Election 2016: For whom should you vote? Walter has the answer!

Election 2016: For whom should you vote? Walter has the answer!

Walter has an important message for all Americans! He’s been watching this year’s presidential race closely and knows exactly how you should vote on Nov 8th! Watch now!

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19 Responses

  1. Blacknight78 says:

    Never a truer word spoken. I’m just glad I dont live in the US and don’t
    have to decide on which candidate to vote for.

  2. C Klein says:

    Was this filmed in a liquor store? :D

  3. Lynette TheMadScientist says:

    Aww I like Grape Nuts cereal…

  4. Aiden “Palimpcestuous” Domino says:

    huh, Walter’s starting to sound a LOT more like Peanut.

  5. sara meachel says:

    hahahaha finally an unbiased video on this subject

  6. Michael Stewart says:

    lol I just realized that this election has become a really sad game of
    would you rather

  7. Kris A (londongamer) says:

    Walter – what should us Brits do?! ;)

  8. George Rivera says:

    I need help explaining this phenomenon. Why do so many people want to sleep
    with Trump? I refused to believe it until over the summer I watched one of
    his rallies. There were hundreds if not thousands of black and Hispanic men
    and women professing a desire to f Donald Trump over and over. Is it his
    hair? His money? His rough but smooth voice? Perhaps it’s his celebrity
    status? I need help figuring this out.

  9. Lucas niceguy says:

    Why does everyone think that they know what they are are talking about when
    they don’t. There are things called third party’s for a reason dumbasses.

  10. EricSmyth14 says:

    As a general rule, people are too arrogant not to vote, and too ignorant to
    vote correctly.

  11. Tbiblaine23 says:


  12. Cecil Richardson says:

    Interesting. But as long as prostitution exists in the country, wouldn’t
    America still technically suck, at least to some degree?

  13. Douger77 says:

    We need to make America smart again. Ik who I’m voting for, doesn’t change
    the fact they both suck. And the people who say vote third party need to
    consider if they might be retarded. Like not kidding, you might actually be
    retarded. The political system has made it a 2 party race for a while.
    Seriously, who was the last 3rd party candidate to win, I’ll wait. Trying
    to defend stupid is stupid. Hillary is stupid, Trump is stupid, my anal
    makes for a better president. The political system needs to change so that
    it’s not a 2 party race. Anways ty for reading and happy 4 years of hell to

  14. mickaveli says:

    If your feel your going to be triggered, tought shit! From an Aussie guy
    who watches a lot of youtube videos and knows a bit about how the world
    works, DJT is an amazing man and I believe he will make a great president,
    if you somehow thing that voting for Hillary is a good idea you have rocks
    in your head. end of story. If you feel the need to reply with a negative
    comment… In the words of Walter… I don’t give a damn! ;)

  15. Matt Luscombe says:

    That’s the most intelligent thing I’ve heard from this election! Well done
    Jeff I take my hat off to you from over here in the UK

  16. 9/30 Studios says:

    Thank God I voted the smart way. Thanks Walter

  17. P. Smith says:

    make America suck less! ?????

  18. ydoomsc says:

    Never Hillary BERNIE OR BUST ALWAYS!!!
    Down with the CORRUPT DNC !!! NO CHILL !!!

  19. Les Deplorable says:

    Finally someone was unbiased and talks honest shit!
    Effing celebs act like they are neutral but cryptically supporting Her!