ELDEN RING – Rise, Tarnished | Official Launch Trailer

ELDEN RING – Rise, Tarnished | Official Launch Trailer

Though shattered, it shall guide thee. Though fractured, it yet calls. Enact thy will. Become Lord. Seek the Elden Ring.

#ELDENRING launches February 25, 2022.
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40 Responses

  1. hugothester says:

    I can’t believe the game is almost here, every trailer looks better than the last. And why is noone talking about the OST!!?

  2. Mario Ramos says:

    Started with Dark Souls 2 simply cus the first game was out of stock at my GameStop, loved every second of it. Played 1 a year later and loved that 2. 3 game out and it was more amazing than both beforehand. Bloodborne was my first platinum achievement. Sekiro was the hardest and yet most polished one yet. Now here we are so many years later with another revolutionary game in this amazing franchise. Thank you Miyazaki

  3. t3hclwn says:

    I love Fromsoftware’s constant barrage of humor in their games, like the scene with the giant prawn stabbing you and the NPC saying some cheeky line about them. Perfection.

  4. Gsauce Primary says:

    This trailer looks so good that it has raised my expectations for the game. I’m really looking forward to being immersed in it’s fantastic world!

  5. final_lord93 says:

    This feels like more than a game. It’s a game/novel/movie, a new exciting experience all rolled up in one. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

  6. Zombathon says:

    In all my life I have never been so excited to play a video game I gotta say Miyazaki and the team at fromsoftware are killing it with each game and this looks to be the best one they’ve made so far .

    • James Shaver says:

      @Bunk Spot 💯

    • The Riff Writer says:

      @Herokiller h8 I know the whole “hype is always bad” meme is trendier than makeup tutorials but if you follow a dev’s history and reputation it’s possible to almost never be disappointed. No matter the hype.
      The last time I was disappointed for a game I was geeking for was the first Fable. Because I didn’t know about Peter Molyneux’s reputation for just making shits up at the time.
      So no. He won’t be disappointed. Not even a fucking little! If it doesn’t exceed our wildest expectations may I catch a bacterial infection that causes my eyes to slowly rot out of my head over the course of 15 months 🤓

    • The Riff Writer says:

      I’m praying this thing is so popular and sells so many copies it utterly destroys that stale, Ubisoft, checking off a list of boring shit to do, open world formula we’re all growing so tired of. May it change the culture forever!!!

    • Hack0900 says:

      @Niko M Fromsoft has been using the same animations since Kings Field to be fair but I dont mind at all 😀

    • TendoBox 87 says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m so hyped!!🤩🤩

  7. Connor Emerick says:

    I love how everyone in the trailer is like “become a GOD, an elden lord, I beseech thee”

    “Walk this path with me, destroy the erd tree forever”

    Then the one dude

    “You like shrimp too? Omg I love shrimp let’s chill”

  8. Man Ray says:

    We’ve gotten a story trailer, a gameplay trailer, an overview trailer, but this might be the most important one yet. I feel like this one tackles the themes of this game, and once understood the theme becomes the lens with which we understand every decision we make in the game. This trailer makes me consider why I would play Elden Ring in the first place. My purpose is so clear in a game like Sekiro. My duty to my Lord, my father, and to myself. The stakes in this game however are so much more ambiguous and clouded. I know not who I serve in this game and this might be the most exciting part of playing this game. Coming to understand this world and how my actions will change these lands will be a test both of my insight as well as my resolve.

    • Flames Of Chaos says:

      @Just Some Guy With a Mustache Yet all this Cosmic Magic and literally the design of the creatures and the one weapon that transforms is Bloodborne-esque. Even the whole part about us having an unknown purpose…Dark Souls made it clear by telling the story of the Gods, Dragons and Pygmy then having the Knight with the Chosen “One” prophecy save us at the Very Beginning of the game how the Undead were meant to seek out the Lords to end the curse. This is simply saying to either become a Lord or somehow go against it but it doesn’t actually tell us what a Lord is or why. Not to mention straight up telling us there’s multiple paths to take while in Dark Souls that was a hidden feature never foreshadowed.

      As for Fire being a theme…Fire is literally in all Fromsoft title. In Sekiro it’s Rage/Hatred, In Bloodborne Beasts are weak to it, In Dark Souls it is the very source of Life for all existing Sapients (minus a few surviving Dragons) as well as Death and Light. In Elden Ring pretty sure when it’s stating it represents Ambition it’s quite literal.

    • The Dynamic Flashy says:

      @Just Some Guy With a Mustache So much salt.

    • samurai of the eclipse says:

      Elden ring looks like it’s a combination of all the the other souls games

    • Just Some Guy With a Mustache says:

      Yeah the theme is that the story sounds a lot like Dark Souls. You are revived, have to decide whether you are going to follow your destiny of becoming a lord or fight against it, and then finish your journey by bursting into flame.

    • makemelaughyouants says:

      Ambition is flame

  9. Primal w says:

    I haven’t been this hyped for a game to come out in years this game is going to be a complete masterpiece

  10. Thaddaeus Hurst says:

    Biggest hype ever! I honestly get my mind blown from this developer. This line of videogames (Souls series) is unmatched. Hands down the most significant, most impressive, most BADASS videogame series. I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for this game. Dark Souls games are a staple in my life. A monument to reflect on. I have a few Dark Souls tattoos. Time for an Elden Ring Tatt…

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