Elden Ring’s Lore: Explained!

Elden Ring’s Lore: Explained!

The fallen leaves tell a story. And that story goes DEEP.

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00:00 Outer Gods and the Greater Will
00:29 The Elden Beast
00:58 The Elden Ring
01:54 The Erdtree
04:25 The Two Fingers
06:40 Marika the Eternal
07:27 Empyreans and Shadows
08:17 The Rune of Death / Destined Death
10:22 The Golden Order
10:59 The Elden Lord
12:25 The Golden Lineage
13:03 The Age of the Erdtree
14:44 The House of the Moon
16:52 The Demi-god Step-children
17:13 Queen Marika’s Intent
18:24 The Long March of the Tarnished
19:53 The Second Elden Lord
20:45 Liurnia’s Civil War
21:20 The Night of the Black Knives
22:49 The Great Runes
23:42 Radagon is Marika
26:43 Malenia and Miquella
27:22 The End

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►ES_Never Forgotten – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
►ES_Conquered Territory – Dream Cave
►ES_Absinthe-Minded – Damon Greene
►47_Regal Ancestor Spirit
►ES_Crypt – Edward Karl Hanson
►ES_Outwatch – Edward Karl Hanson
►65_Godfrey, First Elden Lord
►17_Leyndell, Royal Capital
►ES_Trailed by Horror – Trailer Worx
►61_Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
►ES_Moments Of Contemplation 4 – Magnus Ringblom
►20_Volcano Manor
►ES_In Plain Sight – August Wilhelmsson
►ES_Marshes of Harmony – Cora Zea

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41 Responses

  1. Aviators says:

    Wow… I felt like I understood the story and world of Elden Ring better than the other games, likely because I’ve come to look at these stories through your eyes. You still manage to blow my mind, however! Thank you once again for your beautiful interpretation of the masterpiece that this game turned out to be.

    • stoenchu122 says:

      Or maybe you are just used already to how FS represent the story and you know where to look for the lore

    • Communist Penguin says:


    • jokotv says:

      I just noticed that the symbol on the thorn wall of the elden tree looks similar to the nordic rune of wyrd or the web of wyrd which means fate or destiny maybe that changes sth

  2. Skyes says:

    Been waiting for you to drop some lore videos, such a beautiful video, you did an incredible job! Excited to see you dive deeper into each side of the war, feels like FromSoftware tried their best with this story

  3. Jamie Slays says:

    Amazing. I always look to you for story and lore explanation. I never can wrap my head around it all haha

  4. Jedediah Hopkins says:

    Tortoise being forever “dog” and being simply excepted by the community is still my favorite piece of lore from Elden Ring

  5. Dustin Schalk says:

    “And I suspect it was probably because of these lobsters….”

    That was quality humor right there 😂

    • faber green says:

      @Generic YouTube Account Thanks, that’s going to be in my nightmares tonight

    • Kev1nL says:

      Seriously, grade A joke right there. Those goddamn lobsters fucked me so many times when I first got to Liurnia

    • Generic YouTube Account says:

      @faber green What about a Runebear riding a lobster? Sounds like something they would do lol

    • faber green says:

      @Admiral General Aladeen I mean, a single Runebear could 100% take Godfrey, Radagon and the Elden Beast at the same time. Those things are actual abominations. So why not lobsters too

    • Admiral General Aladeen says:

      imagine thinking Godfrey and the Crucible Knights lost to the lobster. I mean its possible u know 😂🤣

  6. SauraXD says:

    i checked his channel every day, ITS FINALLY HERE!

  7. Lucian Jaeger says:

    A lot of people seem to miss Ranni sitting on a dead two fingers when they talk about her I’m glad you caught it. In fact it looks as though it was mangled not just killed which suggest there was hatred in its killing.

    • David says:

      LOL that last line is so strange and its truth makes it hilarious.

    • Michael Fuchs says:

      From my understanding Ranni stole a Fragment of Destined Death to kill herself and escape from her Empyrien Body that is bound to the greater Will, since she is drawn to other outer Gods. The Black Knifes who serve the two Fingers (Assassins Incantations) used this to kill Godwyn. Maybe for the same Reason the nameless King was exciled, he befriended the ancient Dragons they fought War for so long. If the Greater Will was involved in Godwyns Death it would explain why Marika shattered the Elden Ring after learning the Truth about the Death of her Firstborne.

      Or Ranni was just pissed at the greater Will because her Father left her Family to go and impregnant himself.

    • GrimViridian says:

      Crazy to me that they don’t, it was the first thing I noticed

    • Deusraix says:

      Which I honestly don’t get cuz the scene focuses on the mangled corpse for a little bit.

  8. Moon says:

    The dungeons at the end of catacombs was always so freaky to me. Dozens of bodies all merging into the strange bed of chaos looking gnarled mess of roots in the back. I knew something had to be involved there.

  9. Nick Richards says:

    From soft hid a lore detail in a children’s picture book, I think the “dogs” in elden ring are really some eldritch beasts called “tortoises”

  10. Thales Moustache says:

    “I doubt you could even imagine…” the insane effort put into this video!

    This video is a masterpiece, it brought tears to my eyes, great job!

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