungeon to reach outside. I am particularly looking forward to tips on a build for Prophet class. But, I may also change to Astrologer for mor magic than faith build. Still unsure. Would love your opinion.

  9. Shreyas Surve says:

    After you kill the dragon, you should go to the fort east of the dragons location, there you’d find the Radagon soreseal which gives 20 levels (5vigor, 5 end, 5 str, 5 dex), dont forget to level up at the site of grace there before going in.

    • Shreyas Surve says:

      @ayden danychuck you gotta go straight to the ladder and up, then drop down the 2nd hole and jump to the parallel ledge and again go down and get the talisman. dont try to fight anything as this is a high level area.

    • Ruben Lima says:

      @ayden danychuck yes, it’s dangerous but if you’re fast, you can find the item before dying… But I recommend having bought the torch to Santa at the church of Elleh (the first one) and doing this after spending all your precious runes

    • Secretive Life says:

      @ayden danychuck you can literally sprint past them

    • ayden danychuck says:

      I’m not gonna lie this don’t help at all I can’t even get in the building cuz I get two hit by everything in the game

    • Secretive Life says:

      @yuna1971 its not double’d its 10% which is negated by the amount strength,dex, and health you receive

  10. Heck Cutter says:

    Followed the guide and made it without harm. Really helped level up my bandit. I’ll run my Samurai through next. Thank you for great content and the step-by-step method to get this done.

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