Elderly man making sure his dog won’t get wet

Elderly man making sure his dog won’t get wet

very wholesome stuff.

This video was taken on Philippines, Davao City – Agdao Market and this footage was taken by Alilee Shalom Galilee, much love.

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56 Responses

  1. Di Ka says:

    I like how he takes his time

  2. JohnnyReiTV says:

    When I saw this, “I wanna be your dog” by The Stooges started instantly playing in my head.

  3. JokaFoXy says:

    oh you gon’ get yo feet wet….. i aint gon’ take you home…. oh come on he got his gawd dayum feet wet nawwww

  4. Gaius Julius Caesar says:

    There’s still hope.

  5. Dwevy says:

    Most of the comments are just plain racist. But I just want to leave a nice comment and say that this video is sweet, nice to see the old fella care for his little friend.

  6. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex says:

    Make sure give that UBER a five star doggo

  7. triggered toast says:

    that hat is amazing

  8. kim gomez says:

    so pure he takes his time for his lil companion warms my heart

  9. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex says:

    That doggo looks so royal with his little squint

  10. Car Ride Convos Podcast says:

    The most wholesome thing I’ve seen all day

  11. Reehana Taj says:

    That’s really sweet! The dog does look very regal in his outfit! So cute!

    • Marvelous Beats says:

      Reehana Taj And she looks super comfortable. It’s dosing off to sleep and all. She’s enjoying the free ride. I’d do the same for my pit bull (daughter).

  12. danzbutrfly says:

    Awww…..what a nice man and a cute dog.


    Me as a dog parent

  14. sour says:

    incoming asian eating dog jokes.

    I’ve dodged like 20 of them

  15. Jason D. Marajh says:

    *omg the hat*

  16. Jason D. Marajh says:

    The song in the background is everything.

  17. Alex Hernandez says:

    meanwhile in the us we have a woman using her daughter as an umbrella

  18. Abby B says:

    This man has my utmost respect

  19. Haru the Shiba Inu says:


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